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What is Document Generation Software?

Document generation tools are solutions that allow you to create documents by merging a range of data silos. In a nutshell, you can create invoices, quotes, reports, and so on in clicks without manual data entry. As a result, you receive documents that are already completed with relevant information that you can instantly share. Document generation software comes in handy if you’re going to create custom documents, auto-generate invoices, reports and agreements, and export and import a mass amount of data. To get the most out of software, your solution should include a dynamic template builder, CRM, and database integrations. Additionally, if your solution has an embedded electronic signature, it’s a significant benefit for you.

Who needs RPA?

In a few words, everyone who wants to stay competitive needs an RPA system. Companies that respond quickly to feedback and provide modern processes become attractive to both customers and employees. For example, if your company processes a complaint slower than 1 day, customers will lose confidence in you. There’s no room for human error, document loss, and other bottlenecks. RPA helps companies grow without wasting time on piles of paperwork and manual data correction. Can your company operate without robotic processes? Of course, it can but not have it when it’s easier and saves you money in the short and long run?

What are the benefits of workflow automation?

Workflow automation is an effective way to reduce labor costs and improve process efficiency. Companies that use automation don’t have to worry about human errors as much as companies that don’t use workflow automation. Repetitive tasks, data entry, and reminders are the responsibility of automation solutions, while staff can focus on business growth and pursue significant achievements. Instead of an error-prone process, you get accurate data and timely notifications when you need them. Besides, monotony is one of the main reasons for employee burnout and stress. Automation saves team members from performing administrative duties, thus, increasing productivity. Another perk of using automation is speed. An automated workflow runs faster and allows a company to process more contracts, agreements, invoices, and increase profit.

What are web forms used for?

People are less and less willing to spend time on phone calls, so the easiest way to gather information is to create a web form. Using forms, you can conduct a survey, collect feedback, and generate leads. A web form is usually the first interaction between you and a potential client, meaning this is your chance to make a good impression even without personal intervention. The quality of the information you receive depends on your form’s questions. You can use your form for as long as you want and communicate with an unlimited number of people. But you only need to spend 10-15 minutes to create a template, and it’s faster than an average call.

Does RPA need coding?

On the market, you most often come across low-code and no-code RPA solutions. For no-code solutions, you can build a workflow of any complexity without a single line of code. airSlate is an example of a no-code solution. The all-in-one platform integrates with well-known CRM and ERP systems.

What are contract management activities?

The contract management process differs from company to company and industry to industry. But several keys stages are integral to any contract.
  • Preparation. Based on your needs and goals, you create a contract in cooperation with the legal department.
  • Negotiation. After the final draft has been approved, negotiation can begin. Everyone should be able to make their own edits and refuse others.
  • Approval. If the negotiation stage is successful, both parties can proceed to signing the contract.
  • Revisions and renewals. Contracts have a validity period. It’s crucial that parties don’t miss the date when their agreement needs to be renewed or updated.

airSlate covers every step of the contract management workflow so that you can manage contract lifecycles within a single platform.

How do contract negotiations work?

Sometimes it’s difficult for both parties to find common ground. Therefore, contract negotiation is singled out as one of the most demanding and time-consuming stages. But by using automation, you can reduce the process to just one revision. airSlate allows your customers to make their own changes to the contract. The recipient simply highlights the content they want to modify and enters their terms and conditions. After completing all the changes, you’ll receive your draft, review it, and agree to the edits if you are satisfied.
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