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Edit PDFs
Generate templates of your most used documents for signing and completion.
Create a signing link
Share a document via a link without the need to add recipient emails.
Assign roles to signers
Organize complex signing workflows by adding multiple signers and assigning roles.
Create a document template
Create teams to collaborate on documents and templates in real time.
Add Signature fields
Get accurate signatures exactly where you need them using signature fields.
Archive documents in bulk
Save time by archiving multiple documents at once.
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What is an electronic signature workflow?

eSignature workflow is a process of document approval from document creation to its archival. eSignature solutions, like signNow, can help you configure and manage this process end-to-end. The broad set of features will let you not only add and capture signatures but also gain more options for document lifecycle management.

How to set up an eSignature workflow with signNow?

Any workflow starts with a document or set of documents. With signNow, you can create them from scratch, upload existing ones, or take advantage of our rich library of pre-uploaded forms. signNow allows you to turn any document into a fillable form and collect all sorts of information. With our solution, you’ll be able to authenticate and give all the needed parties instant access to the documents while configuring the additional signing and security settings. No matter what department you set up the workflow for, be it an employee onboarding or contract negotiation, signNow got you covered. signNow has everything it takes to build and configure the eSignature workflows using different automation and integration tools.

How do I have other parties sign administrative documents?

To add a signature box to have other people certify documents, you can use software or tools you probably have already installed on your laptop. It includes Microsoft Word or any other document editor. However, if you want to make the process of collecting eSignatures more streamlined and your document look more professional, we recommend using signNow. With signNow, you can’t only add a signature box where your customers can apply their electronic signatures but also turn your static document into a powerful document collection tool. Once your account with signNow is set up and ready to go, add a file and start adding fillable fields (eSignature, date, initials, text, etc.) to it using the toolbox on the left. If you need multiple recipients to sign your documents, you can set up signing orders and conditions upon which each field must be filled out. Your recipients will quickly fill out and sign it in a few clicks, and all parties will automatically get the executed copy.

What are the extra perks of executing documents with signNow?

With signNow, every signing session comes with easy-to-follow guidelines so that the signing experience is smooth and less prone to errors even for first-time users. In addition to that, you can always enable reminders and make sure your document won’t be left unsigned. eSigning is also available on mobile platforms allowing you to certify paperwork even while offline and using the Kiosk Mode (for in-person signing). Besides, With signNow, you can integrate with popular services or set up API for a more secure signing experience. Our solution makes it easy to streamline workflows of any complexity.

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