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Industry sign banking colorado presentation easy

started I just have some general announcement I'd like to make before we get going sort of get status I divisions position on the as well as saying address in the Constitution is also addressed and legislation and quite frankly our distance a voice echoed notice compete the development of law that's one of those things that you asked for the divisions position very candidly would i play where we stand on and so if you don't want to be bound by you know what we're telling it's all those things you probably don't want to add at this point in response to that 35 day we will very candidly I am aware of a piece of legislation already that will address that issue I'm just not at liberty's really discuss specifically you know specifics of it into a sponsor nose kind of egg they just haven't been optimized to at least that there's another piece of legislation that I'm aware of my feels that the residents that issues things work I can't disclose the bills pacific toe but at least those two pieces of those issues will be addressed during the next session sure I'd like to talk a little bit about the banking status in Colorado which from my standpoint I know as well as many in the room is a huge issue for us from a regulatory perspective it causes the cash business name kind a huge amount of cash it's just a parent the crime and increasing crime halls other kind of things and creates additional issues that quite fun to hell think it's good for any of us would much rather have used pot just go ahead and go back and paper trail on the other kind of thing but I'm sure you exactly the same way but I'd like to take a moment and give a kudos Jill you're not familiar with obvious one of our workgroup members here we've got a very nice letter to Secretary of Treasury Tim Geithner mafia urging them to deal with the banking issues Colorado College wanted to publicly acknowledge ever thank you can make you didn't get a response yet to do the fibula on that same topic well I do have some good information for you I was contacted by a BP of a state bag they're very excited about working with them out of the marijuana industry and all facets of lending that's the whole nine yards and I know that they're there president is coming into town Alex out of Texas local banks here in Colorado later this week and wants to meet with me and I will give him the time to do need to see what issues of enemy has but I got a very very nice email have a cute telephone conversation with an ongoing dialogue they're very anxious about the services industry on the statewide basis not just in one specific locale from Colorado it may take them a little bit to get set up on statewide races but at least that opportunity is coming if you're interested is onerous when state pain right now they're 3110 Norton about Avenue the phone number for those who are interested is 719 473 two thousand and it's coming to a forum like this or perhaps attended a meeting or any other industry meeting where they can meet with the industry accounts how this country I'm not in a position where I can endorse any kind of thing but I certainly pass it on this kind of information for the workers participants I ask out a spreadsheet that had their contact information on it is your own personal use you have any to communicate with others on the work group this is your mechanism to do it I'm encourage you to do so we move forward and discussing various issues the agenda for today can I make one correction on the sheet say that again the sheriff at herbal notes systems if you look at me again on the 12th at humboldt street which you know for denver colorado 80 to 18 try to get personally follow other the mysterious lights work that I do I don't have that was her to get though in relative to it thank you for a fabulous thanks but I'll the agenda for today I'd like to continue discussing truly defeat regulatory drafts that I gave you the initial perfect 90 someone we're making some very good headway here and very good progress I'm real excited about the efforts of everybody to stable your commitment to making this possible absolutely appreciate that the last meeting to discuss a number of rules I have passed out to you and out form actually to tactics that our biggest put together one has the first three with three rules that we get a very first meeting the pad remainder of the drafts from the last need and connection with that and I don't know that we should spend a lot of time this morning going through them they are the comments as you gave me at the last meeting take a look at them the only one I want to point out is the red 4304 transfer of ownership and then changes and licensed entities pops going to work on that one that will bring that to the next week other than that whelming substantial progress and very satisfied staff we did break up into sup roots at the last meeting and the sheets on the wall behind me I apologize for the medical one box if you could bandage super kind of the things that the assignments that we gave in various industry representatives are I don't expect thanks to happen overnight the fees it's going to be yours in the meetings but what I will ask before the end of the day today is kind of a timeline of commitment of when you think you may be able to bring these issues back to the group your various assignments so if you over be the spokespersons for your various groups maybe we can huddle together and forecasting finds I'm going to hold you to them you know to tightline but i would like to move the process forward and some issues are obviously easier than others I think just finding consensus out there are some of these things is how we're going to be very difficult that is the challenges of these processes again I appreciate the effort let's let's move into just got something to discuss tonight my cell systems and video requirement regardless of what the media has been reporting lately and I should tell you I'm the time don't believe everything that you see in the media 30 exactly don't believe everything they can see my name attached to strongly caution advised you against that the reality is is the point sale systems in a video requirements under already without what we might do is planted yet substandard that would kind of came up to grasp Anderson together I can kind of get out in when the industry a little bit what we've got is starting to get feedback from not only just the normal people but the experts that serve that serve you out there audio video systems in your security systems and also a POS systems out there's a lot of people that can do work with them we're really trying to do is I me a good way to complete art our job rapidly sailing all the way through the process where we're developing in house

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How do i add an electronic signature to a word document?

When a client enters information (such as a password) into the online form on , the information is encrypted so the client cannot see it. An authorized representative for the client, called a "Doe Representative," must enter the information into the "Signature" field to complete the signature.

How to sign pdf on laptop?

How can i create a pdf on my laptop? How to download pdf on computer? I can't find a pdf on my computer.I can't download pdf in my computer.I want to create pdf on my computer.How to create pdf on computer? How to download pdf on computer? How to create pdf on computer? How to create pdf on laptop? How to make a PDF in windows? How to make a pdf files in windows? I want to create pdf in windows? I can't create pdf files in windows!I am a user who can't make the pdf files.

How do i open a w9 pdf and sign it?

I was under the impression that a signed version of the w9 was required to get a w9 certificate.Can someone clear this up please? What is the required document to get a w9 from a provider (in this instance, Google) and what do i need to do to get it done?

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