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SignNow for High Tech Companies

With SignNow’s cloud-based electronic document and signature management solution, high-tech companies can easily replace manual, paper-based business processes to shorten quarter-end sales cycles, reduce costs, improve visibility and control, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Realize Revenue Faster

Getting the required signatures on traditional paper sales contracts often takes days or even weeks. With SignNow you can cut this to minutes, which not only allows you to realize revenue faster, but also can reduce the risk of missing monthly or quarterly sales targets.

Improve Sales Rep Productivity

Tracking the status of documents out for customers’ signatures can be time-consuming. SignNow automates the process, sending follow up reminders and ensuring documents come back 100% complete. You know where all documents are in the process, and your reps can spend their time selling instead of tracking down missing signatures and processing paperwork.

Automate Back-End Contracts Process

Many organizations have a cumbersome, manual process to recognize revenue once the sales contract is signed. This wastes valuable staff time and a simple misstep can put revenue recognition at risk. SignNow integrates with back-end systems and automates the process so you can recognize deals immediately upon contract signature, without manual intervention, and automatically trigger appropriate workflows.

Boost Your Reputation

It’s important to do business the way your customers, partners, and employees want you to. With SignNow, they can sign documents anytime, anywhere, on any device, giving them a faster, more convenient way to interact with you. And you will reinforce your reputation as an innovator by offering the latest and best way to sign.

Save Staff Time and Reduce Operating Costs

Requiring signatures on paper is costly both in terms of staff time as well as printing, paper, ink, overnight shipping, and archiving documents. Using SignNow your company processes get done faster and more efficiently, and your sales operations team gets freed up for higher value activities.

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