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How to manage documents

All files that you uploaded, signed, or received for signing are stored in your signNow account. You can manage them directly from your Homepage. For your convenience, the Homepage is divided into several sections: Documents, Shared Templates, Shared Documents, Document Groups. The Shared Folders tab is only visible after you become a team member or an admin. The Document Groups folder stores packages of files that you can organize and send out in one click. To open, copy, send files, click More next to the record and select the appropriate action from the dropdown. In addition to basic features, you can turn a document into a template, download the Document History, see all copies of the record, and much more.

What is a super admin?

A super admin position empowers you to look through all PDFs within your organization. You can also manage seats, invite or delete users, and restore files from Trash. In a nutshell, the super administrator is the main admin for all teams. Only users with an enterprise subscription can assign a super admin. To create a super admin position, contact our support team.

Who is an admin?

By default, an admin is the one who created the team in signNow. If needed, the admin can view all team members' documents, not just those in the shared folder, delete and add users, and monitor the status of other team members' activities. An admin has more abilities than any other member. In theory, anyone can be a team admin. To do this, the team owner can assign any team member as an admin or transfer ownership if, for example, they want/have to leave the team.

How to generate an eSignature

signNow provides you with an eSignature workflow where you can eSign PDF files and send them for signing hassle-free. To get your signature, you don't need to submit any request or generate a digital code. Just start with a signNow free trial and upload any PDF to see how it works. Open the file with the built-in editor and utilize the My signature tool to make your signature in three ways. Click Done to apply the legally-binding signature. To get someone else's signature, just insert a Signature Field and click Invite to Sign. Your recipient doesn't need to create their own account to eSign your request.

How to share documents with a group

The most convenient way to share PDFs in signNow is to create a team. Team members can do more than fill out and sign PDFs. They can even copy and download templates whenever they want or need to. Once you've created a team, you get the Shared Documents folder. This folder is visible to all members. You just have to move the file to this folder for your colleagues to see it. Upload a file to your account or select among existing ones. Click More near the record and select the Move option to direct the file to a certain folder.

How to count documents in signNow

You can easily count and sort the PDFs in specific folders using signNow's user-friendly interface. On the Homepage, right above your records on the left-hand side, select a folder, and click FILTER BY STATUS: see files that have been signed or those that are waiting for a signature. Then scroll to the very bottom; you can see the number of files with the specified status. If you don't choose a group, then you see the total number of documents. You can also check the number of files in other folders. As a super admin, you can also review other users' records and count them too.

How to sign a check

signNow helps you turn any file into an enforceable PDF. Utilize our ESIGN compliant service to insert your legally-binding signature in clicks. Check pricing to choose the type of subscription that suits you, or start a free trial to test it out. Add a check to your account using the Upload Documents button. Your check will open up in the editor, where you can fill it out and sign. Use the My Signature tool and select one of the three options for signing, and then eSign the check. Save the changes and apply your signature by clicking Save&Close.

How to sign in as an admin

Your position is linked to your email address. Whenever you log in via email, you enter your signNow account with all your records connected to the email you used to sign in. To take advantage of the admin, position, click on Admin Console and manage seats in your organization, and view other members' documents. If needed, you can transfer all rights to another email address. All changes are saved automatically in the cloud, meaning no matter what device you sign in on or use, your information will always be up to date.
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