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How to industry sign banking florida pdf now

so welcome everyone to online banking overview this is the first in a series of webinars to help get the most out of the digital and mobile services st. Mary's Bank has to offer I'm your host Ian from our st. Mary's Bank marketing department let me introduce today's experts Janice CV and Amy Warren Jenna currently works as a training specialist and has worked at SMB for six years before joining the training team she was a teller at McGregor Street branch Jenna has a degree in business and marketing education from southern New Hampshire University amy is the training and development supervisor and has worked at st. Mary's Bank for 10 years amy has had experience in all of the retail roles as she was previously a member context or center rep and SSR and teller Amy's been in the banking industry for 15 years and has degrees in education and adult training Jenna will be our main presenter today guiding us through the demonstration Amy will be on the Q&A pane so if you have any questions just type them in and please if you can send to all panelists that way they will come through to either myself or to Amy and as we're going through if you do have questions about a specific area we can chat with Jenna and we can ask Jenna to show us that section at this point I'll welcome Jenna and Amy and pass the presentation over welcome yes so my name is Jenna Seavey and I am happy to be sharing this online banking overview with you this evening we will go over some of the basics and online banking for those of you who are using it and not sure what some of the certain features can do and also even the basics of registering for online banking so our agenda for this evening is that we will navigate through the online banking portal everything from the registration step to what you see when you get logged in we will discuss some of the customization options that you have to ensure that you're getting the best out of your online banking experience we'll be sure to cover some scams and fraud prevention that we always like to our members and we have this type of format and end with any last-minute questions or answers that we can provide you about specific issues that you're having in your online banking so let's get this started with registering so for those of you who are already registered with online banking on st. Mary's Bank comm then you're familiar with this pop-up box in the top left corner where you would enter in your username and password I would like to point out that there is a forgot password link in this box in case you are logging in after hours and forgot what your password is you can set up an automatic reset for your password this way so let's focus on those of you who do not have online banking so what you're going to do is select register for online banking and there's just some information that you're going to need to get started now we're focusing this training on those who are registering as individuals and not as a business but the steps are going to be very similar only those with the business information would have that so the first thing you're going to need is your member number this is a very important number here at st. Mary's Bank this is what identifies your relationship with us if you aren't sure what that number might be we need to reach out to the member contact center or visit your local branch for assistance you'll also need to provide your social security number for confirmation an email address the one that we would have on file as well as your zip code and data first there is a process to the registration and this is for your security and protection so the first thing you're going to do is verify that you have an account here at st. Mary's and that you are the one who should be establishing your relationship with us the next step is to create a strong username and password that is going to be specific to you what we recommend here at st. Mary's is the use of a passphrase an example like I really wish I could win Powerball pulling each of the letters out to create this password of irw icwp with a number and a special character meets all the criteria for a strong password it's very important that you never share your online banking username or password with anyone nobody from Saint Mary's Bank will ever ask you for your password information nor should you provide it to anyone else in your family either each person should have their own login credentials when accessing online banking it's important that we have to authenticate that you are who you are trying to register for so there will be a separate have to confirm through a series of security questions any sort of multi-factor authentication to make sure that if you are left out of your online banking in the future only you will be able to be the one to reset it you'll next get an email confirming your contact information and then you're ready to roll and start doing your online banking so at this time what I'm going to do is hop on over to a demo site of our st. Mary's Bank online banking portal we've created an account with some information on it these guys can take a look at what type of different products and services and where they would be listed again this is a account that we've made up so we will not be using any real number information for this presentation so when you log into your online banking the first page that you are brought to is the dashboard this is going to be your landing page and summary of all information we like to consider this a snapshot of what your balances are that being said what I'd like to point out here is the available balance so here we can see that the member has an available balance of two thousand seven hundred and thirty one dollars even though the balance in the account is three thousand and we'll get into what that displays when we look at the checking account but it's very important that you look at what you're avail balances before you make any transfers or payments or go out and spend money that is perhaps not in your account yet another thing that's important is that we will sometimes launch messages at the top of the dashboard about known scams and fraud to be