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good morning guys I wanted to a QA I'm working on the webinar / hangout thingy thank you guys so much for responding to that this is a nephrology laboratory outpatient request form someone was asking me about the request form or basically saying that someone told them that the color of the two is beside the test so you'll know what color - to draw that is not the case the one of the reasons why I go over this is not one of those requisitions that I wanted you guys to see it and just see that no it does not have is that focusing for them it does not have anything about the color of the two on it for the for the test and you guys see there are a lot of tests on this actual repetition this is for nephrology so you've got a lot of tests that will go to like serology and immunology and things like that they a lot of basic stuff - but most all your requisitions are going to be different especially if you're in a large hospital you have you know nephrology endocrinology gastro Knology patholo


  • What are the long term health consequences of Mr. Harvey Dent's open face wound? How should he care for this condition to prevent infection?

    To be able to answer the long-term part, we need to see what needs to happen short-term:He would not have been able to leave that wound like that: any hospital in their sane mind would have started with a few basic interventions:Put the guy in an artificial coma and some serious painkillers: He will probably have some nerve endings that aren't completely destroyed by the burns. Add to that the extensive jaw involvement from which I expect his teeth and gums to have some of the nerves reacting too, this will give him some of the worst pain imaginable. Nobody can tough it out through that kind of pain. Not even a very pissed-off Harvey Dent. Actually, even Chuck Norris would cry like a baby with a wound like that (that's a pure hypothetical because we all know Norris does not get wounded). Put him in a sterile room. He's a walking time bomb infection-wise with that open burn; hence the sterile room. More on that later.An extensive removal of all the necrotic (dead, burnt) tissue, as this impairs wound healing and gives room for all sorts of germs to grow.An extensive covering of the wound in the best antibiotic dressings available, and an aggressive intravenous prophylaxis with wide-spectrum antibiotics. Again, an open wound like that is a haven for any form of nasty bacteria that could kill him in minutes through septic shock.Should he survive his primary stay in the hospital without dying of a horrible infection in sheer agony, once he is stable enough, he will need to be taken care of through plastic surgery, and multiple operations will be needed to even hope to restore his general outward appearance:Again removal of any dead tissue that has newly formed. Multiple times.An extensive series of autologous grafts to replace many of the muscles that seem to be lost in the burn on any vital tissue tissue or blood supply he has left. He will possibly also need some blood supply to be redirected from the other side of his face using redundant veins we can extract from other parts of his body to increase the chances that the tissue catches on. Most of it will not be functional, as most of the nerves on the burnt side are lost forever. It will mostly be to preserve the shape of his original face. Certain muscles of the leg are used for this kind of procedure IRL.An artificial eye. That eye looks very cool, but there's no way in hell it could have survived the mayhem that blew half his face to shreds intact, so either they have artificial eyes in the DC universe, or he will have to resort to a choice of prosthetic eyes and/or a very supervillain-friendly eyepatch. An extensive autologous (or, in Gotham, artificial) skin graft to replace all the lost skin. Mr. Dent looks like a big guy, so the skin flap above one of his two quadriceps could be used to cover his face in new skin.AFTER ALL THIS In the long term:- IF he doesn't get a serious infection or other complication that kills him in the first few weeks of any of the many, many subsequent repair procedures.- IF none of the grafts get rejected, putting him again at risk of serious septic reaction and possibly disfiguring him forever.and-IF he has a brilliant team of plastic surgeons who takes perfect care of this (which is probable considering both his status and fortune):He will very possibly survive and most of the shape of his face could be reconstructedAny form of facial expression in that side will be largely absent (cf. nerve damage)His eye will be lost.I'm also very curious to what extent his jaw resonance and oro-glossic speech can be restored. With such destruction of half his jaw musculature and coverings, his speech might change a lot and he'll involuntarily resort to speaking more from the throat and/or with less movement of his jaw and partly destroyed mouth.It will take him months before he can even hope to chew on anything, and that will be never the same again as the damaged side won't participate.Same goes with normal speech.He'll need to either adopt a Donald Trump hairdo or go bald seeing the damage to his scalp.Looking at the extent of the original damage on this image, chances are slim his face will look completely normal, although plastics has made some amazing advances in this field and I expect Gotham, with all the freaks living there, to be at least as good.

  • What are the different ITR forms to be filled out to pay taxes for stock trading (intraday or long-term investing) and mutual funds?

    No seperate forms are required. You can fill all your income from all different sources in the different coloumns and arrive at the totalntaxable income, pay tax and file the form online.

  • Can I sell long-term health insurance to myself and get paid for commissions out of my own premium pay?

    You could definitely do that.  However, you would have to take the licensing exam and class ($$).  Then you would have to be appointed to sell insurance policies by the insurer you want.  They will appoint you (likely), but your contract will have set commitments to sell a certain number of policies in order to stay appointed and collect the commissions.  If this was financially profitable, more people would do it already.

  • If we were to end the Medicare and Medicaid programs, what would the short and long-term effects on the price of health care be?

    The price of health care probably would not change or would go up. Under current law, emergency rooms cannot turn away anyone needing care. If they triage them and they need admission the doctor on call gets them no matter what the ability to pay. If they triage them and tell them to see the doctor on call for the emergency room tomorrow, the doctor legally must see them whether they have money or not (although most doctors do not realize this) The doctor if he does not see him can be sued because if he was on call he has a responsibility to take care of him or find him somewhere else to be taken care of. So the hospital does not get paid, the doctor in the ER does not get paid, the clinic does not get paid or gets sued. Now how do you make up for the higher cost of operating. You try and raise prices but the insurance companies won’t pay. No telling what happens then, except the financially weaker hospitals go out of business, the older doctors retire earlier and the desire to become a doctor with all of the student debt quickly leaves you. Those who go into medicine are for the most part sharp people with lots of talent. Many will take their talent elsewhere and not become doctors.On the other hand you might not go to the doctor because you cannot afford it so your high blood pressure and diabetes wipe out your kidneys and you need dialysis. No money, no medicare no dialysis, DEATH.

  • How can I take care of myself whilst managing a long-term BPD partner who is paranoid and controlling? I can't do anything alone or at all (hobbies/self-care), as he is terrified of being left out, or of me being better. My health is deteriorating.

    Save up money and get out. I’ve been married to someone who is an ultra ultra rapid cycle bipolar with paranoid tendencies. Just taking lithium didn’t cut it but he wouldn’t go back to a psychiatrist because of his bad experience with the one who diagnosed him. After we divorced and he remarried his new wife made him go. It took several tries (including a med reaction so bad he went to the ER twice) but if he were like he is now back when we would have stayed married. So if you can get your partner to take meds AND they find the right mix for him… but that’s harder than leaving.

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