SignNow for 1Password

Use SignNow for 1Password to make logging in to your SignNow account fast and secure. Save your credentials once and automate the login process from any device without having to worry about your data security.

Streamline your Workflow with a Complete E-Signature Solution

Get Legally-Binding E-Signatures
Request signatures and get them completed in any order or all at once. You can add, delete or replace signers in a single click.
Create and Manage Templates
Avoid creating the same documents from scratch by generating templates. Modify each document and send it to be signed via a link or custom invite.
Organize Files
Create groups and folders for your files. Send out a single document or an entire group of templates to be signed.

Accelerate Your Business with Digital Workflows

Keep All Passwords in a Single Place
When you connect 1Password with SignNow you get access to encrypted password storage that keeps all your passwords protected.
Access from any Internet Connected Device
Make the most of SignNow’s integration with 1Password wherever you are: securely access your account from any device.
Avoid Getting Hacked
SignNow for 1Password provides strong data security to ensure your document flow remains strictly confidential.

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Find answers to the most frequently asked questions for SignNow’s 1Password integration
1. How do I connect SignNow with 1Password?
You don’t need to connect anything manually, just make sure you have both SignNow and 1Password installed on your device. Then, enter your SignNow password to the 1Password account, or generate a new one, and click save.
2. Is the entire login process automatic with 1Password?
You only need a password for your 1Password application. Once you’ve entered it, click on the SignNow icon and automatically log in.
3. How can I be sure that my password won’t be hacked?
Thanks to multilayer encryption provided by 1Password developers, you can be sure that your passwords are stored securely. You can also set Fingerprint Lock / Touch ID for additional security if your device supports these features.
4. Does this integration work with mobile devices or with desktop computers?
1Password integrated with SignNow works on any device, so you can securely log in from your phone, tablet and desktop computer.