A Valid and Safe E-Signing for Your Documents

Looking for a way to allow several parties to e-sign your documents without having to travel or even leave the office? We are happy to announce that this functionality is now possible - anyone can do it electronically, invite other parties to do the same and finalize a legally binding contract from anywhere! E-Signature is a technology that allows users to certify any form remotely. Anyone who has the SignNow app can use it to manage files from anywhere at anytime. By using this application, you can share a certified sheet with any number of parties and invite them to place their free e-signatures in order to make the agreement legally binding and valid.

What Does E-Sign Mean?

E-sign means that you can create a document and add your digital autograph to it. To do this, all you need is the SignNow application.Benefits of this technology include:

  • IMMEDIATE COMPLETION - Sign your contract online in just a few minutes, from anywhere, at anytime.
  • SAFE AND SECURE - The hashing algorithm provides data security, prevents hash collisions and other vulnerabilities.
  • LEGALLY BINDING - The National Commerce Act (ESIGN) of 2000, authenticates the use of online e-signatures as legally valid.
  • The main goal of such a solution is to offer an online platform for quick and secure signing. It is not only about saving costs and time, but it also carries legal weight, as it is accepted by government agencies.

    The Global and National Commerce Act

    The use of digital signatures is regulated by the basic normative acts, like the National Commerce Act (ESIGN) of 2000. The act preserves the right of a person or a legal entity to use or accept a way of verification even if the documentation in question is electronic. After adopting SignNow, you can e-sign online for free and the client gets a tool for creating legally binding autographs that can be tracked and are kept secure.

    E-Signature Limitations

    Since the year 2000, when Electronic Signatures in the Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN) went into effect, documents e-signed online hold the same legal validity as those verified with wet signatures. However, there are some exceptions that put limits on the use of an electronic signature. This happens when a certain authority issues governing acts that prescribe their own rules for executing documents, and these rules are dominant. Such acts are statutes, regulations, governing rules of laws or court orders and notices, as well as some notices for utility, rental, insurance and transportation. Dealing with an uncommon case, a person has to always check the e-sign regulation with the authority.

    How to E-Sign with SignNow

    SignNow can be used to certify documents for both personal and business purposes, just as you would use your wet (handwritten) signature. You can use this provider to self-test and e-sign your agreements and contracts. It can be easily done in your account. To start, you have to log in to your personal cabinet where you manage documents. Upload the file and open it. In the SignNow editor, you have several options: you can complete the file yourself by filling out your own data or putting a signature; or create fillable fields for your recipients to do the same. After that, you can save and store the document or send it out.

    What Do You Get When You Choose Us

    Modern technologies have devolved to the point where it is much easier to manage documents online and also much safer to do so. With SignNow, the user is able to complete important forms, applications or contracts in pdf and e-sign them. The main advantages of the online solution are that you are not dependent on your location; you can set the order and deadlines for executing the necessary documents; your workflow is secure due to encryption measures and tracking audit trail.

    E-Signature Solutions for Mobile and Tablet

    SignNow’s solution is used by some of the world's largest government and financial organizations. Today, cloud-based electronic subscription services further enhance the ease of use and offer even more ways of how to e-sign contracts. The app now allows clients to electronically apply their manually drawn e-signatures using a mouse, finger, or stylus for smartphones and tablets with both Android and iOS.

    E-Sign in Multiple Formats

    Every week new projects, emails and task lists appear. Many of our daily tasks are variations on what has been done before. With SignNow you don’t have to construct and e-sign contracts and forms from scratch every time. Once you save a file you can make a separate version in a template format and modify any information to be reused later, while creating a unique example. Templates can be made from any type of document, starting with text files, spreadsheets and polling forms to .pdf, .png and .jpg files. In such a way, you can quickly perform your usual tasks and e-sign pdf files converted from the original ones.

    Apps for Offline E-Signing

    With all the hype surrounding design and application development, it's easy to understand what makes this application different. A responsive user experience with the best e-sign service when you're on a blazing fast network where everything seems fluid without connection problems and signing anything or anywhere has become a common experience for most. We’ve created applications that easily work on spotty networks and without any connection at all, while giving you a chance to e-sign a document on time. Say goodbye to the ugly error message when a user is offline.

    Privacy of Your Information

    What personal information does the SignNow app collect? The sender is responsible for configuring the security settings of the app to protect documents and exchange them between the sender and the signer. We collect information about the e-signing process, which can include information such as the date and time of the event, as well as the IP address and information about the browser used to send, sign, delegate and approve. Our Privacy Policy does not apply to information or content processed or stored on systems other than SignNow.

    Cloud Storage

    If you are going to digitize the processes of your organization, including the ability to e-sign a pdf, when choosing a solution you need to take into account the storing of digital signatures being dependent on a seamlessly integrated cloud service. Cloud-based availability means lack of hardware on site, reduced costs for the office and administrative costs, greater mobility and greater ability to work on most platforms and endpoints.

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