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How to create fillable checklists that a team can collaborate on

In airSlate SignNow, an admin can create a template, but other members can only fill it out, share, and sign it. In order to add a fillable checklist, an admin needs to create it using the built-in editor and move the document to the team’s folder. To do this easily, click More next to the document, select Move, and specify the name of the folder where you want to transfer it. Once the checklist has been shared, the team can see it in the folder and fill it out.

How to create an eSignature

Using airSlate SignNow, you can create a legally-binding signature online hassle-free. Even if you don’t have an account, you can eSign any form whenever you receive a signature request from someone who does have an account. Open the document and click on the Signature field. Then in the pop-up window, choose how you’d like to create your eSignature. Type, draw, or upload a picture. The solution is available for both smartphones and computers, meaning you can use airSlate SignNow no matter your work setup. ESign using a touchpad, mouse, or a finger. Click Done to finish the signing session.

How do you create teams in airSlate SignNow?

The team collaboration feature empowers you to manage both your and your colleagues’ documents, sign, and send them across an entire group of people. To create a team, log in to your airSlate SignNow account and select Create Team by clicking on the profile icon in the top right corner. In the pop-up window, create a name for your team and the emails of those you want to invite. You can also prohibit or allow an admin to view members’ documents by checking or unchecking the appropriate box. Create teams for all departments within your organization to build a robust environment and smooth eSignature workflows.

How to create a signing request

As soon as you’ve finished editing a form, added fillable fields, and saved all the changes, you can send it out for signing. Click Invite to Sign and add your recipients’ email addresses. To avoid confusion and mistakes, create a signing order for two and more recipients. Optionally, you can customize the signature invite by creating a personalized message. Adjust Advanced Options to set an expiration date and reminders, request payment, add a second layer of authentication, and so on. Click Send Invite to email a signing request.

How to save a shared template in Google Drive

It doesn’t matter what your role on the team is. Both an admin and a regular team member can download a template or document located in Shared Folders. To download a template, go to your team’s Shared Templates Folder and click Download near the document you want to save. Manage the template as you want, send it out, or upload it to the cloud. To make it even easier, a group can connect a Google account and set up signed documents to be automatically exported.

How to manage the team Dashboard

As an admin, you can easily manage all documents, invite and remove people from the team. Also, on the Dashboard, you can delete a group or transfer ownership to any other member and leave. To find information about shared forms and contracts, click on your profile icon and select View Teams. From there, you can get to any Shared Folder (Documents, Templates, Group Documents). When you create a team, check the box. It helps you view all members’ forms, including deleted ones, simply by clicking the three dots next to participants’ emails and selecting View Documents.

How to use advanced options

Advanced Options help you configure an extra level of authentication. Add a password, set an expiration date, request payment, and create reminders. To use additional settings when sending a document, сlick Invite to Sign-> Advanced Options. Choose which authentication method suits you best: using an SMS, password, or a call. Indicate how much time a recipient has to complete this document and how often reminders should be sent. Use the Redirect after Signing feature to take your recipient to the specified webpage. To send a payment request, you just need to tick the box in the Payment Settings section and indicate the amount and the payer. But make sure you connect your Stripe account. All settings are saved automatically after you click Send Invite.

How to share a template in airSlate SignNow

If you want to share templates that your colleagues can copy, download, and fill out, you should create a team in airSlate SignNow. You can invite any number of people just by entering their email addresses. Once you’re done, Shared Documents and Template Folders automatically appear in your account. All forms you upload are visible to all members. To share any of your forms, turn it into a template and select a folder by clicking More->Move to Team’s Templates Folder.

How to request a signature on documents in Microsoft Teams

You can build an eSignature workflow in Microsoft Teams using airSlate SignNow. Install the app from the Teams Marketplace and proceed to create a signature request. Open the airSlate SignNow chatbot and upload a template or choose from existing ones. Click Invite to Sign and enter the recipient’s email. Using this built-in solution, you can track documents’ status and export even more forms and drafts from the cloud.

How to store a signature to use in your email?

All airSlate SignNow features are designed to reduce the time you spend on repetitive work. Integration with Gmail makes things easier for you. Add the extension to your inbox and, as soon as you receive a signing request, sign a document in clicks and send it back.
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