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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Get and Sign response to motion for review counter motion minnesota form

Instructions and Help about Get and Sign response to motion for review counter motion minnesota form

this video contains important information on preparing and serving a motion and Family Court the most common reasons for filing a motion are to request a court order affecting child custody parenting time or child support the court has forms and instructions for the most common problems there are forms for the person bringing the motion and for the person responding to a motion please remember the court is a very formal place with a language and set of rules all its own if you choose to bring your problem to court without an attorney you must plan on spending many hours preparing your case and learning the court rules you're expected to know and follow the law just like an attorney during this video I will return to help you sort out the process let's get started the court has forms for the most common problems only you must ask an attorney for help if you are not sure which forms to use or the available forms do not fit your situation or address all of your concerns a motion is a writ


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