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How to industry sign banking new jersey word free

hey guys I'm random Vaughn and this video is around what you need to know before applying for alternative treatment center aka dispensary so guys the bill recently was signed by the governor as of the recording of this we're a couple days away from when applications are actually gonna drop so I'm giving you things that you should be working on today to be prepared because this application process for New Jersey is crazy so to give you a little context the law that went into effect was called the Jake Haunted compassionate use medical cannabis Act and if you want to get a read the entire thing it's about 130 pages the link is down below we're we already looked that up I always recommend that if you're going to get into this industry you need to read the actual law so yeah it's a 130 pages it's pretty dry but I highly recommend you read that but today what we're going over is it's a 14 page document put out by the health department the Department of Health is who is controlling this entire thing going on in New Jersey and so guys I am gonna be accessing some things I'm looking at it because this is so dense that I don't want you to miss anything but to start off with there are definitions in this thing there are general information we're going to be skipping past law that there's also the regions are I'm sure other people are gonna post up what region your locations need to be in and how many opportunities for either a cultivation Center aka Grove facility a dispensary and then something that's like vertical and what those opportunities are gonna put themselves out we are in this video talking about you preparing yourself to apply for a dispensary now the reason we are talking about how to apply for is number one that's the most number of licenses that you can you know potentially win you can have up to three so you can't apply to three but guess what guys to apply for three you would need three separate locations and so you're definitely gonna need to take that into consideration of the work you need to do right now you already got to have those lined up and some other things and so that's why we're doing this video because I think this information is something people really need to know and if you're talking to even cannabis attorneys they may miss some of the stuff because this application as for New Jersey is so different than a lot of the other states and even promises wherever you have been doing stuff so once again there is a small section in this about eligibility we're gonna be skipping over that I recommend reading it now we're jumping into the application now they get so detailed in this thing of it better be 12 point Times New Roman on a nap by 11 page paper and you better have it as a PDF that works with other thing so they are looking for any reason to disqualify you but you see there go wait I might why does it need to be 8 by 11 all this kind of stuff isn't it just an application like I'm filling out their application well get ready guys because that is the big difference then if you'd applied in let's say Washington Colorado all these other places you were gonna be doing a lot of writing so I actually have it also typed out here from our printed out here for me because I want you to realize that the short end of this is there's a part a and a part b and the big thing is is for the part a is it's really short where basically says hey we're gonna put out an application you got to fill that out so i want you to realize for Part A that application hasn't even dropped as the recording this that's gonna come out on the 15th of july 2019 and that's just basically you know fill stuff in put your name in it all those kind of general information that they're gonna ask you and then this is the big difference is we they new jersey is all going to be about a point system and so that's what we're gonna be going over is all the points and what you need to do and prepare for dealing with all these points so let's just real quick just so that no one misses it it literally says application Part A applicants shall answer each question in full and to the best of their ability if a particular question does not apply to your application you can put n/a is not applicable in the top line of the section blah that's literally that's literally all they put out for Part A we have no idea what questions are gonna be on there how long it's gonna be all those kind of things so let's dive into Part B because that literally the best part about Part B have you know you have gone into a different type of application is they put a limit of a hundred pages and you're like well that's not gonna be hard we're never gonna hit on pages there are gonna be tons of people that literally are submitting Asians that are 98 99 pages and so if you are thinking about applying for this that is the mindset you now need to have is realizing that you are creating the best college essay you've ever written so in the part that we go into next is around capital so you're gonna have to cut two checks to New Jersey the Treasury Department not the Department Health but to the jurors Department and they don't actually wanted to be cashier's checks and here's why you're gonna give em a check for $18,000 and another check for $2,000 the $2,000 is the non-refundable it is they're taking that money to process these applications the $18,000 check is just gonna sit there and they're just gonna destroy it they're not gonna send it back to you and so if it's cashier's check that's a real big headache because your bank will have already taken those funds out and put them into the cashier's check and then once it's destroyed that's a big headache so don't send a cashier's check they just want you to mail a normal standard business check or personal check if you are applying as an individual so once again make sure that that's two checks but let's dive down now into the point system and I am gonna be referencing down to these pages as well as the computer screens so one other fun fact why we thought we do this video is in big bold letters they actually say on page seven I don't know if you can read that but it literally says phone and Corey's will not be accepted they are not answering the phone at all you can't answer any they will only take things by email and good luck on that so what they're really wanting to do is not have to answer your questions make you get an attorney and deal with as little people as possible so they did give a timeline when things are gonna drop like I said July 1st this is where we're kind of in the center in between July 1st and jolly 15th forms are gonna be posted that part a should be posted on the 15th and then there's gonna be a pre-application webinar on August 