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How to sign a form on an iPhone without printing

The main advantage of a digital workflow is that you no longer need to spend time and money on printing and scanning tons of documents. With the help of signNow, you can sign a PDF right from your iPhone. Open the app and browse through your files and choose the one you need to eSign. Select My Signature, and place the field anywhere on the page. Using the touchscreen or camera, create and apply your eSignature.

How to fill out forms on an iPad

The iPad was designed more for entertainment like listening to music and so on. However, it’s come a long way and boasts many tools for remote work. Install the signNow app from the App Store to turn your iPad into an on-the-go signing tool. Select the form you need to fill out and click Plus to upload it. Add text using the Text feature, and to complete the document, click Save&Close.

How to sign documents on Android

Running a business from your smartphone isn’t hard if you’re using signNow. Get a trusted and reliable solution for creating legally-binding forms and contracts hassle-free. To sign a document, upload it to your account and tap on it. Use the My Signature tool to insert your eSignature in a variety of ways. Type, draw, or upload an image. As soon as you click Save&Close, all changes are saved, and your file turns into a court-admissible form.

How to sign a document on an iPhone

The iPhone provides an enormous range of functions for working on documents. With Preview’s help, you can fill out and edit PDFs, though the signature tool is questionable. Thus, Preview isn’t suitable for signing online professionally. If you want to get a legally-binding signature, take advantage of signNow. Install the app and upload the file you have to sign. Then, pick My Signature and type, draw or upload an image of your handwritten signature. Save the edits and download your PDF to your device or the cloud.

How to fill out a PDF file electronically

Give signNow a try. Upload your PDF from your smartphone or the cloud to your account. signNow stores all your added documents in one place so that you can come back later and click on the file to start editing right away. Using the Text tool, review the PDF, and fill it with the required information. If you want to add more than just text boxes, explore other signNow features that help you insert dates, checkmarks, signatures, and images. To apply edits and finish modifying, click Save&Close, and export the document to your device, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, or Box.

How to send a signing link in signNow

Sending a signing request via email isn’t the only option when we talk about signNow. The comprehensive solution allows you to share documents and templates via a link in clicks. To do so, open a file via the built-in editor and add fillable fields. Utilize advanced settings to customize each field to your needs. Once you’ve finished, click Save&Close. Use the Create Signing Link button which can be found near the file’s title. Copy the automatically generated link and send it to recipients.

How to change a signature on an iPhone

After you sign at least one file using signNow, your eSignature is saved. This feature helps you save time when signing documents later. Just one click, that’s all you need. If you want to change your signature, you need to edit your profile and in the Default Signature section, replace the old eSignature with a new one. You can turn off the auto-save function in the settings, but then you’ll have to create a signature from scratch every time you need to eSign something.

How to sign a PDF on an iPhone with a signature image

signNow gives you three ways to sign a document from your iPhone. One of these ways is to upload an image of your handwritten signature. All types of eSignatures have the same authority as wet ones do. The app helps you add a signature from your gallery or take a picture of one using your camera. Use the My Signature tool to take a photo of your handwritten signature and upload it. But first, make sure you allow the app access to your camera.

How to make a document template on a phone

Install the signNow app to create a reusable template online via your smartphone. Log in to your account and upload the file you want to save as a template. Click on the ellipses on the document and choose Make Template. You can also edit the form and add fillable fields to make collecting information and signatures from your colleagues, partners, and clients even faster.

How to send documents via email with a password

It’s wise to add an extra layer of protection to important files. With signNow, you can encrypt your PDF and ensure that no one except the proper recipient can open, fill out, and sign it. Use Additional Options when sending a request. In the Authentication section, select a password from the dropdown and enter the code you want to use. You need to provide this code to the signer. Enter the signer’s email and click Send Invite. When opening the document, the recipient must enter the code or password you gave them to view and fill out the form.
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