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Instructions and Help about Get and Sign evaluation form system

hi everyone very good morning to you all just I had few queries on how to fill the form employee self appraisal form so I'm just I'm just trying to explain I mean like the procedure of filling the filling of the form let us go step by step anyway just to have and just to give you an introduction in the self appraisal form is mainly for the purpose of highlighting or giving the chance to yourself to highlight it to the management on what you are and what are your expectations with the company and what are your future goals so that this will help the company and yourself also to close the bridge or to close a gap between you and the company maybe company will give you a support to reach goals or you are you can be also support to the company in a different aspect based on your skis and yourself a platform of course they have some formalities and procedures which are to be completed and your capabilities based on your self appraisal form is to be proved then both of both the company and y


  • A school system has attendance as one of the key factors for evaluations. If a woman has filled out FMLA forms and is away for 12 weeks for maternity leave can the school at the end of the school year actually cut them legally because the attendance is low?

    In many districts, to avoid legal battles, they have a last in-first out system.The newest employee gets cut first in a staff reduction. Even if the principal has three long-term employees worse than the great newbie.Also, districts try to keep their teachers. As someone said, they cut positions, not teachers. That means that they won't hire additional guidance counselors when people leave/retire/move, but they won't fire the ones still there.Likewise, they cut jobs at a school, and those teachers were the first on the list to get jobs elsewhere in the district, before they hire outsiders. FMLA should protect you in case a principal does go after you, but only refer to it after the fact. Don't lead with the fact that you've been out 12 weeks for medical reasons, because it isn't relevant to your evaluation - bring up the positive contributions to your school. (Also, teaching is a heavily FMLA profession - caring women, with pregnancies and sick kids and cancer scares and dying husbands and parents. We deal with 100 sad student stories, we are empathetic when we need to put life before work.)As for evaluations, data is your best friend. (It's usually 40%-50% of the eval, and helps shape the principal's expectations of the other 50%.) Work to find ways to show that you have increased students' performance, and everything else melts away. How can you market quantitatively what you've done all year in the class?

  • What is the most valuable thing you learned, either in elementary school or your favorite class and how has it made a difference?

    Confidence to speak.In elementary school, I was painfully shy and extremely quiet. I was the withdrawn kid who kept her head down, didn't peep unless called on, and got whacked in the face by game balls in gym class. I usually kept to myself and loved doing solo activities, like reading and drawing. I never volunteered to speak. I preferred backstage roles during school plays. Then, through a supportive program, I learned to be confident in myself and how to deliver my thoughts to an audience, whether one or thousands of people.From 2nd to 5th grades, I attended two schools at the same time. Besides my normal grade school, I was also in a local Pull Out Quest program, which brought together "highly capable" students together for a weekday every week. I attended my primary grade school the other four days.I loved going to the pull out class every week. Each school year was divided into a few units; we would focus on one unit for about two months, then switch. At the end of each unit, some students would present a project related to the unit. It was pretty open ended but had to fit some basic presentation requirements.We had to give presentations at the end of units of our choice at least a certain number of times every year to pass the class.Now, imagine me. A short, quiet, withdrawn student who slouches a bit. A student who likes to solve logic puzzles, play go, and walk around the forest area of the school grounds during recess.Imagine me presenting to a room full of of sharp minded students. Imagine me fielding Q&A for five minutes afterwards. Oh, did I mention that all presentations are filmed in full and available to parents to watch nonstop? During the presentation, the entire class, along with the teacher, would fill out evaluation forms. The evaluation system comprised of assigning -, ✓, ✓+, and + for a standard set of categories. There was also a comment section for constructive criticism; mean spirited comments were not tolerated.I usually scored well on originality and research. I like being very thorough with something that I'm presenting. It probably helped that I was paranoid about all the different questions that could be asked during Q&A. On the other hand, I was lacking on all categories actually tied to presenting. I've gotten more than a handful of - and ✓s. As the years went by, I became more comfortable speaking, sometimes even surprising myself. I practiced for hours to make my voice calm and controlled. There were a lot of frustrating moments, and sometimes I just felt that I was an ineffective presenter.I learned a lot. I was quiet. I kept looking at the slides. I mumbled. I was disorganized. I forgot words. I needed more practice. I took all of that feedback into consideration for the future.During one of my last presentations, I finally got the evaluation of my dreams from my teacher. I presented about Sue (dinosaur). I keep this in my box of memorabilia. I hope I never lose it. The speaking experience that I've gained from these classes and presentations is priceless. I nurtured this through middle school and high school, leading to experiences I would never have even remotely dreamed of as a kid.Nowadays, I give talks to the University of Washington ACM members. I also welcome thoughtful discussions about various topics. I've led events, mentored new students, and am heavily involved with K-12 STEM and computer science outreach the greater Seattle area.Thank you, Mrs. Thacker. I would not be the person I am today without the supportive environment in this classroom.

