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Best electronic signature software. Choose only legally binding and secure electronic signature software. Sign your documents and close deals easily from any device with signNow. Store and access files anywhere any time.

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Oh guys so in today's video I'm gonna show you one of the most useful platforms that can help your business so if you are businesspeople and you do some kind of transfer documents to have the signature or two answers ready to sign no matter where you are what country you're from if you're not living in the same country so today I'm gonna show you one of the platform that you can use to ask your clients or other person to sign on your document so this platform is mainly forward e-signature so you're going to sign on a document electronically so look at this construct form you can see you have the information for example you have all the information completed but the problem is signature how to sign it this is called sign x the most professional electronic signature platform because this will help you to sign quickly securely on your business documents anytime and anywhere so what the app does is to change your signing experience with just three simple steps step number one you send step number two the person that you sent to will have the chance to sign on it and anytime that that person opened the document and sign here is the last step you will be notified if the document is opened if the document is signed one more important thing about this a platform is you can have two-factor authentication let's see how it works this is my contract form and let's see how it works okay so document zero to document page [Music] okay so upload the document so for your information you need PDF file okay not Microsoft Word so this is my contract form okay so here this or you can put the code here so that the person you send that document to need to know what the pass code is if you don't want to which is click Next and here is another state which is signers email address so for example I send to this D mail I need to sign the document sign first or sign last message you can send a message to that person but I don't want to subject ya signature request for contract for can you please sign the contract form then you ready to go skip next okay okay so as you can see here you can save this document as the template for example if you always send out this document to your clients or to other people about your business you can save it as a template so next time you don't have to upload it again and again you go to your template and you will see all of this okay so when you go to that page you can see owner and contractor so you are the owner so you have your ones in nature and tractor so when you go to that page you can drag and drop the plate there is...

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