SignNow for Egnyte

Optimize your business operations with a complete e-signature solution integrated in Egnyte. Get your contracts and agreements signed in minutes and ensure the security of your business information within Egnyte.

Streamline your Workflow with a Complete E-Signature Solution

Edit and E-Sign Documents
Modify your templates by means of adding new fields. Sign and collect signatures from within your Egnyte account.
Import Fields
Import the entire set of fields and even roles assigned to the fields from another template in a single click.
Customize Signing Orders
Specify how you’d like your recipients to receive and sign your document. You can remove or add signers if needed.

Accelerate Your Business with Digital Workflows

Close Deals while On-The-Go
Edit templates and send them to be e-signed using any PC, laptop, tablet or phone.
Access Data in a Click
Organize files in private folders to securely share and access your most sensitive business information
Easily Authenticate Records
View detailed document history or download it to verify who and when changes were made to your file
Speed up Your Business Operations
Don’t waste time chasing down contacts for signatures. Collect electronic signatures from anywhere in minutes.
Create Professional Looking Contracts
Customize your agreement or order form to suit your needs. Add or remove fields in a single click.
Work More Efficiently with Your Team
Generate shareable links so that your colleagues can access document folders and work on contracts together.

Discover More SignNow Features and Integrations

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Find answers to the most frequently asked questions for SignNow’s Egnyte integration

  • 1. How do I add the SignNow app to my Egnyte account?

    In your Egnyte account, click the Apps & Add-Ons tab in the top right corner of the page. Click Add-Ons & Integrations, then navigate to the SignNow icon and click on it. Follow the instructions to connect SignNow with Egnyte.
  • 2. Where are signed documents stored?

    All signed documents are automatically stored in your Egnyte folders. You will get a standard Egnyte notification for every signature received.
  • 3. Can I edit a file before sending it out to be signed?

    Yes. You can type in a file, sign it yourself and add fields for your recipients to complete including text, dropdown menus, checkboxes, radio buttons and more.
  • 4. How can I be sure that my documents remain confidential?

    All folders are categorized as shared or private. Two-factor authentication guarantees secure access to an account. Advanced Threat Protection and document audit trails provide extra layers of security.
  • 5. Can I export data from signed and completed documents?

    You can download a file to your desktop computer or your mobile device.You can also download a CSV Report for an already signed document as well as use the same tabular fields in new templates.