on the lookout or perhaps updates coming to the browser and the page that you're using for online banking so please be sure to check those out anytime you see the additional pop-up of a message at the front of your dashboard all the accounts and loans that you are listed on will be displayed automatically in your online banking once you have confirmed your registration here we can see that it's categorized by what the member has so for example they have two savings products so there is a combined balance of savings product types in this category we can also see that they have a Visa credit cards with us where they're able to pop over and pay the loan from here an auto loan with us and a CD on the right-hand side of the page we have an area where you can link in external account this is a great way for you to view transactions at other financial institutions investments or credit cards that you may have this is not a way for you to transfer between those accounts just really take a look into them underneath the external accounts we have our recent activity so you can see that our member is completed for transfers totaling twelve hundred and twenty dollars and logged in twenty one times we can also see upcoming transactions so here is that one thousand dollar hold discrepancy and the members available ballots we can see that they in fact have a check hold and the funds are not completely released and available to them yet we also have an area where any budgets that you've created and we'll get into that will display so you can see where your progress is in your savings goals and some quick links to our st. Mary's Bank website that have important tools that you can use if you're looking to maybe open a new product or look into buying a new car or check out our member discounts these buttons on the left hand side are called widgets and these are the standard widgets that display when you log into online banking we do have the ability to customize these and I can show you how you can rearrange them and be sure that the ones you utilize the most display on your dashboard as well so let's start in the account tab or accounts widget this is where we're going to get all the detailed information about our members checking and if you will not be sure to pay out some attention to the share twenty number here for those of you who visit us in branch you may have noticed that on your receipts next to your checking or savings there's a share ID number on there so when we refer to your checking as a twenty or you're saving those of three those are the numbers that we're referencing so you can search directly through your transactions there's also a filtering feature or even the search by date category transaction amount the type of item whether it was a credit or a debit or even a specific check number notice we do still have that $1,000 check hold showing at the beginning as a pending transaction it's a negative number because it has not yet posted to the balance we're gonna click on account details next and this has some other important information for you so what I'd like to point out is what we have as the mickr number this is very important if you're going to be ordering check setting up a direct deposit or making a payment to another financial institution this is what identifies your specific checking in your account so that's available in the account tab under account details for each product so the similar things are going to display under all of the additional deposit shares that you have savings money market but what I would like to show you next is how a loan would display so here we're going to navigate down to our member Chevy Impala and we're going to see that it's a little bit different here there is a Pay Now feature where we could link over and make a payment to our auto loan you can also see recent transaction history on your loan as far as payments and disbursements if we click on the account details for the loan we have some more great information here like what your current interest rate is how much you've paid ear to date and one of the best features is this calculate loan payoff amount so you can select the day you're going to treat in your car and get a payoff date for that exact date next we're going to go through the rest of the widgets that we have here so we'll start with our first and you'll notice that it immediately drops us into this quick transfer tab quick transfers are ideal for moving money from one share to another so for example we have our checking account that has a larger balance we're going to take $20 and move it to our rainy day savings account and submit the transfer this is a nice quick easy way to transfer once we navigate to the classic tab under transfers you can see that we have options here this is where you can make transfer payments to loans that you have here at st. Mary's Bank you can make transfers to other members or link in your external accounts if you're looking to transfer money between st. Mary's in another financial institution so here we have an example I'm going to do of making a loan payment from your transfer tab so again we're just going to start with where the money is coming from we're going to pick our checking the destination which will be our Chevy Impala and the system knows that this is a loan so it's automatically going to ask you how you want this loan paid do you want it to be a regular payment are you looking to apply additional the principal are you looking to make a principal only payment and not advance the due date if your loan so you have these options when you go to the classic tab under transfers you also have the ability to add a memo here which is not an option under quick transfer so here I'm going to submit my transfer and you get this last chance recap screen to make sure you took the money out of the right share that you wanted it to go to that's being applied to the proper as a regular payment and I'm going to confirm my transfer you'll notice that it when it returns me back to my transfer history I'm able to scroll through the recent transfers that I have made alright so our next widget that we're going to go over is the e-statements tab now if you are enrolled in East events you're currently