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Close deals faster and maximize your staff efficiency with signNow. Complete and sign your contracts and agreements electronically without leaving your Salesforce account.

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Take a look at the chart below to see how signNow compares to DocuSign.

This chart represents a partial list of features available in signNow and DocuSign.
Integration price


Starting from


per user/


Unlimited number of users

Unlimited number of users


Unlimited number of documents per month

Usage limit is 100 envelopes per user per year

Add fillable fields using text tags

Admin only

Add multiple signers
Bulk send documents for signing
Send documents for signing to multiple Salesforce contacts
Set document signing order
No application required to sign a document
Signer and sender receive a copy of the completed document
Cancel signature request from Salesforce
Re-assign signature request from Salesforce
View document history
Quick send document for signing from a specific Salesforce record
Make or upload Word and PDF templates in Salesforce
Create template from document attached to Salesforce record
Pre-fill template with Salesforce data
Create templates to update Salesforce records
Host and track in-person signing from a Salesforce record
Create a signing link to quickly share a document from Salesforce
Send an entire group of documents for signing from a single record
Merge multiple documents into a single document and send it out for signing from a specific record
Initiate signing from multiple records
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Speed up your document transactions with signNow for Salesforce

How it works
Prepare templates for signature
Prepare documents for signing from quotes, custom objects and attachments. Edit them by adding fillable fields, Salesforce annotations and your signature.
How it works
Get your template signed by multiple people
Invite multiple people to sign your template. Assign roles for each recipient and define the order of signing.
How it works
Set additional triggers
Protect your template with a password, set expiration dates and add reminders. Replace a signer or cancel your signing invite altogether.

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Over 150,000 organizations use signNow

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David Nguyen,
Talent 100
“This was really something we needed in our business where we sent 1500+ agreements in a calendar year. The integration allowed us to keep all agreements within Salesforce and after some assistance with implementation, our processes were even more efficient.“
Mark Miller,
Director, Authvia
“In my 12 years on Salesforce as a consultant and ISV. I've previously deployed DocuSign, Conga, and Adobe. Those are great products that do lots of things, but if all you need is basic eSign, with a few merge fields and updates back to Salesforce after signing, this couldn't be easier. And for the price, it’s a no brainer. If you are a SMB and don't need the fancy bells and whistles (and the complexity of configuring them), then why pay for them? Well done, signNow!“
Mark Slovak,
Director of Informatics, The Renfrew Center
“Excellent integration that worked great for us making it so much easier to handle eSignatures directly in Salesforce rather than having to go to another platform.“

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Grow your business by digitizing workflows

  • Accelerate your sales

    Close deals faster and cut contract lifecycle from days to minutes by signing contracts and agreements electronically from any device.

  • Track the signing process

    Never lose your contracts with timely notifications. Monitor the progress of your documents in real time and send reminders if needed.

  • Improve teamwork

    Invite colleagues to collaborate on a document by sending a bulk invite. Select a document and send it out for signing to a group of people.

  • Reduce paperwork

    Organize documents into a group, edit each document and send out an entire group of documents for signing directly from Salesforce.

  • Automate data entry

    Get your documents completed with data from Salesforce records or automatically populate Salesforce record fields with data from a document.

  • Skip repetitive paperwork

    Set the layout for the agreements you use most and create as many templates as you need for signing and completion.


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