2nd if you're waiting to not do anything until August 2nd man you're going to be so far behind I don't think you'll have a chance to catch up and then basically submission deadline for dispensary applications is August 21st 3:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time and then for some reason I don't you know why they do it they give an extra day for submission deadlines for cultivation and vertically integrated applications so you get to August 22nd 2019 by 3:00 p.m. so if you're gonna be doing one of those awesome great so guys let's get down into the part that I know you're most interested in and it's what is going on with the points the criteria house is all going to be weighed so if you're if you have this in front of you or you already accessed it because once again we're putting the link to these documents down below go to page 9 that's where I'm jumping on so it's part a mandatory information and I'm gonna be referencing a little bit here so one obviously legal name this is what I'm talk about this is gonna come out and it's going to be forms that you're gonna be filling in documents to validate your business registration certificate you're gonna have to have that as it probably you're gonna get it into a PDF so that you can attach it it was the names and address and date of birth of the pros alternative treatment center employees principal officers directors owners and board members now the one thing I would say here is guys don't just put down all the people that you think you're gonna hire and those kind of things be a little considered around this of like hey these are maybe gonna be your board of directors you as the owner those kind of things I wouldn't get into like you know just obviously hey we're gonna hire employees when we get to that stage we haven't started interviewing people yet you want to really put principles that are gonna add something to your application number four is a list of all persons or business entities having direct or indirect authority over the management or policies of the ATC the alternative treatment center is what ATC stands for so you're gonna have to list that none of this this is just general information that you need to get into it this doesn't have or include the point system so I'm gonna try and go through this quickly number five lists of all persons or business entities having five percent or more ownership so they are once again right there confirming what does ownership entail how small cuz some people are gonna sell one percent of these businesses to try and raise capital and so you don't have to list all the way down to those my you parts or if you were a publicly traded company then you wouldn't have to do those kind of things the identity of all creditors holding a security interest in the applicant or premise if any so if you have a landlord and he has a loan you may need to actually talk to your landlord and get them to disclose that information in case they have a private loan that's something that's going to be coming up in the background the bylaws and a list of the members of the HEC Medical Advisory Board so once again this kind of comes in to your board of directors or advisory board this is something that very rarely have we seen on other states applications and so basically section 7 is kind of also indicating to you you probably better make and a Medical Advisory Board and put some people on it so that you can put that in there if you haven't been doing that you're like I'm just gonna be a sole proprietor and I'm just submitting my application as my name Jim they want people to have structure and be ready to go they're not fooling around and therefore if they think that you are just doing this kind of by the seat of your pants they're not going to take your application seriously number 8 evidence that the principle directors board of board members owners and employees will cooperate with a criminal history record background check and they list the the law requiring that that's obviously letting you know that you're gonna have a background check and you better pass it to my knowledge they haven't put out unless it was in the previous law what would have you if it pops up in your background check or you're gonna get denied so if you are person or you have other people that are potentially in your board that could have background check issues make sure that you find out exactly what those are so you can go and pull a background check on yourself that's actually kind of smart to do we have had people in the past board they just pull one themselves and attach it to the application and so we are recommending that you do that it's a very little money concerning you're already spending two thousand dollars on this application to pull a background check and just include it and then guess what if there's any discrepancy between their background check and yours you at least have a foot to stand on and saying hey I tried to give you guys everything number nine the mailing and physical address of the proposed alternative treatment center and evidence of ownership or lease of the proposed site this is the one which we were talking about earlier if you're gonna apply and you you get a chance to apply for three locations you have to have that you have to have a right to move in there they only they only are going to license places based off a location and based off your application so if you don't have that just stop don't even submit this thing and so that's why we're doing this video now is because if you haven't already secured those three locations you need to be working on that right now okay here is the big kicker that I think most people are going to miss so this is the number one thing I'm gonna put on my top five list of things that you probably missed when reviewing this is it's number ten and it goes written verification of the approval of the community or governing body of the municipality in which the alternative treatment center is or will be located okay what did I just say there guys that literally means you need to get written verification of approval from the city county or wherever you're located very I don't think I've seen an application process which require that before you applied so if you come and it's August 21st and you've got signed your lease you're even putting it up pause down you're paying around all these kind of things but you're you haven't gone to your city and gotten approval from them no bueno the big reason why this is written here is because the Health Department has given basically no zoning requirements they have not written into their laws of saying hey you got to be a thousand feet from this or five hundred feet there letting every city and county determine that on their own and so they're just sitting back and saying hey you got to