How to simplify real estate operations with an eSignature solution

Most of us, at least once in life, come across issues like buying or selling a house, apartment, etc. Now, if you’re a real estate agent or realtor that’s just a part of your everyday life. Anyone who’s been through the process knows there’s a huge amount of paperwork that has to get done in order to close a deal. The good news is modern technologies offer new solutions to the problem. In this article, we’re going to go over how implementing electronic signature into real estate processes generate positive outcomes for those involved.

How does a paperless document workflow streamline operations?

Regardless of the sphere, you’re working in, documents are an essential part of any business activity. Going paperless not only helps in solving urgent environmental issues but also speeds up processes, which increases productivity. Real estate is no exception. The faster the deal is closed, the sooner the payment is made. When documents are sent, filled out and signed electronically, a lot of stages are (office meetings, courier services, etc.) are eliminated. Clients can move into their new place faster while agents earn more due to being able to handle more deals at one time with streamlined signature workflows.

Electronic signatures: what are the key benefits?

The final point of any contract, agreement, deal, etc., is getting the signatures of the parties involved. But what if the seller (owner of the real property) and buyer are in different countries or even continents? eSignature solutions like signNow are known for being leaders in solving geographical/legislative issues related to e-workflows. Here are the top reasons why people prefer eSignatures over hand-written ones.
  • Fast resultsThe very process of signing a document with a pen takes more time than clicking a button for applying your eSignature does. And that’s before you consider the time it takes to print, send and receive the executed forms back. Speed up document turnaround with real-time notifications and updates.
  • Remote signingThe current situation all around the world shows us that the ability to conduct remote operations is an essential quality for any business activity. Get contracts executed from anywhere in the world faster than if the parties were neighbors.
  • Enhanced securityEnhanced securityElectronic signatures are on average more secure than handwritten ones with the help of two-factor authentication, encryption and audit trails. Track every step of a transaction for court-admissible records.
  • No extra expensesWith eSignatures, you no longer need paper, ink or printing equipment. Eliminate unnecessary costs and improve efficiency.
  • Legal validityThe majority of countries worldwide have already adopted legislation according to which electronic signatures are accepted in courts and are regarded as legally binding. Do business digitally without having to worry about legal ramifications later.

Why use eSignatures when buying/selling a house?

As a rule, real estate operations are connected with rather large amounts of money. Therefore, it’s highly important to be aware of each stage of the process. Look at the examples below to see how signNow makes a real estate transaction smoother.
  • Signature trackingOnce you send forms for signing to all the recipients, you can easily track the status of each eSignature. As soon as one of the parties involved signs the document, you immediately receive a notification about it.
  • RemindersWith signNow, you can easily set automatic reminders for the potential signees to make sure they don’t forget to eSign the document. All you have to do is fill out several fields: signer’s email and how many days before the expiration date the reminder should be sent.
  • Audit history Downloading history associated with actions to the forms makes it possible to see all the changes made to the document, including IP addresses associated with it in real-time.

How to eSign real estate documents

If you want to sign your real estate documents electronically, signNow provides simple instructions to complete the process in just a few clicks:
  1. Open the invitation email to eSign the document.
  2. Look through the content of the document to make sure you agree with all terms and conditions.
  3. Select the Signature button.
  4. Create your eSignature: type, draw or upload a photo of it.
  5. Click Add.
  6. Check whether you have filled out all the required fields.
  7. Click Done.


It has never been faster or easier to complete real estate deals. singNow simplifies how documents are eSigned and reduces the time it takes to get keys in hands. Stop hesitating and join millions of other users who are already experiencing all of signNow’s benefits.
Yana Kryvosheina
Yana Kryvosheina
Digital content writer at signNow
May 13, 2020

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