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All Customers from Non-Profit Organizations Use signNow for Inserting eSignature. Try powerful and secure electronic signature solutions that meet industry-specific requirements. Start now fo

Learn How signNow Streamlines Document Workflow for Nonprofit Organizations

Protect Sensitive Data
Keep NDAs, contracts and other HR forms secure by setting two-factor authentication. Advanced encryption protects your forms and the Audit Trail allows for the tracking of all changes made to any signed document.
Get Volunteer Forms Signed Electronically
Easily add eSignatures and get volunteer and donation forms signed on any device. Require additional documents and receive email notifications once an eSignature is received.
Collaborate on Essential Volunteer Forms
Invite volunteers to contribute to your volunteer program by creating teams. Share documents with your team members, track their activity and get forms signed and completed.
Automate the Processing of Donation Forms
Avoid retyping the same information by creating reusable templates for commonly-used volunteer forms. Customize each template for a specific volunteer’s use.
Easily Request Donations
Create a payment request in a donation form so that recipients can sign and donate money all at once. You’ll receive instant notifications once the form has been signed and the payment has been made.
Do Volunteer Work from Anywhere
Build complex eSignature workflows, collect volunteer data and payments, save and process information from your mobile device. signNow is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

Complete eSignature Platform for Nonprofit Organizationsthat Outshines the Competition

signNow speeds up document workflow with tools for automating the signing process,collection of data, and management of documents for nonprofit organizations
Add signature
Send documents to be signed
Add multiple signers
Add fillable fields
Import another document's entire set of fields
Organize documents into groups
Download document history with detailed transaction records
Merge documents
Unique Document ID
Kiosk Mode
Create teams
Set document signing order
Create a signing link to quickly share your document
Create templates
Bulk send documents to be signed
Send freeforms that allow recipients to add fields
Mobile app for Android and iOS
Collect payments with forms
signNow. It's as easy as 1-2-3.

Besides making my signature look better than normal, the app was easy to use and intuitive.

Fortune 500 #107
Fortune 500 #107
TechData uses signNow to complete thousands of vendor agreements and sales contracts. Processes that used to take weeks now take hours.
INC magazine #1 franchise
INC magazine #1 franchise
European Wax Center integrates signNow with Salesforce and now lets customers sign contracts in person on iPads in over 500 locations worldwide.
Video Communication Leader
Video Communication Leader
Zoom uses signNow company-wide to close more deals in less clicks, speed up their overall sales cycle and streamline e-⁠signatures in Salesforce.