receiving them then you'll notice that when you navigate to this tab in your online banking it will say that you are subscribed now our member that we've created is not subscribed so I will walk you through the steps of how you would initiate in East 8th meant to start receiving them electronically and avoid paying the $2 month paper statement fee and having access to these of the tips of your fingers so we're going to select the subscribe button read and agree to our terms and conditions of enrolling in East 8th month then you would select I agree you're going to open up pdf with a five digit character code that you'll then paste into the box below and subscribe now because I'm in a simulation environment and some won't work on my face but it will work for you when you're enrolling in East 8th 'men once enrolled you will have access to statements going forward so we're now going to go to the build a widget in online banking and bilk a is a great service that you can enroll in as a member at st. Mary's Bank and what will happen is that you can enter in payee information for your bills or to make a one-time payment and st. Mary's will mail the payment to the receiving party so this can be a great way to help track track your budget and monthly spending again you would just agree read and agree to the terms and conditions and enroll in and bill pay and start entering in your payee information now some of these are a little bit more involved in the process like setting bill payments and organizing it so what we are developing is an advanced class for the future with more online banking details aside from this basic overview so I look forward to hosting that in the coming month so that I can help you dig even deeper into what we can offer is the digital channel so next we're going to hit the more button and it will display the rest of the widgets that we have available to us so I'm going to go to settings first notice I have made our Saint Mary's Bank logo as my background picture now personally I have a great image of my dog but you do have some customization there you can also customize your background so - customize to a beach setting because I am in summer vacation mode but the default theme is the Manchester sky ground and Chester skyline and I'll show you what that would look like right here they'll have some fun with your themes and customization that you can do in your online banking it's also very important that you verify your personal information here this is our members member ID for this training it also has any recent login activity you should be making sure that you are the one responsible for these logins if you see any at a time or a date that you know wasn't you I ask that you see if you're logged in to any additional third-party resources like QuickBooks or Mint as they could be doing automatic updates at that time if not please reach out to our member contact center to ensure that there hasn't been a compromise your online banking next we're going to go to the security tab and this is where you can update and change any of the critical information that you have on file you can also set save devices so if you're logging in on the same desktop PC every day it's going to become a remembered device you can customize your widgets from the settings and also go to your contact information here's where you can update any of your addresses or phone or email information now if you'd like to receive text message alerts it's important that you confirm your cell phone so here our member has not been confirmed so if we click on the edit or a pencil icon we can see the step to confirm this would to be entering the mobile number that you would like it to go to and they send a confirmation text which you then enter back into the website and confirm so once you are set up with that you can then enroll in your notifiction some great notifications that I recommend for members would be a balanced alert so here you can set up a push notification that will come to you based off the delivery method that you choose when your balance goes below or above a certain limit so if our pretend member here goes below $50 she's going to get an email alert telling her of this balance that she has that warning ahead of time to transfer money in before she pays a bill or goes out I also said it goes above balance because if she has more than $1,000 in her shares and a good indicator for her to transfer some of that money into perhaps a savings account that she's earning interest on those funds so all you have to do to enroll in a new alert is to just click the gear icon turn on the alert if it's not currently on and then you can edit the alert settings always be sure that you save your changes when you're doing anything under the settings tab in your online banking the accounts tab in settings is where you can do any sort of editing to the name of the accounts that you have here so here we'll take our rainy-day savings for example this is a great newer product that we offer that is a high interest savings account so what I'm going to do is click on the pencil or edit icon and I'm going to call this my vacation and I'm going to change the color to something fun and bright like yellow and I'm going to make sure that I hit save and now I have that fun goal that I'm saving towards in it I can easily figure out which savings I'm putting my money into when I'm making a transfer let's say you have an account that you don't want to see in your online banking all of the shares that you were on will display automatically if there is any that you don't see listed there please contact our member contact center or visit a branch for assistance so if I don't want to see might be on them statement savings all I have to do is click the Edit icon and then hide this account once I hit save you'll notice that this little eye icon comes up so now when I navigate back to my dashboard the only saving share that I see is my son vacation money it's still there I still can use it as an account it just isn't going to be displaying in my dashboard now let's say that I want to view my savings again all I have to do is hit the edit icon and then uncheck the box of hide this account and hit save and now it will be displayed in