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How to add editable boxes in a PDF

We all love PDFs for their versatility and safety. Files in this format are easily readable on any device and OS as well as secure from editing. This makes them perfect for business documents of all kinds. To apply changes to their content, you’ll first need to convert them to other formats or use specific software. airSlate SignNow makes things much easier. It’s not only an eSignature solution. It has a simple-to-use editor that allows you to add fillable fields to forms. Upload your PDF and adjust it according to your needs by inserting text boxes, dropdowns, radio buttons, calculated fields, signature blocks, and more.

How to make optional fields to fill out in airSlate SignNow

It’s not always necessary for users to fill out all the fields in your document. airSlate SignNow allows you to add optional or required fields to your forms, depending on your needs. Once you drop the field into the document, go to the right-side toolbar and uncheck Required to let your signers skip it. You can also make it conditional and show the field to your recipients only if they fill out another one. For instance, you can make a Signature Field visible for your client only after they accept your Terms and Conditions.

How to add checkbox button in a fillable PDF

With airSlate SignNow, you can do more than just eSign your documents. Complete forms online by adding customized text and additional options like dropdowns and checkmarks. Just select the My Check option from the toolbar and drag and drop it where you need it. You can also edit documents and add fillable fields for other users to fill them out. Use the Checkbox Field to place special elements that allow your recipients to check off specific pieces of information.

How to fill out and sign a Word document

It’s needless to say that Word is the most common format for typing up texts. However, to sign the texts created in a way that makes them legally-binding, you’ll need to either print them first or convert them to PDF and then use an appropriate eSignature solution. With airSlate SignNow, you can do it all in one place. The service automatically transforms Word to PDF upon uploading and features an intuitive editor to add fillable fields to your form. You can insert extra text boxes or checkmarks, and eSign your form by drawing your signature, adding its image, or simply typing your name. You can also easily add fields for other people to fill out and sign, and then share the document with them without leaving the tool.

How to name a field in airSlate SignNow

It’s really simple to do. When you add a fillable field to your form, whether it’s a textbox, Dropdown, or a Checkbox, you can set up and rename them in just a few clicks. Place the field anywhere in the document and go to the right-hand toolbar. Find the Advanced tab, click on it, and in the Unique Field Name, type in what you want to call it.

How to add a signature block in PDF for someone else to sign

airSlate SignNow allows you to do more than just sign documents online. Seamlessly collect eSignatures from your customers, colleagues, and partners. Upload a file, and open it in the powerful PDF editor. The editor has a variety of fillable fields and elements that you can add to your form for others to fill out and eSign. Drag and drop the Signature Field to anywhere you need it. You can insert as many as you need, setting Roles and conditions for each signer. Drop the Initials and Date/Time fields near the signature areas and customize them accordingly. After you finish editing and choose to send the document for signing, set the order in which your recipients will receive it. Add their email addresses and click Send. When all signatures are applied, you'll automatically get the executed copy stored in your airSlate SignNow account.

How to add a dropdown to a PDF

With airSlate SignNow, you can adjust any form according to your needs in just a few clicks. To add a dropdown list, upload a document, choose the relative option from the left-hand toolbar, and drop it where it should be. Resize it by dragging its corners. You can customize the field’s name, make it required or conditional. The number of list options is unlimited, so you can add as many as needed, including the Other option for a user to fill it out manually if there’s no option for them to choose.

How to sign and save Word documents without printing them

Most agreements and reports are first created in MS Word because it’s a perfect file format for working with texts. But Word doesn’t provide a tool for eSigning documents in a way that makes them enforceable in court. Even if you try to create your signature with the drawing tool, it won’t be considered a legally-valid signature. You’ll need to print the document first, sign it, and then scan it back into your computer. That’s time-consuming. To streamline the process, take advantage of airSlate SignNow, a go-to eSignature solution. Upload a Word file, edit it, and add a legally-binding eSignature. You can either type your name, draw your name, or upload an image of your handwritten signature. No matter which you choose, it’ll be saved in your airSlate SignNow account. Bear in mind, airSlate SignNow automatically converts all files into PDF format.
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