Which airSlate SignNow server is the best for storing your data?

Why is it better to keep your data in the cloud?

Society’s digital transition into the 21st century has caused a dramatic increase in data use. Today, it’s practically impossible to keep all vital information, programs, and systems stored and running on in-house computer servers.

Online storage, better known as the cloud, is essentially a virtual locker where you can stash all your data. With cloud-based applications, users can store vast amounts of data on a cloud-hosted server that contains all the user’s information and documents.

The benefits of a cloud-first data storage strategy are as follows:

  • Less money spent on maintenance. When the cost of maintenance is built into your contract with your service provider, it significantly decreases your organization’s IT team workload.
  • Automatic software upgrades. Your cloud service provider takes care of maintaining your system’s security, including all the necessary security updates.
  • Mobility. As long as you’re connected to the internet, you can comfortably collaborate with your team in real-time. Most cloud service providers allow customers to use their services regardless of their device and operating system.
  • Security. A cloud-first approach is disaster-proof and allows you to take greater control over your most sensitive data. Since your data is stored in the cloud, you can easily access and restore it no matter what happens.

Securely store data on airSlate SignNow remote servers

When choosing an eSignature solution, you need to ensure that your documents will always be protected from identity thieves, ransomware attempts, or malware threats.

airSlate SignNow gives you the ability to securely fill, edit, sign, and share PDF documents online from any internet-connected device. Users may store their files in the cloud to ensure that no form or contact is lost and can be accessed at any time.

What’s more, with airSlate SignNow, your information will be stored in the cloud for at least 7 years, ensuring that your documents are always protected and won’t get lost. With airSlate SignNow’s cloud retention feature, you can rest assured that your documents will always be backed up and secure.

Data sent and received via the airSlate SignNow platform is encrypted while in transit using our state of the art encryption technology. All airSlate SignNow documents are stored in SOC 2 compliant servers. In fact, it’s safer having your documents stored in airSlate SignNow than keeping them on your hard drive.

Where are airSlate SignNow servers located?

airSlate SignNow data is stored on two Amazon S3 servers located in the USA and EU. Technically, they’re similar and equally secure, but different locations make customer service more convenient. Closer proximity to server locations allows for faster data transfers, quicker document processing, and makes complying with local data storage standards easier.

European customers can still use the American server if they prefer (and vice versa). If you’re satisfied with the service speed, you’re free to choose either server when you register for a new account.

Note that you cannot transfer data from one server to another. If you’ve chosen the US server, you will not be able to use the EU server for the same account.

September 25, 2020

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