my dashboard again if you link in any external accounts from other financial institutions those will be displayed here under your accounts tab very important to know that if you are linking in other accounts you will have to confirm some micro deposits to ensure that you are the person who is initiating and establishing this additional account access shared access is the last tab that we'll go over in setting and this is where you can actually add a user to one of the products or services that you have here let's say for example you have a spouse who's joins on your mortgage and you would like them to be able to view the mortgage and their online banking or to log in and see the history you can add them as a user and set them up to have their own registration to see this share you could also do this if you have perhaps a minor child who's driving the car that you have the loan for and you want them to be able to see when the payments do and how they post or to transfer into the account I next want to show you the budgets widget and budgets are a great way for you to utilize our online banking software to be financially savvy so if there are certain things that you are tracking your spending on for me it's not daily Dunkin Donuts coffee I can set up so that every time a transaction comes into my share I categorize it in it's tracking how much I spent in expenses versus income on that particular item so if I wanted to see how much I spent at Dunkin Donuts every day then I can set up my budget for that and it's very easy to create a budget and then also do your maintenance here in the budget widget what I have established for us is under this next widget of savings goals so savings goals is a great way to let our online banking reward you and encourage you to meet those savings goals that you have so you set a new goal with a certain dollar amount and a time frame of when you'd like to achieve that goal and our system will track how far you are along in that goal so I am pretty close you know more than halfway to my weekend beach getaway here checking services is a widget that allows you to put a stop payment on a check item or to reorder checks that you've already ordered for your accounts now hopefully that doesn't hold us that our member doesn't have real checks and real services so I'm going to move along to the message center here we go and the message center widget is a way for you to communicate with st. Mary's Bank now this is not a live chat feature which is something that you should be remind of mindful of however you can send messages in through this channel that are secure so let's say you want to look for a check copy or maybe have a question about the status of an application that you've done or maybe you're traveling and you want to let somebody know that you're going to be out of town next week and it's still like your debit card to work for you so all you have to do is select your subject which share it is in reference to so for me doing a debit card or travel notification I would link it to my checking and let them know that I will be traveling it's important that you include the date so that that way we are aware of any potential transactions that could be happening during that time and you're less likely to be stranded and have your card shut off when you're out of town so when you send this message it goes into your sent folder where you can look at your previous messages as well and somebody from st. Mary's Bank and our member contact center will respond to you we have a calculator and calendar feature as a widget in online banking which helps you when you're doing your monthly budget or setting out your bill pay goals for those of you who like to visit us at one of our brick-and-mortar locations we have a location widget which is pulling in a great map for us now as a reminder I'm on a demo site here so your online banking should be working significantly faster than my demo site for this example so here we have based off my location where the other branches that I can go to are and if I click on them I can actually see what their branch hours are as well so another great feature in your online banking when you're logged into your mobile banking through our mobile banking app you'll have the ability to make a deposit to remote deposit so we'll be driving more into that in our advanced class cards rewards is for members who have our st. Mary's Bank Visa rewards credit card they can view their rewards balance they can do redeeming for gift cards or travel if you do not have a st. Mary's Bank Visa with us you also have a widget where you can apply for a new share alone so you can do all that through the online channel you can determine if you want to close everything through a secure email portal or you can even elect which branch you'd like to close your loan or new account with in person next I'll show you the card management widget so here we see that our member has two cards associated with their account they're both debit cards one is activated and one is not so when you get your new card in the mail you can come to this setup under card management and activate your new card let's take a look at somebody who has an existing card and the types of things that they can do under card management so if you were traveling not to Florida but in fact to Canada next weekend and you wanted to enable for entry action for your debit card you can go right to the gear icon and card management and say yes to enabling foreign transactions again you always want to hit save if you're making any changes in your online banking you even have the ability to block your card temporarily let's say you went out for the evening and forgot your card at home or you know where it is but you just can't get to it you can temporarily block your card and then unblock it you also have options if you have lost your card it's been stolen or it's damaged and no longer functional so you can initiate all of these things within card management at any time and it will generate a new card order for you so we've gone through the majority of the widgets here now I just want to show you a little bit of the customization that you can do so here I'm going to click on widget options and anything with the