  • Why aren't you a police officer anymore?

    I retired essentially one year early because I was fed up with the way law enforcement was being treated in general in the country, and in CA especially. At the time I retired, I was facing no disciple and my past evaluations, (going back many years) were all “outstanding”, the highest rating possible. I mention this so you will know I didn’t “retire in lieu of being fired” as sometimes occurs. When I say “one year early” I just mean our pension formula maxes out for age at 55 and I was 54 when I retired. After that, the formula increases by 2.62 percent a year for longevity, and I get a 2 percent COLA so working after 55 doesn’t really net me anything..Anyway, the “war on cops” is a real thing. The amount of senseless paperwork has only increased. When we arrest and book someone now, we have to fill out a form as to wether the arrestee, after being bailed out, would care to voluntarily extend his/her time in jail. How ridiculous. “Sir, after you’re free to leave our jail, would you like to stay in jail instead? You can let us know when you want to leave.” The clearance form on the computer after self initiated activity used to be half a page. Now it’s several pages long. They have to capture more info to comply with a CA law against “racial profiling”. Chicago PD wound up having to fill out a similar form resulting in much less self initiated field activity. No surprise, shootings and murders are running at record high levels there. The crime rate in LA will go up as well.. Thanks to new laws in CA (prison “realignment”, Prop 47 etc) tens of thousands of felons are back on the streets to commit new crimes. If you think they won’t, you’re naive and don’t work in the criminal justice system. Previous felony level crimes are now classified as misdemeanors. There is now “misdemeanor theft auto” in CA. In LA county, due to jail overcrowding, most misdemeanors now go unpunished. Shoplifters can no longer be arrested for burglary as in the past (if intent to steal prior to entry could be established). Shoplifting items with a value of $950 is no longer punished. Felony drug possession of cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine (personal use) are now misdemeanors. Cops aren’t wasting their time much anymore arresting people for mere heroin possession. No, I’m not kidding. Our department, as huge as it is, is short around 2,000 deputies resulting in mandatory overtime. This includes “drafting” deputies working the current shift and holding them over to work the next shift because we would otherwise be falling below minimum staffing in the field (same occurs in the jail system). Detectives are forced to work shifts back in patrol cars in lieu of their regular duties resulting in less time spent working cases. You can bet they aren’t too motivated when they work a patrol car at this point.There are tons of homeless people in LA. Many (possibly most?) have some form of mental illness. They also enter Starbucks and create disturbances and throw rocks at passing cars, necessitating a call to law enforcement. How would you like to deal with a rock throwing mentally ill transient on an almost daily basis? If you hurt him, you’ll be reviled for not being compassionate to a mentally ill poor person. So, you know, keep that in mind. After you 5150 him (psych hold) he’ll be back on the street in a matter of days if not hours. Due to laws that make CA a beacon for the homeless, the homeless population is swelling, increasing calls from storeowners and increasing the likelihood we’ll have to come in conflict with them. (restaurants for some reason don’t like the homeless using the side wall of their store as a latrine, and don’t care for the needles and condoms left on the sidewalk in front of their business…go figure..but it’s not PC to complain about them for large proportions of Californians..cops are caught in the middle)I could go on for many pages. I’ll stop here. The men and women of the LASD do an incredible job, all the more impressive considering the headwinds they face. I truly miss my coworkers. I’m glad to be out of CA however. It’s only going to get worse before it gets better.

  • How much does mystery shopping pay and how long do evaluations take?

    Every mystery shopping job has its own rate of pay or pay scale. For many mystery shopping jobs, the task is to purchase an item, then the shopper is required to submit a report evaluating the entire experience. Often the compensation to the shopper is that the shopper gets to keep the item. For restaurant evaluations, there is often little or no compensation beyond the cost of transportation or parking and reimbursement for the cost of the meal.When I first started mystery shopping in 1992, I evaluated a restaurant and I had to fill out a 17 page evaluation form including a full narrative of the experience. It took me up to three hours to complete, and I had to either transmit the for by fax, or mail it in. These days every mystery shopping company accepts reports filed online via web interface and most evaluations are six pages or less, excluding any narrative. Most shopping companies these days are aware that their shoppers fill out most evaluation forms online or with smart phone devices so evaluation systems are becomming optimized for shoppers using such devices.Regarding pay, there are mystery shops that pay five to fifteen dollars per experience, plus reimbursement for things like retail or restaurant evaluations. There are more lucrative shops such as banks or financial institutions that require a specific scenario, such as, “You are a home owner who is looking to refinance your mortgage.” that can pay as much as fifty dollars per evaluation.

