How to send a request for an eSignature

Getting contracts approved in a paper-based workflow takes a week or longer. Forcing you to print and send a new pile of papers after each change. Time-wasting processes like that distract you from working on things that really matter.
eSigning is the fastest and easiest way to get your contracts executed. Reduce approval time to days or even hours and remove delays associated with printing and sending revised versions. Do everything online, from contract creation to execution and storage.

How to prepare a contract online with signNow

The first step and most important step in any contract lifecycle is to create a document that has a specific purpose. A recipient should easily understand the document: what it talks about and what information you need and why, what they need to attach and where they need to sign. If these simple things aren’t clear the whole process can fall apart pretty quickly.
signNow provides an intuitive editor that you can use to create an excellent contract template with fillable fields and use it as often as you need. This approach eliminates the necessity to create a new contract from scratch for each transaction, saving you time for one important thing – the development of your business.

Brief guidelines on how to send a signature request with signNow:

  1. Upload a document to your signNow account.
  2. Add fillable fields for a signature, text and images.
  3. Leave short comments for each field to help your recipient(s) fill them in faster.
  4. Assign each field to a specific role (a specific signer/title).
  5. Set a signing order for multiple signers if needed.
  6. Click Close and Save to apply the changes.
  7. Send it directly to the recipient(s) via email or share it via a link.
  8. Get eSigned PDF, as soon as your recipient(s) has executed it.

After you send a form to your clients/customers, colleagues, or partners, they’re able to fill it out and attach new files if needed. Anyone with a signing role can eSign the PDF in one of three ways; by drawing, typing, or uploading their signature. Be assured that each recipient is only able to perform the role assigned to them, so no one without the pre-defined ability can edit or change the form directly.

How to understand if an eSignature is legal and valid

In accordance with the ESIGN Act, an electronically signed document has the same legal force as a document signed with a pen. But only if they meet the following requirements:
  • 1. Original signatureEach signature must have a digital trace, which confirms that the signature really belongs to the person who was supposed to sign the form. You can use signNow’s detailed History, which captures every action in the document and records a singer’s IP address, time and email ID.
  • 2. Intent to sign and do business electronicallyIt is vital that the parties express their consent to do business electronically and have opportunities to decline signing requests. signNow takes this into account and asks to confirm consent to electronically sign as soon as a recipient opens the document. And at any point after that (before clicking finish) has the chance to stop and decline.
  • 3. A signature has to belong to a specific documentIn a nutshell, you cannot receive a signed PDF and reuse its signature over again. An eSignature is only associated with the PDF it’s embedded in.

Fulfilling each of these requirements makes your contract enforceable in court. So when you receive a signed PDF with signNow, you can be sure that you are receiving a legal document with a valid signature.

What else can you do with signNow?

signNow is a powerful eSignature solution that covers all your contract management needs. You can collect payments with Stripe, add a logo, customize templates, and open a PDF directly from Gmail.
In addition, take advantage of the editor which allows you to create and place a variety of fillable fields. Fields can be required, optional or conditional.
The best part is signNow is a mobile-first solution with apps for both iOS and Android. Execute anything from one account with in-person signatures in Kiosk Mode right from your smartphone or tablet. Say goodbye to slow and outdated contract management processes.
Try signNow out today!
By signNow's Team
By signNow's Team
May 13, 2020

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