How to turn a template into a full-fledged proposal

If you own a small business and never had the chance to build a powerful brand or collect a huge customer database, you’re missing out! Thanks to readily available technologies, the speed at which you process orders and prepare proposals for online signing can be easily accelerated. In this article, we’ll review the brief process of creating a smooth and customer-orientated eSignature workflow.

What are the main advantages templates bring to a workflow?

Templates save time when it comes to creating documents. By organizing a set form for each unique document Flow, all that needs to be changed is the unique data that is entered into every document. Filling in data fields is much more efficient in all regards than having to create a new document from scratch.

Plus, the less time you need for completing repetitive tasks, the more you can get done. Simply, this means more efficiency equals more money, fewer errors, and better customer feedback.

The simplicity of eSigning proposal templates

The advantage of using proposal templates and signing them online is the amount of time and hassle saved. Anybody with basic computer knowledge can easily take advantage of a streamlined proposal process. All a user has to do while working with a template is to update the specific data fields with the information of various customers/partners. This means getting more work done in less time. Increased productivity leads to more customers getting what they need rather than getting it from your competitors.

What are the steps to creating a template online?

There are several great ways to accomplish this. First, you can upload a ready-made template from your phone or computer. Second, you can use a form library and work on it right from an eSignature platform. We recommend using airSlate SignNow.

To make things easier, we went ahead and created this guideline for you:

  1. Create an airSlate SignNow account. Use Google or make a new one with an email and password.
  2. Hit the Upload documents button at the top of the screen and find a file on your device.
  3. Look for your newly uploaded form in your dashboard.
  4. Use the tools on the left-hand toolbar to add fillable fields including a Signature field for you and your recipient(s).
  5. Click Done to finish editing.

Once you’ve completed the steps above you’ll have a professional-looking template. To send it to your customers, select More near the document’s title, and click Make Template. Doing so ensures your sample will always be available in the Templates folder (until you delete it).

What else does airSlate SignNow offer?

airSlate SignNow is more than just an electronic signature service. Take advantage of its advanced tools to streamline your document processes. Get:
  • fillable fields for text and initials
  • checkboxes
  • date/time fields
  • attachment requests
  • dropdowns
  • calculated fields
  • radio button groups

In addition, other than a massive form library, eSigning proposals has never been easier than with airSlate SignNow. It’s as simple as upload, edit, save, share, and sign.

airSlate SignNow, the forward-facing eSignature solution for your small business

As one of the industry leaders on the eSignature market, airSlate SignNow offers you more than just signing proposal templates. You get a powerful service with a high level of security, a full-fledged mobile application, automation, multiple integrations, and a well-documented API. There are four key reasons why thousands of businesses already choose airSlate SignNow:
  • Advanced Security — as an industry leader in security, airSlate SignNow is proudly in compliance with both US and EU data security laws.
  • Mobile-first technology — be confident that no matter the scenario or situation, you’ll always be able to get the signatures you need. Sign from anywhere, at any time, online or offline.
  • Automation — automate order signing so that your contracts are always signed by the right recipients in the right order.
  • Powerful Integrations/APIs — an important option for anyone who needs to work with several different software programs for managing documents, customer relationships, e-mail marketing, etc. With airSlate SignNow, you’re able to sign your contracts right from the platforms you already use.

If you are looking for a service that will help you create and sign proposals, airSlate SignNow is the perfect solution for you. Get started with airSlate SignNow today and reap the benefits of automated order processing and easy proposal preparation.

By signNow's Team
By signNow's Team
May 13, 2020

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