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Move your business forward anytime and anywhere with signNow’s out-of-the-box integrations with Microsoft services.

Microsoft Dynamics 365
Speed up document turnaround time, automate record updates, and get complete visibility into the signing process.
Microsoft Teams
Collaborate on documents with teammates, sign, and send them for signing from Microsoft Teams.
Microsoft 365
Connect the Microsoft apps you already use with signNow’s advanced eSignature. Simplify eSignature workflows for your teams and customers for enhanced productivity.
Create, edit, and send documents for signing to multiple recipients in a role-based order.
Sign, send, track, and store documents directly from your SharePoint account.
Microsoft Power Automate
Set up an automated flow to send documents out for signing directly from your CRM or cloud service.
Microsoft Outlook
Benefit from the signNow integration for Microsoft Outlook to make your forms fillable without the need of leaving your account. This cloud-based platform makes it possible for you to collect information and signatures out of your habitual workspace without having the...
Microsoft OneDrive
signNow’s integration for Microsoft OneDrive would be the ideal solution for a seamless workflow. Now you don’t need to switch from one program to a different one in order to get ready and sign your documents. As a result of the integrated eSignature tool, you can...
Send price lists & reports for signing without leaving your Excel account.
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