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Bulk test signature service

hey what's going on guys victor chambers here back with another video and in this video i want to show you how i do scan backs without a scanner now as a loan signing agent being able to do scan backs is actually a very critical part of doing loan signings and they're not required for every single assignment that you'll complete but in my case about 20 to 25 of the assignments i do actually require scan backs and that could require a scan back of the entire package or just certain documents in the package and so that this is actually a very critical thing to be able to do when you're doing loan signings because you'll have to scan back packages before you actually drop them off at the fedex or ups store if that's part of the instructions for the specific assignment now this was a highly requested video a lot of you were interested in learning more about how i do scan backs if you saw my video where i talked about the best apps for loan signing agent i talked about the specific app that i'm going to use and show you today how i do it now this is great because you don't have to lug around a big scanner or you don't have to have a portable scanner necessarily if you're just getting started you don't have to invest the money in a scanner right up front and you can just use an app on your phone which everyone nowadays has a smart phone so it's very uh it's very easy for you to use very easy for you to get started with even if you're on a low or no budget starting out as a loan signing agent so i'm going to show you how i do this today now i'll admit i i have not purchased a scanner as of yet i'm actually probably going to buy one this week so i'll probably do a video on that eventually but i wanted to show you how i use this app it is time-consuming it can be time-consuming but i've pretty much got the hang of it so i can do it fairly quickly i'm going to scan a sample a simple set of pages today they're not loan documents they're just random pages that i wrote text on so you can see and i'll show you the screen of the app as well so you can see exactly the layout of the app how it works and how it actually uh how it actually scans the pages so i have a few sample pages here and the first thing is that when you do this obviously it's best to have a flat surface you're scanning white pages so you also need a surface that is kind of a high contrast to those white pages so in this case i have like this i'm on a white table but i have like this wood this wood board here whatever it is um and that that will be used as sort of the backdrop for my uh my my pages now scanning white pages on a white table uh is gonna actually be a bit difficult for an app to recognize and be able to do a actually a quality scan so i would definitely recommend um you know you do it on the floor or find some surface that is a lot darker than than the actual pages so uh the scanner doesn't have an issue picking them up so let's head on over to the app right here on our smartphone and as you can see it's pretty pretty well laid out you have this home button here you have these folders across the top where you can file your various scans and you can create new folders i'm not going to go through all the settings and everything but it basically allows you to set up you know what email address by default you will email the scans to want you if you want to share them in that way uh you can you know if you have multiple things listed here you can delete them in bulk or move them to a different folder in bulk um different things like that you down at the bottom you have your your camera icon here so that's your main camera that you're going to use the 3x this camera with the 3x is for something called surescan i don't really i've not really paid attention to it i don't really know what it is or what it does i've never used it so that's there and then this image app where you can actually select an image from your phone and uh you know make it make it part of a scan so for example if you took took pictures of signers ids with with your phone and you need to you know include those as part of a scan back you can just come and select the picture and pull in the photo there and you'll see kind of how you can order and rearrange the different scans once you have all the all the pages in so let's let's get to our our sample pages here and i have a couple of letter and a couple of legal uh just to make it uh make it fair so you can see both so i'll put the first one here i open up my camera and i'll just i'll just scan it you see it automatically detects the the picture or the page it automatically automatically detects the corners and the edges and creates a nice little scan here now i can make this lighter or darker i just leave it on whatever the default is i can also change it from a black and white scan to a color scan to a photo i usually do black and white for just regular pages and then i'll do photo if it's in if it's an id or if i have to scan an id in that way so let's change that back to black and white and then if you um if you want to redo it you can you can rescan the page or delete the page or you can just go to the next page so you hit plus move that one out of the way and then i have my my legal page here you see it's a little bigger and it's done plus let's go to my next page oops [Applause] my next page and that quickly i just scanned four pages now it took a little longer because i'm actually showing you what i'm what i'm doing here but it didn't take that long now as i said this can be this can be time consuming if you have the scan back a whole package i i've done that quite a bit like i said just because i haven't you know purchased a scanner yet so now if you look at the app you can see all the pages that that you scan so you see i have a letter page here i have a legal page letter page legal page and i can actually move these around i can delete them if i want to with that that circle with the the red circle with the the line through it um so i can do you know many different things i can add more pages and then if i hit the x to exit out i have my scan listed there the name of it is document i can rename it if i want to so i can call this a test uh test document if i want to where's my spelling it says document done i just leave all these settings the same and and i'm done and then i can share it if i want to with this share button i can email it to myself and i'm just going to put in my my email address here uh put in my email address if i can spell my name correctly and i'm going to email it to myself that way and you see it comes up with the name of the scan email it's myself so then it'll go to my email and what i'll do is once i'm in front of a computer i'll download it from my email and then i'll upload it to to snap docs or to signing order to whatever the uh or the signature closes whatever the the online portal is where i receive the assignment from and where they're asking for uh the scan backs i'll just i'll just upload it there and then and then delete it from my uh from my computer so that's that's the way i normally do it as you can see it's pretty pretty straightforward you can do this almost anywhere if you're kind of on the go obviously you know take the precautions to guard people's information definitely do that follow all your state laws and ontario laws follow all of the instructions of the assignment that's actually been been given to you uh by the signing uh signing service or title company but it's um it's pretty straightforward i mean nothing you know super technical about this in my opinion um i don't think i need to walk you through actually uploading the pdf to a site because every site is is different and it's just the way you upload pretty much anything else on the internet so like i said once you get in your email you can download it from your email and then upload it to to the signing service or whoever is asking for the scan back and that's that's pretty much it um you know as you can see like i said on those three four pages it just took a few minutes um on on a large package it can it can take take some time probably on a 120 pages that i've done probably took 15 minutes or so maybe maybe less um but you know like i said if you're on a low budget or no budget or just getting started can't afford a scanner i think this is a great a great hack a great workaround to being able to do scan backs and do them do them well you know i've had uh you know signing services say you know your scans look great you know so i'm you know i'm fully confident that this app can work for anyone so i hope you found this useful again this was a highly requested video so i just wanted to show you exactly how i do my scan bags using turboscan and i just hope this was beneficial to you and hope you found value don't forget to like this video subscribe to the channel and comment down below and and share with me how you're currently doing scan backs or how you're thinking about starting with doing your scan backs when you do have to do them so until next time [Music] peace [Music] foreign

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