SignNow for Salesforce

Create and send contracts for signing from custom objects, quotes and attachments in seconds. With SignNow you can automate data entry and track the status of your document in real time without leaving Salesforce.

Streamline Your Workflow with a Complete E-Signature Solution

Edit and E-Sign Your Template
Add text fields, annotations and specify pushback data to automatically update record fields. Fill in and sign a document with your Salesforce e-signature.
Send out a Template to Multiple Signers
Get templates signed in bulk. Add multiple signers, define how your recipients will sign a document: all at once or in a specific order.
Set Document Triggers
Set expiration dates for each template and add automatic reminders. You’ll receive notifications once your digital signature has been completed.

Accelerate Your Business with Digital Workflows

Streamline the Sales Process
Cut contract turnaround time by closing deals electronically from anywhere, even while offline.
Populate Salesforce Data in Seconds
Focus on your business by setting up fields and contact information to be automatically populated.
Automate Data Entry
Maximize workflow efficiency by placing Salesforce data on your contracts automatically.
Easily Track Document Status
Never lose important files with automatic notifications for completed signatures.
Generate Commonly Used Documents
Generate templates of your most common agreements and use them as often as needed.
Improve and Manage Teamwork
Gain full control over document templates, monitor changes and modify access settings.

Discover More SignNow Features and Integrations

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Find answers to the most frequently asked questions for SignNow’s Salesforce integration
1. How do I connect SignNow with Salesforce?
To integrate with Salesforce and start adding e-signatures, the SignNow application can be installed and configured in minutes. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you go through the setup process.
2. How do I fill out and sign a document in Salesforce with SignNow?
Simply select a template in your Salesforce account and choose Edit Template from the dropdown menu. It will open in SignNow where you can add fillable fields, enter your text and add your signature. Once you’re done, switch to the Salesforce tab and click Submit.
3. Do I need to install additional software to use SignNow?
There is no need to download and install additional software. All you need is to log in to your SignNow account or register with SignNow if you don’t have an account.
4. How can I check if my document has been signed?
You’ll receive an email notification once your document has been signed. Before sending a signature request, you can also set automatic reminders and an expiration date so your recipient doesn’t forget to sign your contract.