Equally per stirpes or form
- 1 - TEXAS WILL INSTRUCTIONS Married with No Children U.S. Legal Forms, Inc. 1. This Will is designed to be completed on your computer. To do so, use your mouse and click on each field which will be highlighted in gray. This will replace the gray with the words you type. Example: _____________________________[1] will become JOHN DOE. 2. Article / Field Completion Instructions Field [1] - Your name. Field [2] - Your name Field [3] - Your County of Residence. ARTICLE ONE Field [4] - Type the name of your spouse. ARTICLE THREE This article is for you to specify specific property to go to a specific person. If you do not leave any, type none and delete the fields. Field [5] - Type name. Field [6] - Type street address. Field [7] - Additional Address line.
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