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Remove all paperwork-related hassle from your workflow with one comprehensive solution for document approval, vendor negotiations, and completing transactions. Elevate your experience of closing deals instantly, no matter where you are.


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signNow features that users love

Speed up your paper-based processes with an easy-to-use eSignature solution.

Edit PDFs
Generate templates of your most used documents for signing and completion.
Send documents for signing
Create and customize a signature invite to send your document for signing.
Private Cloud Solutions
Create teams to collaborate on documents and templates in real time.
Highly-protected Digital Signatures
Send documents for signing to multiple recipients at once using a CSV file.
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Your quick video guide to eSignature by signNow

See how easy it is to build a complex approval process, from creating your first eSignature to routing agreements to multiple signers.

All you need for efficient document approval in IT

Easy signature generation

Create your signature in a few minutes by drawing it, typing your name, or uploading an image of your usual pen-and-ink autograph.

Secure document sharing

Send out documents for signature individually or in bulk using the most convenient sharing option.

Reusable fillable templates

Add fillable fields to your documents and reduce manual input in your workflow with reusable templates.

Extensive collaboration options

Create teams, assign permissions to your staff, and build more efficient document-based work cycles.

Speedy payments collection

Get instant payments on each deal completion by connecting your signNow account with your payment system.

Seamless integrations

Incorporate signNow signature features into your go-to business software to manage documents with more convenience.
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Why choose

  • Multiple plans from which to choose. Go for the best pricing option for your business and pay only for the features you really need.
  • Commitment-free trial option. Determine which features you actually want before committing to the service during a seven-day free trial.
  • Secure document exchange. signNow has all compliance certifications required to ensure the security of your every transaction.

Types of compliance maintained by signNow

signNow is committed to protecting your sensitive information by complying with global industry-specific security standards.

GDPR compliance
GDPR compliance
Regulates the use and holding of personal data belonging to EU residents.
SOC 2 Type II Certified
SOC 2 Type II Certified
Guarantees the security of your data & the privacy of your clients.
PCI DSS certification
PCI DSS certification
Safeguards credit/debit card data for every monetary transaction a customer makes.
21 CFR Part 11
21 CFR Part 11
FDA-backed standards for electronic documentation and electronic signatures.
HIPAA compliance
HIPAA compliance
Protects the private health information of your patients.
CCPA compliance
CCPA compliance
Enhances the protection of personal data and the privacy of California residents.
Collect signatures
Reduce costs by
per document
Save up to
per employee / month

How to build a sleek enterprise IT architecture for paperless signature exchange

Any tech company has a lot going on in every department. It runs on effective supplier management, negotiating contracts with vendors, and the creation of dozens of documents approving deals daily. Needless to say, these kinds of processes work much more efficiently when shifted to digital, which spares hours of manual work on each document approval. If you want to improve the efficiency of your tech department, you can seamlessly incorporate signNow into your IT architecture processes.

How to incorporate eSignature into your IT solution architecture

  • 01. Register a new account. If you are a new user, simply click the Sign up button and take a few minutes to create your account. If you are ready to commit, choose a plan best suited to your needs, or go with a Free trial first.
  • 02. Create your organization. Find My Organization → Create organization. Make sure to add your corporate branding and assign your team any permissions they need.
  • 03. Click Create or Upload to add your first document. You can locate the file on your device, find the template you need in our Library, or create one from scratch.
  • 04. eSign your document. Click Me (Fill Out Now) and add a new signature. You can draw a new signature using your mouse or trackpad, generate it, or upload a picture of your handwritten autograph.
  • 05. Add fillable fields to your document. Place fields where you need them around your paperwork and specify any signers in your field configurations.
  • 06. Build your document path. You can configure the order in which signers will authorize your document and what other recipients need to get your file or its copy.
  • 07. Save your document. Once all participants have completed the actions they needed to perform with your document, you will get notified. Download a finished copy if you like.

Vendor management contract negotiation is much easier for all participants when you complete your contracts electronically. Introduce a solid eSignature solution to your IT department processes and watch them improve. Approve documents with legally binding signatures, designate signature fields, and control the further steps in your document route from any device.

How it works

Add a new document and open it for editing.
Complete its fields and add your signature.
Save your document on your device or send it to other recipients to collect signatures.

signNow eSignatures are the missing link for building seamless workflows

Any industry and department can benefit from signNow’s intuitive and secure solution.

Finance & accounting
Healthcare illustrations
Improve patient outcomes and free your staff from paper burdens by collecting and managing data online.
Use cases:
  • Patient intake
  • Consent forms
  • Insurance claims
IT illustrations
Roll out thousands of user accounts with a single sign-on in one day instead of weeks.
Use cases:
  • Project proposals
  • Maintenance authorizations
  • Equipment requests
HR illustrations
Save your HR team up to 10 hours per week by completing 80% of agreements in less than a day.
Use cases:
  • NDAs
  • Job offers and employment contracts
  • Recruiting and onboarding processes
Sales illustrations
Close deals 24x faster by collecting signatures in a matter of minutes instead of days.
Use cases:
  • Reusable contracts
  • Business proposals and quotes
  • Collecting payments
Finance & accounting illustrations
Finance & accounting
Shorten document turnaround from 2 days to 2 hours by speeding up contract cycles and payment collection.
Use cases:
  • Income tax returns
  • Account opening forms
  • Financial reports and collecting payments
Operations illustrations
Spend less than 2 minutes preparing a document for signature (instead of 21 minutes on a paper document).
Use cases:
  • Budget & cost optimization
  • Asset management
  • Policy management
Legal illustrations
Capture client signatures 24x faster in-person or remotely. Make the signing process fast and easy.
Use cases:
  • Loan agreements & affidavits
  • Promissory notes
  • Legal agreements


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