  • What are the good ways to evaluate email marketing campaign?

    I know 7 metrics that are really important for email marketing. And I want to share some tips on what useful information you can get from these indicators and how to optimize them.1. Openings (Open Rate)How many people viewed or opened a particular message. Most people open the letter in the first two days, while the other clients can read it after a week or even longer. This is probably one of the first indicators that you are viewing when sending emails. In fact, it is "inaccurate" indicator showing the ratio of opened letters to delivered ones. The letter is opened if the image is loaded. But the fact that the letter is loaded does not mean that you read it, but were just quickly deleting everything. On the other hand, the fact that the picture is not loaded does not mean that the letter was not read. Although in general, this indicator can be trusted.What will the % of openings tell you:What email topics are interesting to your subscribers. You can even hold a special experiment in our system specifying several themes.What weekdays and what time are the letters best opened? It is already a cliché that a letter should be sent on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon. But it is better to not believe it and to experiment all the time. Imagine if all companies sent emails only on Tuesday at 12:00. Then the client would receive all emails in one day and spend a week to sort them out, but probably he would delete it :)What percentage of clients on average does respond to your messages?How recognizable is a sender? Add company name/brand in the "From" field for easy recognition of your email by client.The frequency of sending. Perhaps the reader simply does not have time to browse all your emails, especially if you write a lot and it is a longread.What is a good email open rate? The % of openings depends on the scope of the company, but most of all the openability is influenced by the time, sender field and the subject line. There is no clear, no permanent figure, but on average it is 20%. Even if the open-rate will be lower, it does not mean that it is time to panic and tear your hair out. Please look what next figures will tell you about the letter in the first place.The percentage is also good because it makes it easy to compare the two campaigns with different number of contacts. But we should always remember that you can not compare the incomparable. For example, the percentage of trigger letters and regular mailing, or the open rate of campaign to a list of 100 people and a list of 10 000 people, or the percentage of openings by active users and those who have not read your emails for a long time. You had better not pay too much attention to percentage since it is a measure that is important in dynamics, for example, the last time was better, or in general, it is always better, but now the whole month is going down!The percentage of email openability is the transition option for sales. In order to bring customer to a purchase - there must be both interesting content and vivid CTA to make clients want to follow the links and buy goods.The alternative of the percentage is a «Total open» indicator - the absolute number of those who opened the letter. Sometimes it is more important than the open rate.2. Passing on the linksHere everything is much easier than with the openability: if somebody has already clicked - he/she clicked. Sometimes it is said that the purpose of the letter is not to get a sell but a click. If in your case this is true, of course, this figure is one of the most important. First of all, it will point you on how the audience is interested in your letters. This figure includes the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and individual elements: the theme, the text, the interest of subscribers to your brand, your credibility. The rate for this indicator is about 4%.3. Readers who «pushed the button» (CTR)This figure tells you the ratio of clicks on links to openings. The median is 15%, which demonstrates the effectiveness of your text. CTR will tell you how much your email meets the expectations of subscribers and proves to be interested to them. If your readers do not go to the links on your site, then you should try to work on this indicator.What should I do to increase conversions:Promising something subscribers in the subject line, it is important to disclose the intrigue in the text. When your theme is bright and attractive but does not apply to the letter - the credibility of these letters is lost, and you can’t expect any clicks .The more often you update the contact list with new email addresses, the higher your chances are to increase CTR, so it does not “burn out”. Recently added contacts are often more active than the "mailing veterans." A small contact base which is always ready to listen to you is far better than big but passive one.Probably, you write about what is interesting to you, not your clients: commercial offers, your news and updates, promotions, which the client does not need at all. Think about how you can improve writing and then send only that content , which will allow the client to solve the urgent problems, get answers to questions, to see something from a new perspective, etc.Try to write short letters, as close as possible and useful to your audience. Motivate them to follow the link. Perhaps it will be a very short letter with the results of the contest, links to directories, article or previously unavailable materials, a limited time offer also works