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How to fill forms online

Find a needed form on the Templates page, select it, and insert your email address to create an account and fill out the sample. If you already have a template you need to fulfill, then the task is even easier. Create an account or log in to an existing one, click the Upload documents button, choose the form you want to open in the editor and pick the Text tool from the left sidebar. Then, go through your sample, click on blank areas, and insert the required information. When you finish editing, select Save and Close in the top-right corner to return to your Dashboard. After that, click More and choose your preferred method to export it: send it by email or download it.

How to import a Word file as a PDF

You can transform a Word file into a PDF in several ways. The easiest one is to convert it right from Word. Click File > Save As (in Windows) or Export As (in Pages in macOS), select the format, and export the sample. You can also use multiple online and offline converters, but if you need a sample in Portable Document Format for eSigning, consider using airSlate SignNow. The solution transforms your DOCX files into PDFs automatically as soon as they’re uploaded. Click Upload documents, choose the needed doc, and the service will open it as a PDF in seconds. After that, select the My Signature tool, and place your eSignature. This way, you’ll get a valid digital record without having to use a single piece of paper.

How can I sign a Word document?

There are lots of websites that advise you to use the Drawing tool to sign your Word documents. However, doing it this way, you don’t do anything more than add doodles that won’t be recognized as valid. If you need to create a legally-binding electronic signature, consider using specialized platforms like airSlate SignNow. To eSign a Word doc, you need to upload the file and use the My Signature tool. airSlate SignNow automatically converts any image or DOCX to a PDF without requiring any effort from you. In addition, it offers you three methods for creating your unique eSignature: by drawing, typing, or scanning it. Save your favorite eSignature as the default and use it as many times as you need, even while on the go.

Can I sign a document online?

Of course! With airSlate SignNow, eSign PDF, DOCX, and JPG/JPEG files online. The entire process consists of four main steps: creating an account to access your Dashboard, utilizing the Upload Documents option to import your forms and open them in the editor, using the My Signature tool to eSign the form, and clicking Save and Close and More > Email a Copy or Download to export your file. By following these actions, you create and apply a legally-binding eSignature to your document that’s accepted in all areas of business, both private and governmental (with few exceptions). Use airSlate SignNow and eSign documents while on the go!

How do you create a fillable document?

The most efficient way to create fillable forms is to use airSlate SignNow. The comprehensive solution allows you to add various interactive fields, or smart fields. Use them to request different types of information: text, numbers, dates, attachments, or include dropdowns and checkboxes. Upload a file, open it in the editor, and select the tools you need from the left sidebar. When you finish, double-check the doc, click Save and Close > Invite to Sign, and insert the recipients’ email addresses. They’ll be able to fill out the sample using the fillable fields you added. When the doc is executed, you’ll get an email notification and a copy of the completed version.

How can I share documents with another computer?

The smartest, fastest, and easiest way is to start using cloud-based software. If you need to keep a document in a secure place but also always have immediate access to it, consider creating a airSlate SignNow account. Every file you upload is protected by the latest encryption features. airSlate SignNow automatically establishes a secure connection so that no third party can get unauthorized access to your data. Plus, you can create a Team and share docs with colleagues to enhance your organization’s collaboration.

How can my team eSign documents?

Each user you add to a airSlate SignNow Team gets access to every feature given in your account’s subscription, plus access to all shared files. They can upload and open forms for editing, share them with you, place electronic signatures, and send records for signing. If you don’t add them to your Team, they’ll only be able to fill out and eSign samples you share with them using the Invite to Sign function.

How can I sign a document on my computer?

If your computer runs on macOS, you can add a signature using Preview. However, the validity of this eSignature is questionable. If your computer runs on Windows, the only way to eSign documents is with the help of a third party service. For either operating system, you can try airSlate SignNow. It’s a trusted cloud-based solution available on any device and OS. To get started, create an account, and upload a form or contract. From your Homepage, you’ll see the Upload documents button at the top of the screen. Click on it to upload a file from your device. Wait while airSlate SignNow establishes a secure connection. After a few seconds, you’ll be able to add new content to your file, enhance it with fillable fields, and request signatures, or even place your own. airSlate SignNow is a professional solution that allows users to import PDFs right from Gmail or other websites. Install specialized extensions for Gmail and Google Chrome. Get started today to take your signature workflows to the next level.
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