Does airSlate SignNow work on iOS and Android devices?

airSlate SignNow users can eSign their documents on the go from any mobile device. Easily download airSlate SignNow mobile app to your smartphone, iPhone, tablet, or iPad, and access your airSlate SignNow account at any time from anywhere.

Signing documents on mobile

When someone requests you to sign a document in airSlate SignNow, you'll receive instant push notifications on your mobile device. To sign a document sent to you, follow the guidelines:

  • In the mobile app, tap on the document labeled as Waiting for Me and select to Sign Document.
  • Use the arrows at the top to quickly navigate through the document and fill out the fields.
  • Tap on the signature field and draw your signature with your finger or stylus. Once you've created your signature, it will be saved as default. So next time you sign a document, you only have to tap on the signature field. You can change your signature anytime.
  • When you've completed and signed the document, tap on the tick in the upper right corner and choose Save. That’s it!

Customizing documents and sending out signature requests

As you log in to your account on the mobile app, the mobile version will be instantly synced with your desktop account. Once synced, all documents from your desktop account will be available on mobile. If you don’t have the document you need, you can add it using one of the following methods:

  • upload from your device folders
  • add from your gallery
  • upload from the cloud
  • make a photo of the hardcopy

As you upload a document or open one from your account, you’re taken to the airSlate SignNow editor. Tap anywhere on the page, this will prompt a pop-up window with two tabs - Basic and Field. The Basic tab allows you as the sender to insert content such as:

  • signature
  • initials
  • text
  • current date
  • check mark

The Field tab allows you to add fillable fields for recipients to fill out:

  • signature
  • initials
  • text
  • radio buttons
  • checkboxes
  • dropdown
  • attachment request
  • calculated fields

All fields can be dragged throughout the document, resized, and deleted. As soon as you've finished customizing your document, tap the tick in the upper right corner and choose Invite to Sign. Add the recipient’s email address, customize the message and subject, and tap Send. The sent out documents will have the Waiting for Others label. As soon as your recipient(s) sign the document, the status will change to Signed.

Collecting in-person signatures

Turn your mobile device into a terminal to collect in-person signatures on the spot with the Kiosk Mode feature. Follow the instructions to use Kiosk Mode:

  1. Begin by turning the document you’re going to use into a template to make Kiosk Mode work.
  2. Add fillable fields and customize them according to your needs.
  3. In the left-handed menu bar, tap Kiosk Mode and select the template you need.
  4. Create a password to begin Kiosk Mode and hand it over to your first signer.
  5. Once the first signer has completed the document, airSlate SignNow generates a new copy for the next signer. 
  6. To leave Kiosk Mode, tap on the back button and choose Exit Kiosk Mode.

You’ll find all the signed copies in your Documents folder.

September 25, 2020

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