well. Note: letter should be read without scrolling, and the content has to be simple and easy to scan.Agree that not all users read a letter to the end, so add the important links higher to achieve the goal.Make sure that the CTA button is visible and attractive, even if the images turned off in their email client. Run experiments with CTA button using different colors, shapes, and positioning of the text.Segment your lists based on customer profile, geography, interests, and position in the sales funnel. Set up email by these criteria, since personal letters are always interesting.It is hard to underestimate this figure because the topic is already interesting, person spent time and opened the letter, but did not find anything useful. However, it happens sometimes, that an interesting topic was found, but the person did not follow the link and simply thought "I will read this later," and then, of course, he/she has never returned to this letter again. Sometimes it makes sense to make an offer again but to formulate it a little differently.4. Marked as spamUnfortunately, the complaints will always be, and it is inevitable. Perhaps you are not to blame, the client simply had a bad day, or he got millions of messages, and to click "Spam" button is faster than unsubscribe. It is always important to try to understand why this happens but you should pay attention if this percentage is too high, and there are many angry comments. There are several ways to prevent such a situation:Use the subscription confirmation, so the client would not forget that he had signed and once again confirmed his/her intention. It will reduce the number of people receiving the letter against their will.Do not use a "clever" subscription methods as an imperceptible tick when ordering or after a comment left on the blog. Probably, so you can collect a base faster, but to get people to stay with you will be much more difficult, especially because such methods may increase the number of complaints, especially if you have no any confirmation and the client does not even know that has become your subscriber.Do not overwhelm the client with letters. The fact that you have the permission from the client does not mean that you have to attack him with a few letters a day. If you are on good terms with the neighbors, you do not go to them for no reason every two hours. Right? Write only what's important and useful to the client and not to irritate him.Sometimes people click on "Spam" because they have forgotten about you. So do not delay with the next letter.5. UnsubscriptionUnsubscription points to the falling interest of the reader to your messages. The acceptable percentage is 1-2%. If there is a sudden surge, try to find out the reason for this, in order not to repeat the mistake in future campaigns. Why it may happen:A client stays with you for a long time and has already stopped reading. For example, when the sent information was needed for work, but the client has quit.Readers are tired of your letters, and there is no use for them. Consider a new email campaign with a new message format, and possibly with a new template.You write too often. Try to send emails less frequently.You have not justified expectations of the client. You promised newsletter about beauty and health, but instead, you send the gossip about the stars.The reader has subscribed only to get bonuses. To get the client interested in receiving your emails further, send them a welcome letter and set expectations that will continue to be even more interesting. Tell them about what you write and how often.6. Returns (errors and bounce rate)Returns show the number of undeliverable messages to the recipient. Acceptable % of returns for a regular campaign - 0.5%. Sending messages, once a month or less, it may be 4.4%. Here are some tips to bring the number of returns to the minimum:Do not buy lists. A black contact base is a dead graveyard of addresses that can potentially be blacklisted.Grow lists. It is time-consuming but worth doing.Do not start your newsletter for a year or two. Periodic mailing enables gradually to clean the base.Keep your base clean. Painlessly remove inactive addresses, in order not to spoil your email reputation.Adjust the data input check in the form of registration/subscription, to avoid typos.Adjust the address confirmation email in the first letter. Thus, you can weed out the bots and the "fake" addresses.7. Conversion rateHow many subscribers have bought your products/services, after clicking on the link? Conversion rate depends not only on emails, and also on how comfortable and simple your site is for the client to navigate. This number may be difficult to track because conversion occurs over a long period. But the goal of all marketing activities, including effective email marketing is more sales, so you have to work hard. The email services do not have this indicator, so to track it, you need to integrate with analytical tool. Alternatively, you can put UTM-tags in the letters, so later you could track clients in Google Analytics.This is our version of the seven basic metrics of any letter. After all the key figures are carefully checked, all other email campaign metrics might be selected individually, depending on your goals. For example, you can view what postal service is used by clients (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.); what kind of devices they use (mobile, desktop); what domains the readability is higher on, etc. These figures allow you to please clients and decide in which direction to move forward.

