Field 28 form
Mobile Home Purchase Agreement The undersigned Seller agrees to sell and the undersigned Buyer agree to buy the herein described property on the terms and conditions set forth as follows. I. Description of Mobile Home to be Purchased: A. Make: [ ] New [ ] Used B. Model: ______________________________________ Year: _________ C. Serial No. __________________________ D. Number of bedrooms: ______________ E. Approximate length: _____________ Approximate width: ____________ F. License No. ______________________ G. Color: ______________________ H. Purchase Price: $ ________________ II. DeliveryDelivery of the unit is to be made at _________________________________ (indicate place of delivery) on _____________ (date), or as soon thereafter as possible. _______________ (Seller or Buyer) shall arrange for and pay for all costs of delivery. Seller shall not be required to make any plumbing, electrical, or natural gas connections to the unit. III. Title and ConveyanceSeller shall convey title by bill of sale and endorsement of title certificate. IV. Condition of Property and AcceptanceBuyer hereby represents that he has personally inspected and examined the above- described property and accepts the property in its "as is" and present condition. Buyer hereby acknowledges that unless otherwise set forth in writing elsewhere in this contract,
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