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Great system

What do you like best?

User friendly, easy access, clients can use it fast and use it. Clients can use the system through their phones. Easy to understand how the app works. Also the price is pretty reasonable for the type of work I use it for. Guides the clients through signatures and what they need to sign next on the application. The simpler the better, the more easy access the better.

What do you dislike?

Can’t edit documents once it's ready to be sent. I would be nice to edit the form at any given time through the process or edit the signature. Also the client is able to skip the fields once they click or tab on the highlight area. It would be good if they cant go to the next tab if is not fully signed. I would be nice to have the app in options to also in Spanish for Spanish speakers. It uploads pretty slow and one by one separately. For signatures it would be good to have them options on size. Also for imputing the text to have options on the size we would like on it. Also for options for signatures to have more variances on the types we would like to choose.

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What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

None at this point. Almost all the way it's set up its pretty good. Overall the app has its small issues but its good for what is meant to be doing. I am satisfied so far with all the application and how its working.

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