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Miscellaneous Forms

Fill out any form faster, using the versatile solution, equipped with the powerful toolkit.

Miscellaneous Forms
Miscellaneous Forms
Fill out any form faster, using the versatile solution, equipped with the powerful toolkit.

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What makes eSignature valid for miscellaneous forms and documents?

The electronic signature enables entities of different sizes to execute a range of documents. These can include employment contracts, purchase orders, supply agreements, bills, tax forms, and much more. Using this method of approval, you can sign anything from a Sales Call Report to a Project Request Form.

Like an ink signature, an electronic signature is a legal method that:

  • ensures that the document has not been altered
  • validates the identity of the signer
  • provides proof of consent

To be considered legally-binding, an eSignature must be:

  • Authentic: The identity of the signatory must be able to be proven with certainty.
  • Tamper-proof: The signature must be unique to the signer and the document they sign.
  • Unalterable: A document can’t be modified after it’s been signed.
  • Irrevocable: The person who signed cannot dispute it.

The validity of eSignature also varies from one area to another. In most countries worldwide, including the USA, UK, and countries in Europe, it’s a legally binding way to confirm a document’s validity. In order to be considered legal, an eSignature solution must, by default, be compliant with major eSignature regulations such as ESIGN, eIDAS, and UETA.

Do I need an electronic or digital signature for my daily document-based workflows?

In contrast to electronic signatures, digital signatures follow more rigorous requirements for authentication and data protection. At the core of digital signature is enhanced cryptography that uses two types of keys (public and private) to encrypt and decrypt information. This ensures that the signed document is authentic, integral, and not tampered with by unauthorized parties. Digital signatures are issued by local authorities and used to encrypt documents containing sensitive data.

As for documents such as Accident Reports or a Transmittal Form, an electronic signature will suffice. If you’d like to add extra security when adding eSignatures to your documents, use signNow. signNow features tamper-proof technology, allows for two-factor authentication, and provides signers with certificates.

What are the advantages of electronic signatures for businesses?

Adopting the electronic signature is the first step in digital transformation for any business or organization. It is a real chance to revisit specific aspects of daily business operations, like.

  • Facilitating document completion: No matter the document, be it a Payroll Form or a Bill of Sale template, you can sign it from anywhere using any device.
  • Speeding up the signing process: There is no need for signers to be physically present or for you to have to go the post office or need a printer.
  • Keeping track of the document execution status in real time: You can see who has signed your documents and, if necessary, follow up with those who have not yet signed.
  • Ensuring the integrity of your data: Use a trusted eSignature solution that has all the measures in place to guarantee the integrity of your data.
  • Cutting on operational costs: Stop wasting money on printing, scanning, and travel expenses.
  • Automating your document-based processes: Remove the inefficiencies connected with the traditional paper-based signing process.
  • Improving the overall experience of your customers and the productivity of your employees: Free them up from routine processes so they concentrate on the tasks that matter most.

What is the best way to eSign documents?

signNow is a cloud-based, award-winning solution that lets you easily upload a document and sign it from the comfort of your laptop. Suppose your paperwork needs to be executed by other parties as well. In that case, you can use signNow to avoid the tedious process of printing, scanning, and sending documents back and forth. Simply select the fillable fields in which you’d like to collect information, signatures, or payments from your recipients. Keep track of every change you or your signers apply to the document, and don’t miss a thing with the help of the Audit Trail feature. With the myriad tools signNow has to offer, you can create reusable templates to use again in the future, add branding to make your documents look more professional and consistent, set reminders so important documents don’t fall through the cracks, and efficiently streamline entire document-related processes.

Compliance- and security-wise, signNow offers complete adherence to ESIGN, eIDAS, and UETA. Our solution also follows privacy standards such as PCI DSS certification, 21 CFR Part 11, SOC 2 Type II Certification, CCPA, HIPAA, and GDPR.

signNow offers you the possibility to sign documents electronically anytime and from any device. So, if you need a reliable and legally-binding eSignature solution, don’t look further than signNow. We have everything it takes to save you time and resources, and make you and your team more productive when dealing with documents.

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