Create Signing Links on iOS mobile device

Easily share you documents using the Signing Link feature for iOS. Create a link to the template you want to share and distribute it with other users.

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How to signing mobile?

To use signing links on the latest Version 6.9 iOS App, follow our step-by-step instructions below:

  1. If you haven’t uploaded a document already, upload a new one by clicking the plus sign in the upper righthand corner. You can upload documents from your photos, camera, email, Dropbox, iCloud drive, Salesforce, Egnyte, or Netsuite accounts.

2. Next, click on your document, then select “Template”  to make your document into a template. You have the option to rename your template.

3. Go to your “Templates” tab in the main lefthand menu. Then, click on your document and select “Signing Link” in the menu.

4. Click “Copy Link” to invite the link to other people.

5. You can now paste your link and send it to other people.

Sharing the signing link with other users will allow them to send invites to the document on your behalf. Once the link is copied, there are a couple things you can do with your signing link:

  • Send it through a text
  • Send it through email
  • Send it through a groupchat, or a popular chatroom platform
  • Send it through any other platform that you feel is secure enough for your document

Create Signing Links on iOS mobile device. Get highest value from the most respected and secure e-signature solution. Simplify your electronic deals using SignNow. Automate workflows for everything from simple personnel records to advanced agreements and sales templates.

Understand how to Create Signing Links on iOS mobile device:

  1. Upload a few pages from your computer or cloud storage space.
  2. Drag & drop advanced fillable boxes (signature, text, date/time).
  3. Change the fields size, by tapping it and choosing Adjust Size.
  4. Place dropdowns and checkboxes, and radio button groups.
  5. Add signers and request attachments.
  6. Create Signing Links on iOS mobile device.
  7. Add the formula where you need the field to appear.
  8. Apply comments and annotations for the recipients anywhere on the page.
  9. Approve all modifications by simply clicking DONE.

Link up users from inside and outside your organization to electronically access important paperwork and Create Signing Links on iOS mobile device anytime and on any device using SignNow. You can monitor every activity done to your templates, get notifications an audit report. Stay focused on your business and consumer partnerships while knowing that your data is precise and protected.

Works just like it's supposed to!

What do you like best?

Easy addition AND combination of documents, regular updates on signing process.

Adam M
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Perfect and affordable for small businesses

What do you like best?

I have a small 14 person business, which is paperless. We manage all our files in Google Drive. Every document we sign we do it using SignNow, then we store it in google Drive, the operation is seamless, easy to use and very, very easy to transfer when someone else needs to use it.

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SignNow makes all the difference in the world if you use Nintex Drawloop/Salesforce

What do you like best?

I'll admit, SignNow isn't perfect yet, but they have Docusign beat hands down when it comes to the control of the tag placement, the things you can do with the tags, how the tags work, the pricing per user (3x cheaper than Docusign and we get bulk upload!) and BEST OF ALL - we don't have to run our loan doc packages twice anymore, which we had to do under Docusign. Now we send the document through Drawloop, with delivery option of "email", AND at the same time, we can right click and save the package, and when we manually upload it to SignNow, it recognizes all of the tags! With Docusign we had to run the package twice: first to email it and second to send it through to Docusign because Docusign does not see the tags if it is first saved then uploaded. You have to use a template or manually place the signatures and we have 80 tags per set of loan docs! Another thing that SignNow can do is utilize tags that are already in the document, so you don't actually have to convert all of your Docusign tags to SignNow tags. Took us a while to figure that one out, but pretty nifty so we didn't have to recode all of our documents. Although now we use Drawloop Components to place the tags depending on the Delivery Option Name, so not necessary. Another AMAZING thing: bulk upload through a .csv file so we can send out a set of loan docs to hundreds of investors in under 10 seconds. Try doing that with Docusign without paying extra. There is one thing I really love about SaaS and that is the more features they have and the more advanced things they can do, the more I can take advantage of them and make our system even better. And I haven't even finished figuring out all of the advanced features of Sign Now!

Corinne C
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