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Set signing roles and request signatures for price lists, reports or pay stubs directly from your Excel account. Easily turn Excel spreadsheets into PDFs that are convenient to sign and share.

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Get any document signed while working from your Excel account

How it works
Set signing roles for recipients
Make it easy for recipients to complete and sign your Excel documents and avoid misplaced data by creating signing roles for each recipient.
Image of how to Set signing roles for recipients using signNow.
How it works
Create fillable fields
Use text tags to add signature, text, initials and dropdown fields anywhere on your Excel document. Select the field type you need and place text tags on any cell in a click. When signing, your recipients will see your fillable fields.
Image of how to Create fillable fields using signNow.
How it works
Request signatures
Invite one or multiple recipients to sign a document right from your Excel account. Customize a subject and message for them, CC a third party and send out emails with a single button.
Image of how to Request signatures using signNow.

Make your document workflows efficient with signNow

Author contracts
  • Make your spreadsheets interactive in seconds

    Save time on mundane document preparation — automatically generate text tags in Excel so your recipient will receive a PDF with fillable fields.

  • Collect legally-binding electronic signatures

    Request other people to sign your worksheets, price lists and quotes electronically and rest assured that e-signed documents will have the same legal standing as their hard copy predecessors.

  • Generate professional-looking documents with a single add-in

    Turn your Excel spreadsheets into professional PDF documents that are convenient to sign, send out for signing, store and share with the colleagues.

How to install

How to install the signNow add-in for Microsoft Excel

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  • Click Get it now on the Microsoft AppSource.
  • Click Open in Excel/Open in Excel Online.
  • Click Trust this add-in to proceed.
  • Go to the top ribbon of Microsoft Excel to find the signNow add-in.

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