signNow is a great alternative to SigningHub

signNow is an alternative solution for document management that provides a complex service for signing and collection of signatures.
Award-winning eSignature that's easy to use

Complex Solution Providing Businesses with Legally Binding Signatures

signNow scores gains in competition at the global market of eSignatures.
This chart represents a partial list of features available in signNow, SigningHub and Sertifi.



eSign a document
Capture a signature with a camera
Send documents to be signed
Add multiple signers
Set document signing order
Add fillable fields
Pre-fill a document with text
Merge documents
Generate reusable templates of documents on a mobile device
Copy exisiting fields to a new document
Unique Document ID
Kiosk Mode
Advanced Threat Protection
Create teams
Create a signing link to quickly share your document
Bulk send documents to be signed
Collect payments with forms
This chart represents a partial list of features available in signNow, SigningHub and Sertifi.
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What signNow Customers are Saying

I was closing another deal and had an outstanding quote already sent through DocuSign (I was trialing them) before we got connected. Sales VP was ready to sign the quote but was having trouble signing via DocuSign from his United WiFi – he was on a plane to Boston and would have been too late if I had to wait till he landed. I resent it to him via signNow and Voila! I had my signed contract in 30 mins! Great job signNow!
Sureh Balasubramanian
CEO, LiveHive
We found signNow to be better priced and exactly the solution we needed. signNow has significantly lowered our enrollment completion process by a day or two depending on the member.
Jake Schroeder
Vice President, The Benefits Store
Join over 6 million signNow customers!

A Fully Mobile, Highly Responsive, All-in-One Electronic Signature Solution For Any Type of Business

With our solution, you can make sure that all of your data files are securely saved and can be effortlessly authenticated using the distinctive ID numbers assigned to each one of them. signNow easily beats the rivals by giving an advanced range of options for streamlining signature workflows.

Compared with SigningHub and Sertifi, in signNow you can merge two or more templates and also set the merge order. You can also include new fields, radio buttons and checkboxes. With field snapping you may align fields to make all your data files appear neat and tidy.

Turn your iPhone or iPad into an electronic kiosk by accumulating a number of signatures in person. You don’t need to bother with missing a single signature, regardless of how many users it's important to serve. Each signer will be guided diligently through the process of signing, which cannot be completed if any of the fillable fields are actually skipped.

When there's no opportunity in SigningHub and Sertifi to collect payments, signNow lets you to ask for payments while collecting signatures. The payment request is an optional box which you can simply include to any of your templates. You may also determine the currency type and also the static amount of payment if necessary.