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How airSlate SignNow for Salesforce accelerates work with customers

With airSlate SignNow for Salesforce, sending documents for signing is a breeze. Once you combine these platforms, you get the ability to use them as a single comprehensive solution. For example, you can edit and enhance existing templates, set up notifications, populate contracts with Salesforce data, and send templates to multiple signers in just a few clicks.

Access to eSignature right from the CRM system allows you to contact more customers without extra energy or hassle. Get more profits and grow your business by integrating now!

How to improve communication with airSlate SignNow for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a convenient tool for communicating, and integrating it with an eSignature service is a great way to increase efficiency. Make cross-channel communication easier. airSlate SignNow for Microsoft Teams means that teams can send and receive forms and contracts and always know who did what and when with the Audit Trail.

Create templates from files within the MS ecosystem, enhance them with fillable fields, track the statuses of each file, and receive important notifications immediately. Do more with streamlined team collaboration.

What does airSlate SignNow for Dynamics 365 do?

Dynamics 365 is one of the most popular CRM systems for simplifying work for salespeople. However, your employees still have to handle the paperwork. They review and negotiate agreements, redline contracts, send them for signing, and make sure that those documents are signed correctly.

The optimization of customer relationship management with a CRM system is excellent, but there’s more you can do to improve your workflow. Use airSlate SignNow for Dynamics 365 and free your salespeople from the paper routine. Our solution allows users to prepare and send contracts out, create templates, automatically update records, and track all the changes in files in minutes instead of hours.

Enhance your work with Dynamics 365. Integrate it with our powerful eSignature tool!

How to use airSlate SignNow for Box

Thousands of organizations use Box to store files and improve collaboration. When they get their records signed, they have to download them from their eSignature service and upload them back to Box. This routine, you got to admit, wastes time and effort.

Luckily, there’s an efficient way to automate this process. airSlate SignNow for Box enables you to transfer all completed documents from our service to the cloud right after signing. It helps to accelerate the process of storing files without harming the existing order; PDFs will be accurately kept in their appropriate folders. To enable the integration, open your profile, select Cloud Storage, choose Box, and log in to your account.

Every significant optimization begins with minor improvements. So, start enhancing Box now!

What airSlate SignNow for Gmail can do

airSlate SignNow for Gmail is an add-on helpful for people actively using email for sending and receiving documents. Usually, people download attachments and then open them with other services to edit the content or sign records. However, our integration can simplify this procedure for you.

airSlate SignNow for Gmail allows you to import files to our editor or invite other people to sign documents in a few clicks. All you need is to install the add-on from the Google Marketplace and enable it in your inbox. After that, our service will analyze attachments in your emails and open an additional sidebar for choosing files and actions.

This seemingly small extension can help you do big work. Minutes saved on transferring records between services can quickly add up to hours. Optimize your time. Use our add-on for Gmail!

What is airSlate SignNow for BIM 360?

What can be better than having a solution to accelerate construction projects? Having a solution that can accelerate construction projects even more! If you already use BIM 360, you can combine it with our eSignature service and get results faster.

Consider using airSlate SignNow for BIM 360 to generate quotes or agreements and invite people to sign them without leaving the service. You’ll be able to track all the changes, assign roles to different signers, guide recipients with smart fillable fields, create passwords for specific documents, and access records from any device at any time.

Enhance your construction management software. Use eSignature within BIM 360!

What is the airSlate SignNow API, and how can I use it?

API (Application Programming Interface) is a specialized software intermediary for «communication» between two different services. The airSlate SignNow API enables you to implement legally-binding eSignatures into other platforms like applications, websites, CRM systems, or clouds. It uses HTTP requests to connect solutions and is quite similar to using our full-fledge service as usual with access to all our essential features: creating or collecting signatures and building eSignature workflows.

You can try the airSlate SignNow API for free. To do so, open our website, choose API at the top of the screen, create a Sandbox account, and freely explore all its capabilities. If you like the service and would like to get or collect signatures without leaving your primary platform, you’ll need to choose a subscription to access production-level SLA. With our extensive library of code templates, the implementation of eSignatures is simple.

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