How to sign documents online

Working with documents takes a lot of time from people, especially office workers. And after all, there are specialized web-based programs that allow for the optimization of manual work essentially by digitizing document management and signature workflows. eSignature solutions are simple in use, very convenient and inexpensive, and therefore available to a wide range of users.

The ability to sign online is useful for applying for a job, obtaining permits and submitting reports. With the help of an electronic signature, you can register a business and benefit from a paperless document workflow. There is no need to go anywhere; the process is remote and takes ten times less time.


Web-based vs. desktop software: which is better?

The answer is simple. Nowadays, web-based means fast, user-oriented and highly secure.

Know the main benefits of online business productivity platforms:

  1. Functionality, ease of use and responsiveness.
  2. Customization and branding options.
  3. Mobility and availability of new functions.
  4. Scalability and cross-platform.
  5. Consistency in the world’s security standards.

Web solutions, like signNow, help you save time and money. That’s because you don’t need to download or install any application. Moreover, the cost of signNow’s cloud-based subscription is the best and most affordable. So you get a complete range of powerful features for every individual and business for less. All the features are in your pocket. Use them remotely from any place and any device 24/7.

Create a custom eSignature with signNow

After getting familiar with digital signing, go from talking to action. See how easily you can create your unique signature with the fastest-growing eSignature solution, signNow. Use our guide to make it easy and quick:
  • 1. TypeThe fastest way is to type in your name using your keyboard. If you want to create a text that looks like handwriting, just type in your name and choose the font that suits you best. We recommend this option only for exceptional speed and convenience.
  • 2. DrawDraw slowly with your cursor to create a unique eSignature. If you don’t have a stylus, do not worry! signNow’s signature creator acts like the ink on your screen, enabling you to draw with your mouse or finger.
  • 3. UploadSign on a sheet of paper with a pen or a thin marker, take a picture or scan it. Then upload the image. Don’t forget to click Add to apply it.


Any eSignature you create with signNow is legally valid and can hold up in court.

Add your signature to a PDF online

We’ve already mentioned that for signing online, you don’t need to install any software. Follow our complete guide to sign a PDF document without leaving your browser:
  1. Log in to your signNow account. If you do not have one, simply create one in just a few clicks.
  2. Choose the document from your folders or import a new one from your device with the Upload Documents button.
  3. Open the document with the powerful built-in editor and form creator.
  4. Edit the PDF, add smart fillable fields.
  5. Use the My Signature tool to self-sign documents online. Place the box anywhere on the page and tap on it to add your signature.
  6. Use the previously created signature or generate a new one.
  7. Click Add to finish eSigning.


Add signers, set up the signing order and much more. Click Save and Close once complete. The document will automatically send to the assigned signers’ emails. Get notifications for every action (click, signature, etc).

Why you need an electronic signature

You should use an electronic signature to confirm your identity when signing electronic documents.
  • 1. GovernmentImprove efficiency in social services, justice and tax systems. Citizens can file electronic income declarations. The company receives the benefits of submitting tax returns online. For some states, applying online is available for death, birth and marriage certificate issuance.
  • 2. Financial servicesWith eSignature solutions, you can come to an agreement faster. That’s what financial bodies need. It can help you set up a fast, seamless process when entering into an agreement for opening an account, securing a loan or transferring tangible assets.
  • 3. HealthcareAn electronic signature makes medical processes very straightforward and optimized. You are able to manage patient records and appointments better and issue medical certificates. Deliver a superior employee experience and efficient service to the patients.
  • 4. Sales and marketingDo business better, faster and for less. When it comes to a signature, automated workflows push contracts more efficiently getting confirmations and signatures faster. Optimize sales distribution and marketing campaigns at ease.
  • 5. EducationKeep the basic processes simple to streamline all your student service agreements, faculty and staff interactions, and much more. Save on manual processing costs, reduce human errors and build more reliable connections with students.
This is not the end of the list. More and more online services are up and running every year, and electronic document management is becoming more customary.


A few extra magic features you get with signNow

signNow is not just an eSignature tool. It’s a solution for improved collaboration. Get all the necessary tools to collaborate better with your organization, customers and partners.

signNow includes Robotic Process Automation, document generation, a feature-rich PDF editor, contract negotiation, web forms, and a private, mobile-ready eSignature solution.

Key benefits of signNow:

  1. Quickly fill out and sign documents remotely.
  2. Approve contracts on any device in seconds.
  3. Maintain your company brand.
  4. Simplify complex workflows.
  5. Increase team productivity.
  6. Work uninterrupted.


signNow customers sign documents while on the phone with sales reps or immediately afterward. This shortens the average time to sign from 6-14 days to minutes, reducing payment cycles. Native mobile apps for iOS and Android allow you to manage documents even while offline.

Use the powerful API to easily integrate eSignatures into your custom apps, website or any system of record. Enjoy the native integrations with Salesforce, NetSuite, MS Dynamics 365, Google Drive, Slack, etc.

Easy to use, fast to deploy, competitively priced. An award-winning eSignature solution with role-based signing, native mobile apps, and robust APIs. Wherever you need electronic signatures, signNow can help.

Need more advice and helpful tips?

Our customers appreciate the personalized experience and guidance provided throughout the signing process. If you have any questions, head to our Help center, packed with useful information on how to get started and more.

You can connect with our legendary Customer Service 24/7.

Eugenia Haivoronska
Eugenia Haivoronska
Digital content writer at signNow
May 07, 2020

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