What does eIDAS mean for your business?

To this day, many people, companies and government agencies avoid using eSignatures for doing business because they consider it unreliable. Lack of confidence in digital workflows is based on the prejudice that eSigned documents are not enforceable and therefore, may be violated later on during a deal or after it’s concluded. And the rise of cybercrime isn’t helping the situation at all and even feeds the disbelief in digital security. This state of affairs leaves businesses head over heels in red tape. Though what most don’t realize is that the transition to a single digital market via federal legislation provides free and open competition, makes electronic transactions more secure and trustworthy, and at the same time reduces overhead costs and increases profits.

What does eIDAS stand for?

The first attempt at creating a single European digital market was back in 1999. The previous directive led to a confusion of various laws and technical red tape that hindered its implementation. However, 15 years later the EU introduced Regulation No. 910/2014 on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the domestic market (eIDAS Regulation) on July 23, 2014. The main goal of eIDAS is to build trust in the European internal market for eSignatures and electronic seals. This Directive eliminates stumbling blocks in the adoption of electronic transactions and enhances economic and social development.

The EU has established several rules to ensure the appropriate level of security for electronic signatures, electronic seals, electronic documents and certificate services for website authentication are upheld. In a nutshell, any service that offers an eSignature tool should be capable of identifying the signatory with personal data used for authentication during the signing process. Service providers are liable for non-compliance with eIDAS’s requirements, and penalties/fines may be given to those who damage someone due to a lack of compliance.

Who does eIDAS apply to?

First of all, the directive relates to electronic signature services operating within the European Union. Users should always check to see if the service they use or plan on using has an eIDAS certificate for eSignature. The eIDAS certificate is a guarantee that the signature you get or send through the service is legally binding and just as official as a handwritten one is.

What are the directive’s primary requirements?

All countries in the EU have to provide a supervisor body, such as the ISO in the UK, which is responsible for verifying whether or not electronic signature solutions comply with the eIDAS requirements. The supervisory body checks what identification methods a service uses to ensure confidence and reliability that their product represents a user’s proper intent to sign. And in addition, it makes sure that the platform takes measures against data fraud and theft.
When all requirements are met, the service provider receives an eIDAS certificate. An electronic signature based on a qualified certificate issued in one EU country is recognized as a qualified electronic signature across the whole Union.

Does airSlate SignNow meet these requirements?

SSAE 16 Professionals has confirmed airSlate SignNow complies with eIDAS.

airSlate SignNow guarantees that:

  • Any signature on a document has a digital trace that can identify the signatory.
  • Every subsequent change of any document is recorded in the document’s history, which the sender can check at any time.
  • That every signature is certified.
  • eSigned contracts have legal force.
  • Documents are stored on private servers for 7 years or for a time period requested by the user.

If this level of security seems insufficient to you, complicate the authentication process with a password, SMS or phone call.

How to apply an eSignature to a document

Create your free account. It’s even easier than you may expect:
  1. Upload a PDF from your device or the cloud.
  2. Select the My Signature tool.
  3. Type, draw or upload your signature.
  4. Click Save and Close to apply changes

An electronic signature received through an eIDAS certified service is valid for any online activity: filing a tax return, enrolling in a foreign university, transferring funds, etc.

Moreover, with airSlate SignNow you can embed a trustworthy eSignature solution into your app or website in minutes. The airSlate SignNow API allows you to extend your workflows with a built-in signature, without having to write code or contact sales. Get started with the best eSignature solution now!

By signNow's Team
By signNow's Team
May 13, 2020

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