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Integrate signNow’s advanced eSigning capabilities with Microsoft Teams to increase the productivity of your entire department, all without leaving your secure environment.

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Sign and send documents for signing while working in Microsoft Teams environment

How it works
Initiate eSignature workflows for Teams
Send any document stored in Files, OneDrive, or chats to your teammates in a role-based order. Add emails automatically from Microsoft Teams contacts and share a document in a chat so that recipients can instantly open and sign it using signNow.
Image of how to Initiate eSignature workflows for Teams using signNow.
How it works
Save time with templates
Turn any document stored in Files, OneDrive, or chats into a reusable template. Just open the document, add signature, text, date, dropdown, or initials fields and share the template with teammates as many times as you need.
Image of how to Save time with templates using signNow.
How it works
Always stay in the loop
Get instant notifications about a document’s status right in your Microsoft Teams chat. signNow bots will inform you when a document has been signed by all signers and display how many recipients still need to sign.
Image of how to Always stay in the loop using signNow.
How it works
Access approved documents
Once your document is signed, it will be automatically uploaded to the Microsoft Teams chat where you can open, edit or eSign it yourself — all without leaving the Microsoft Teams ecosystem.
Image of how to Access approved documents using signNow.

Accelerate your business with digital workflows

Author contracts
  • Increase your productivity

    Send out documents from Microsoft Teams for signing in clicks without switching to another application.

  • Edit documents like a pro

    Easily drag and drop fillable fields to a document and customize them using intuitive tools.

  • Ensure security for documents

    Every copy signed via signNow has its unique ID preventing the document from forgery.

  • Improve team collaboration

    Access signNow’s shared documents and templates to send them for signing or edit right in Microsoft Teams.

  • Organize documents effectively

    Save copies of signed documents to the Microsoft Teams folder of your choice.

  • Upload documents faster

    Add documents stored in Microsoft Teams channels to your signNow account.

Microsoft Teams

Move your business forward with signNow for Microsoft Teams

Learn how to save time, increase productivity, and maximize your ROI with a secure and compliant eSignature solution for Microsoft Teams.

How to install

How to install the signNow app for Microsoft Teams

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  • Click Get it now on the Microsoft AppSource.
  • Once installed, you’ll see the signNow app icon in the panel to the left.
  • Select Get Started in the signNow welcome message to start using the signNow app.
  • You’ll be redirected to the signNow login page. Enter your Microsoft Teams credentials. Then, select Continue (next to log in or sign up for signNow).
  • You’ll be redirected to a login page. Enter your signNow credentials. Then, click Log in. Next, click Grant access to signNow.

Questions & answers

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  • Improve your organization’s productivity

    Sign and send documents for signing in a role-based order from your system of record.

  • Get work done in one place

    Pre-fill documents with CRM data and save executed contracts in your CRM.

  • Ensure compliance and security

    signNow protects your data with industry-leading compliance and security standards.

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