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SignNow Helps Schools Go Paperless

Today's educators face a growing demand to improve service for students and their parents, while staying within budget. Not only does SignNow enable schools to eliminate paper waste, it's an easy and affordable solution to automate communication among parents, teachers, and school administrators.

SignNow is the top-rated app for desktop and mobile devices, enabling K-12, colleges, and universities to send permission slips, enrollment forms and other documents directly to parents. Parents can eSign their approvals in seconds from a computer, phones or tablets. Documents are then instantly returned electronically —no more lost paper forms that didn't make it home or back to school. SignNow is a world-class solution for delivering sensitive information to parents with complete confidentiality.

Common Education Use Cases

  • Get admission forms and permission slips eSigned for rapid turnaround
  • Eliminate office sign-in sheets
  • Complete IEPs and other government forms
  • Publicly demonstrate commitment to green initiatives
  • Comply with the US Federal ESIGN Act, as well and security and privacy requirements
  • Track communications with a legally enforceable audit trail

Key Features for Educators

  • Send one form to multiple recipients for eSigning approval from anywhere, at any time
  • Let parents, students, and vendors attach verification documents
  • Automatically track, store, and manage signed documents in one place
  • Keep detailed audit trails that log events and actions taken by participants

Key Benefits for Teachers and Administrators

SignNow helps improve administrators' ability to track and manage documents with teachers, parents, and vendors. It helps teachers as well better communicate with parents. Key benefits include:

  • Save time and money on copying, stuffing envelopes, and gathering returned paper copies
  • Instantaneously distribute enrollment forms, permission slips, and school program sign-ups to the entire school community
  • Safeguard and keep track of eSigned documents to reduce the risk of loss
  • Eliminate data entry of forms and signed documents
  • Send out lesson plans, report cards, and other documents to parents
  • Streamline vendor communications by sending back quotes, or POs
  • Send contracts for eSigning
  • Track document status in real time

End the Paper Chase

Collect signatures, archive documents, and automate workflows, maximizing productivity and increasing efficiency with SignNow. SignNow reduces administrative overhead — no more making copies, envelope stuffing, or tracking down returned paperwork. Save money on postage and stationery, while eliminating piles of paperwork. Schools save more on labor costs than the cost to implement SignNow.

Reduce Risk and Increase Visibility

SignNow enables educators to track the status of documents in real time and leverage court-admissible trails to ensure documents are completed on time and by the correct person. Information is easily accessible to the intended users, while fully protected against unauthorized access and loss.

  • Create a legally enforceable audit trail of communication with date/time stamps and IP addresses.
  • Safeguard student privacy by eliminating the risks of lost forms and confidential information being seen by unintended parties.
  • Ensure student records are up-to-date and in compliance with school policies and regulations.

Benefits Parents and Students Too

  • Keep parents in-the-know on their child's academic, social, and extra-curricular life.
  • Direct teacher-to-parent communications: parents can receive permission slips, sign ups, government forms, and confidential information quickly and easily.
  • Reduce risk of data loss or privacy risk with unintended parties.
  • eSign documents for rapid turnaround and faster processing.

Cut Costs, Not Trees: Go Green

Green initiatives are not only driven by today's environmental concerns; they also make sense from a financial perspective. With the budget constraints that many of today's schools face, going totally paperless has great financial incentive. You'll no longer be spending money to print, copy, fax, scan, mail and store documents – a win-win for schools and the environment.

Do the Math. Share the Numbers.

Did you know the average student uses 36,000 sheets (360 lbs.) of paper every year. That equates to 72 500-sheet paper reams at a cost of approximately $576 per student. Multiply that by the number of students in your school and the costs can be staggering. What would you rather designate that money for at your school?

Resource Usage Fast Facts

By going paperless, the average classroom of 30 has the power to save:

  • 125 trees every year that will remain standing
  • 15,000 pounds of paper will not be printed
  • 1,950 gallons of oil will not be used
  • 52,500 gallons of water will be conserved
  • 110 pounds of carbon dioxide will not be released into the environment per every tree saved. 2,200 pounds over a tree's average life span*

Everyone can feel good about saving these precious resources.

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