star is going to be right under my dashboard here on the left hand side so I don't really use bill pay so I'm going to remove that from my favorites but I do like tracking my savings goals so when I flick the star icon it's going to add that to my favorites and now it's one of my widgets notice that that widget options has brought us back to the settings where we can do any of our other customizations as well the left navigate back so you've gotten a really great overview of what our desktop version of online banking looks like so I'm hoping at this point you feel comfortable to dive right in to our mobile banking app which you can download through the Apple or Android store and start doing things remotely this is a great way for you to be able to deposit items remotely you can take a picture with your smartphone and it will post to your account we also offer a snapshot feature where you can look quickly at your balances without logging in to all of the additional information needed through online banking we also have a biometrics feature which uses your thumb or facial recognition software to ensure that the person accessing this personal information is in fact to you in conclusion we hope that you are never sharing your online banking credentials or password with anybody it's very important that whoever is accessing the online banking is the only person who should be accessing that if you have any questions about somebody who's asked you to share that information we recommend that you reach out to us through a member contact center or visit one of our branches you can also review our fraud prevention webinar pre-recorded on our st. Mary's Bank website we look forward to offering future webinars in this format and delivery so you can also check your email for those all right so I'm not sure how many questions have come in at this point yet so what I'd like to do is see if there is any questions that Amy would like us to dive into and explain while we have you guys on the phone here hi this is Amy there weren't many crust questions Jenna but um we do have a little bit of extra time so if you wanted to go over maybe one other widget and I think there the time would be allotted for that certainly um how about we drive a little bit more into our accounts widget I think that can be a very important step for people who are trying to get everything customized to their personal preference and you let me know if any other questions come in or somebody would like to see an additional thing explained so what I'm going to actually do my turns over sorry Jenna do you mind going over shared address shared access certainly so shared access is under your Settings tab and it's very important that when you do grant shared access you are agreeing that the person will have access to view the account view transactions potentially transfer into this notice we do not allow people to transfer out in shared access but what you're doing is registering somebody as a new user and let's say that Jennifer who I'm adding to my phone she is the one who actually drives the car that I have the loan for so I want to give her all permissions for only just the Chevy Impala so it's getting very important to hit save when you make any changes and this is telling you that you acknowledge that when I grant access to Jenna she's actually going to be getting an email with an invitation saying that Susan our demo person here would like to add you for online banking access at st. Mary's Bank so that does have an expiration date so you would just want to let the person that you are inviting know that although you can cancel the invitation at any time so what happens is that person will confirm this and once it is sent in then your additional user can be added and then they can create their own login if they are not currently a member at st. Mary's Bank or if they already have online banking linked to the email address that you added then the Chevy Impala is going to automatically display for them under their accounts tab as a shared account now under the accounts tab I did just want to show you a little bit more of the customization here so for me personally I like to have everything color coded in an order that is most important to me so I'm going to reorder my accounts in a way that makes it beneficial so maybe I am using this one more than the other so all I have to do is hit reorder accounts and I can change the order that they display and then again hit save anytime you make changes to your online thinking maybe I want to make my beyond savings a nice fun color and give it a new nickname so I'm going to put yellow because that's my fun saving color and let's call this college savings not quite as fun as vacation but still very important now because I have my checking listed here as well I want that maybe in a different color than saving so I can hit this edit icon and change that to maybe a fun purple color and I'm going to call this Susan check-in and this can be beneficial if you do have multiple of the same share type if you have multiple checking one that you use for your debit card and maybe one that you pay your mortgage out of that all of those things can be customized and organized in a way that best benefits you all right so if there's anything else that you guys would like to review please send something in through the question chat screen and we'll be sure to show you a detailed look at how to do that all right well it looks like you have reached the end of our training I want to thank you all for joining us and I'll pass it back to Ian thank you so much Jenna I learned quite a bit there that's excellent thank you Amy for managing the Q&A pay and thank you all for joining us this evening just a reminder we will be sending out a recording of this and will be up on st. Mary's Bank comm at some point next week if you want to catch up on anything and stay tuned to look out for your monthly member connection emails will be sending out updated dates for the advanced online banking training and mobile banking in the whole series we hope to be publishing later this summer so on that note I will bid you goodnight and thank you again for joining us bye now

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