How to request an eSignature with signNow

While a paper document can be signed with a simple stroke of a pen, in the digital world, things are a little bit different. Unique technology, referred to as an electronic signature, was developed to enable a signer to add a signature digitally to an electronic document.

An eSignature is a dataset obtained by cryptographically transforming (the practice and study of techniques for secure communication in the presence of third parties) the content of an electronic document, which makes it possible to confirm its integrity and to identify the signer.

Are electronic signatures legally valid?

A signature is a mandatory part of a form that specifies that the transaction to do business is approved by the signer.

Electronic signatures are different than handwritten ones in the sense that they require special legislation regulating the use of software and how it goes about creating unique signatures for identifying a signer and their intent to sign.

In 2000, the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce (ESIGN) Act came into force. According to this Act, electronic signatures are equal to handwritten ones and have the same legal standing.

How to collect electronic signatures

With signNow, you can quickly send any document or template from your desktop or mobile device (iOS and Android) to one or multiple signers. But first, add fillable Text, Date, Signature and Initials fields to make the signing process smooth and fast.
  • 1. Text fieldGive your recipients a place where they can enter their information; email, name, phone number, etc.
  • 2. Date/Time Field Allow your recipient to add the date and time that they sign or to just choose the date from the calendar field.
  • 3. Signature FieldPresent recipients with the ability to instantly add their legally-binding signature to your document.
  • 4. Initials Field Add Initials fields for recipients to emphasize agreement to specific parts of your form or contract.

And those are just a few of signNow’s features. Some more advanced features include; connecting fillable fields to a payment system, getting automatic values with calculated fields, and creating complex conditional logic, for no-code software robots.

Three convenient ways to send documents for signing online

  • Invite to Sign Follow the quick step-by-step guide to request eSignatures:
    1. Upload document. It will appear at the top of your document feed.
    2. Click the Invite to Sign button.
    3. Enter the name and e-mail address of each signer that needs to sign the form.
    4. Click the particular space or drag and drop the signer’s name to add a new signing step.
    5. Set and manage the signing order.
    6. Click Start editing fields to make changes.
    7. When completed, tap Save and Invite.
    8. Customize the email to a specific signer, include a welcome message and add a carbon copy.
    9. Once everything is set, click Send Invite.

    You can use the Advanced Options before sending it out like adding authentication settings and expiration date(s), setting up reminders and request payments.

  • Bulk InviteUsing the Bulk Invite feature, use the invitation from your pre-made template with all of the recipients you need to get signatures from. If you don’t have a template, create it before you continue.

    Use the quick guide below:

    1. Go to your Template folder.
    2. Select the needed template.
    3. Tap More to open the additional menu.
    4. Click Bulk invite to proceed.
  • Create a Signing LinkGenerate a link to your document in just a click of a button. Get a link to share with recipients by clicking Create Signing Link. Copy and give this link to your signers. Sharing this link will allow users to use and share this link amongst others who need to view or sign the document inside it.

    signNow keeps businesses moving forward by automating even the most complex paper processes. It is a faster, more efficient way to legally sign a contract just as if you were using pen and paper. Request signatures and manage documents in a secure cloud environment.

    Try out Robotic Process Automation, document generation, a PDF editor, contract negotiation, web forms, and a single, mobile-ready eSignature solution all in one. Enjoy your first electronically signed document with signNow!

Eugenia Haivoronska
Eugenia Haivoronska
Digital content writer at signNow
May 13, 2020

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