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SignNow offers a complex solution for e-signing and payments collection

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All features in SignNow have been designed to speed up your daily operations, including documents signing and payments collection

SignNow streamlines the document signing process, automates the collection of data and management of your business documents




E-sign a document
Capture a signature with a camera
Send documents to be signed
Add multiple signers
Set document signing order
Add fillable fields
Pre-fill a document with text
Merge documents
Generate reusable templates of documents on a mobile device
Copy exisiting fields to a new document
Unique Document ID
Kiosk Mode
Advanced Threat Protection
Create teams
Create a signing link to quickly share your document
Bulk send documents to be signed
Collect payments with forms

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Tech Data uses SignNow to improve our internal and external customer service while increasing our speed to revenue.
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What Makes SignNow a Top-Ranked Signature Platform Among Thousands of Other Software Solutions of its Kind

Consider SignNow as considered one of the ideal solutions to your primary web-based eSignature answers, for instance Legalesign and SignEasy. In SignNow, you may merge many documents into one before sending. While getting ready documents for merging, you are able to also set the merge order - it lets you get a new document looking for precisely how you require.

If you're a company manager - SignNow is the greatest platform to suit your needs. It lets you to manage teams of teammates in which just about every team will get its own folder for cooperative filling and signing, when a business operator can become a super admin for several groups in the same time.Fail to remember about waiting around in long lines to register using a paper in the course of conferences or exhibitions. Unlike Legalesign and SignEasy, SignNow enables you to to switch to Kiosk Mode to collect numerous individual signatures is quicker and simpler.

Save your office time together with the bulk sending tool in SignNow as opposed to applying common email to achieve various users. Each individual recipient can get their own personal copy as well as clear visual guidelines on the order and cells of signing.