Ensure the Highest Security Level for Your Business with SignNow’s Virtual Instance

The SignNow appliance is a stand-alone Vx deployment suitable for the most popular cloud platforms. It helps organizations automate their entire document workflow while setting up a secure environment to access, manage and store data.
How Our Virtual Instance Benefits Your Business
SignNow Appliance Solution
Enhance security and privacy
Securely carry out sensitive tasks and store highly-confidential data with the built-in e-Signature Vx for your cloud-based environment. With reliable system drives and code-based encryption, the privacy and integrity of your documents is assured. Secure access and file transfers are achieved through the approval-based SSH access console UI in the SignNow e-Signature Vx.
Create personalized workflows
Accessible by a single organization, our Vx deployment lets you achieve higher utilization while creating secure document workflows in accordance with the needs of your teams. Sign, share and collaborate on documents in teams and set access permissions for each document. Store all data on your server which can only be accessed by members of your organization.
Keep your workflow uninterrupted
Our solution fits perfectly into third-party services without interrupting your company’s workflow. It also integrates with your existing email systems and other applications so you don’t have to delay your organization’s workflow for adjusting to new technology.
Increase data control and compliance
The SignNow e-Signature Vx supports various compliances. It is legally-binding with SOC 2 Type 2 and PCI certification, complies with HIPAA standards and meets the General Data Protection Regulation designed to safeguard the data of EU citizens.
Why Transition to the SignNow Virtual Instance?
Easy installation & deployment
We offer an automated deployment mechanism alongside flexible networking configurations that provide seamless communication within the network of your organization.
Constant maintenance
Keep track of all renewals and licensing in real-time with online updates and licensing services. Additionally, the SignNow e-Signature Vx enables admins to download a full audit history as part of the backup feature.
Accurate monitoring
Stay informed about low space disk conditions on your servers so you can avoid failures and server downtimes. We also help your organization prevent issues with mail delivery by automatically checking email queues.
Professional guidance
We have developed a guide which is part of our aim to be as customer-centric as possible. It provides advice on which service, network and firewall configurations will meet the specific requirements of your organization.
LDAP Support
The SignNow e-Signature Vx allows you to leverage existing user directories via LDAP, so you can manage access by group and domain.
Control over SMTP traffic
With SignNow you get complete control over SMTP traffic using your own standards. Set SMTP retention policies to email traffic automatically without any action required on the part of your users.
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