  • How can a school teacher diagnose ADHD in my four year old child? Should I request the school to pay for a psychological evaluation before accepting their demand of my child being put on Ritalin?

    Oh my gosh, we went through the same bullshit with my youngest and the elementary school.My youngest son was born on Dec 23, 2000, my Christmas gift. He went to school earlier than most of his fellow classmates. He was 4 years and 9 months old when he entered JK, within 2 weeks at school I got a phone call from school. His 27 yrs old teacher complained he is difficult to handle and suggested he has ADHD. I wanted to smack the FUCK out of her but didn't (please excuse my language). I allowed the school to assessed him, and went to his pediatrician and a specialist at SICK KIDS Hospital. They told me he has a mild condition of the bull crap ADHD and will outgrow once he hits his teen. Every freaking young female teachers would complained, their complaints were he has no focus, distracted the class constantly and they can't handle him. His grade 3 and 6 male teachers never once complained, they put him in the front row close to their desk so they can correct his attention. We ended up putting my son on Ritalin in grade 7, because I got into an arguement with the teacher, she said he got the attitudes from me. I was pissed but I gave in and put him on Ritalin, in 2 weeks, the side effects of the medication mellowed my son completely, he lost his appetite, lost 25 pounds, his sleeping habits turned into 3 hours instead of 8 hours or more. I watched my son went through a huge drastic change. I was furious and took him off Ritalin and demanded a matured male teacher or I will get a lawyer and take the school to court.We won, with the help of our pediatrician and the specialists from the hospital. Don't listen to any of their comments, they are not doctors. Their job is to educate our children with subjects we can't, they are just too damn lazy to work on a smart kid and challenge his intellect. So what if a kid has no focus, work with him/her and the child's parent finding a solution.Don't put him on Ritalin, find solutions, your child is 4 he can learn with a veteran well trained teacher.

  • Why are people so hateful to parents who are ex-vaxxers? I have 2 friends with vaccine injured children and I am so terrified to ever vaccinate any of my children again.

    Shame on anyone for judging those who choose to protect their young. It is no one’s place, but the parent’s to decide. Those judging so harshly are going to be the very ones who end up with damaged kids and grandkids and end up feeling like complete idiots for stating their opinions so publically. Backtracking gains ZERO empathy and you are going to feel like horrible human beings.Children are not being given a choice and little lives are being thrown way off track because of the ignorant and adamant insistence of those with no common sense concerning their own. I can not believe the total lack of regard and blind faith we still give those who consistently harm us with their snake oils.If there was some kind of black plague running rampant in the world, there might be cause for real concern, but I think we got things under control. It seems like the more damage we allow to be done to our immune systems, with all these drugs we take, rather than seeking answers for the cause, might be a clue, that conventional pill popping and immunizing is doing more harm than good.Do some research folks. OPEN your minds to find the truth. I ain’t no one special, and even I was able to. Stands to reason the rest of you could find what I have and do some comparing via experiences, add 2 plus 2, and even draw the conclusions being proven, yet you can not see because of your fears. Trashing those who understand and are trying their best for their children without following blindly along, is not the answer. Wow!To the OP: Do not fear. There is nothing to fear but fear itself. Make the right decisions and understand that you will never ever be able to please all the people all the time. So, don’t try. Those judging you now, will be judging harshly someone else in a few minutes. Stay in the moment, be vigilant, and keep doing the best you can. That’s your job as a parent. You are not alone.Ex VaxxersTo top it off, there is going to be “spin”. Folks are going to lie about the state of things, etc. It would not surprise if someone actually started an epidemic and blamed anti vaxxers. Adamant folks, especially those losing money, behave drastically and viciously. So remain vigilant and trust you will know the truth from lies. It’s the way it has always been when we get out of line, and no longer maintain the sheep mentality. Hold the line if ya can. It might seem like a lot of pressure, but if everyone does not cave, the truth will be apparent even more so than it actually is.

  • What's the best picture taken of you and why do you think it's the best?

    Mind the poor quality. Nonetheless, this is one of the many best photographs taken of    me. I did mention one of the many but, this was the only one that was taken without me knowing, there were no "Is the lighting alright?" "Am I smiling too much?" or "Angle on point" I love the photograph so much, not probably because it's MY best but, the way it captured the genuine love and affection in the dog's eyes. A little walk down the memory lane wouldn't hurt. It was taken in my University where I had to leave home and face the world on my own. Like what everyone else faced, nothing new just the same old home sick, pain, back stabbing, meeting selfish people, fake friends, yearning to be loved, feeling lonely and than I met this guy. She was stray a dog. I soon discovered a soft spot for her within me and we grew to become real close. She's always there accompanying me through late night strolls around the campus. It was comforting to know that you could trust someone in that super competitive University world where everyone was just trying to outrun you Till one day, the management had gotten rid of her. That too in the most atrocious way possible. The dog catchers had flung chains around her neck and dragged her away from the campus. Tears run down my cheeks even now as I reminisce the last moments of her. Anyway, this picture holds so much love and genuineness that I doubt any other human could have. This picture was taken early in the morning before our hiking program, she hiked with us all the way to the top.

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