Native TITAN eSignature

The all-in-one native eSignature for TITAN

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Meet the best eSignature solution for staying logged in to your TITAN account. This service protects files you have created and monitors their status. Never miss customers or partners using your TITAN. When all the data is collected, create an eSignature from any device, including your mobile phone or tablet.

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Assign roles to Signers
Make sure that the document gets the eSignature from the right person. Edit signers of personal TITAN PDFs. Set the order of signing. Configure the steps by clicking on Add a signer or by using the drag-and-drop function.
Add fillable options
Let the recipient fill out the form. Add fillable fields to receive text, the date, and calculated information, dropdowns, and checkboxes to enrich the content of your TITAN documents. You can also write on the already inputted text if any mistakes in the original doc are made.
Create a template from a sample instantly
When your TITAN document is ready, you can use it as many times as you need. Just click on Create a Template and send it to different people for filling out and placing an eSignature. If you want to make it from several files, merging also requires just a few clicks.

Application Features

The all‑in‑one native E‑Signature for TITAN

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PDF Document Editor.

  • Upload your template and finalize it with ease.
  • Write on the existing text.
  • Add today’s date and checkmarks.

Form Builder

  • Add fillable text, date and time or calculated fields.
  • Include dropdown lists and checkboxes.
  • Request attachments.
  • Place fields for eSignature or eSignatures.
  • Ask for initials if needed.

Monitoring features

  • Check your actual documents from your mobile, tablet or desktop devices.
  • Receive notifications about signings via email.
  • Use applications to see the new information or sign it instantly.
  • Get full control over document changes with email notifications.
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Integrate airSlate SignNow functionality with your favorite software to minimize daily paperwork hassles and improve cooperation with clients, partners, and colleagues

Please note: The airSlate SignNow integration with TITAN is not available yet. We have created this page to find out whether the integration is in demand among our users. Once confirmed, we will add it as soon as possible. Please reach out to us for updates on the status of the integration.

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