go get a written verification from them saying that yep they're okay with it and your location meets their requirements so you have to over the next thirty days guys you have to get that done and guess what and some of these if you know New Jersey some of these cities townships counties literally have their zoning planning person only works one day a week so guys that's why we're doing this video is you've got to get out and start getting on this or the it's this the application process is gonna close while you were still working on it okay flipping over now on page ten this is number eleven evidence of compliance with local code and ordinances including but not limited to the distance to the closest school church temple or other places use exclusively for religious worship or a playground park or children daycare facility from an alternative treatment center so guess what guys they're putting something in general so they're gonna want to see those distances you're gonna want to fill that out and give them that information we're really your city in your getting your written notification hopefully your city already includes that but guess what a city could say we've created no rules and so they may give you a read and verification the health department's still gonna want to know the distances cuz they may by themselves decide that you're too close to a child daycare center even though your city said it was fine so it's totally up in the air on exactly how that's gonna play out number twelve text and graphic materials showing the exterior appearance of the ATC and its site compatibility with commercial structures already structured or under construction within the immediate neighborhood so guys this happened in British Columbia where they literally need you to get a graphic designer or I hope you have some garbage designer skills of showing what you want your signage to look like on the outside of it so you need to get photos probably outside show how your signage is gonna look all those kind of things and I would definitely recommend if you're doing that make sure your signage is compliant with local ordinances of that area I don't know how much the health department is going to get in on that but basically you better make sure it looks nice and not a big giant eyesore or they're just going to turn down your application thirteen is floor plan of the approved ATC you're gonna have to have a detailed floor plan we have other videos showing you guys how we do that and how I recommend you do that because you can do it on the cheap but guess what guys its apps in the App Store it makes floor planning really easy but it allows you to literally lay things out show where your security cameras are gonna be show were your fixtures are gonna be show where you're going to keep the Cannabis safe and secure so that's number team number fourteen all proposed or actual contracts term sheets or other agreements relating to management intellectual property real estate equity in or funds of the proposed ATC so guys basically there's a catch-all of saying hey anything that you are doing to have somebody else run this if you're just applying and you're not you don't want to be the operator which works again a lot of people come in with money and they just want to play they want to win that lottery ticket this is where they're saying okay who were is actually gonna run it and are you gonna have a franchise are you licensing because once again a lot of companies like ours we apply all over the place now we're very open about how we apply so we fill these things out so that they know like hey we're hiring local people we got veterans locally who are gonna participate with us we have minorities who are participating we're we are working in the community to make this thing better but you got to spell that out okay guys now we're getting on to Part B which is scored criteria and this I'm just saying no you may cause you to laugh a couple times and I'm gonna try and keep my laughter to to a small little bit but I do want to just go over each part so once again big thing is is for Part B max is a hundred pages and it still has to be 12 point Times New Roman and on 8 by 11 sheets of paper so get ready for that now criteria 1 once again I'm on page 10 here guys the ability to meet the overall health needs of qualified patients and the safety of the public is 30 points so you have to just in general by writing just words describe that about your ability or your team's ability of how you're gonna do that so they're trying to give a little bit more guidance in here because that's real general right security plan the African shall provide an acceptable secure safety and security plan including staffing and site plan and a detailed description of the proposed security and safety measures which demonstrate compliance with the rules and then it's listed so obviously you should download read the rules rules here's something that I'm just gonna let you guys know that we're still deciding on are you gonna say that you're gonna have on-site security at all times is that an expense you're willing to take to give yourself the leg up in the application it's it's something that we're so that we've always felt not having a doorman met more with our culture of being inviting not having to feel like a prison or something like that but they're making it very kind of heavy-handed here saying hey they want to know exactly when they say including staffing and site plan we have to all take that in consideration so that's a choice you're gonna have to make measure to environmental impact plan the applicant shall provide a plan explaining how the proposed ATC would minimize negative environmental impact and that's ten points so once again measure one was ten points this measure two is ten points so once again environmental impact is not talking about global warming in this situation guys they are talking about litter or break-ins or trash around the community from people taking the packaging's or whatever I mean like they can have that be so general so once again like I said get ready start writing if you're confused by these things and you really want to apply you may want to talk to an attorney but that's one this is probably brand new for them and I don't know any attorneys that are doing like kind of a inclusive some total bill just doing that section could be tens to twenty s of hours of an attorneys time and they're billing two three four five hundred dollars an hour so that's that's something that you probably are gonna have to least do the first draft or your team is gonna have to do the draft on this measure three quality control and quality assurance plan the applicants shall provide a quality control and quality assurance plan that illustrates how the burroughs ATC will maintain and verify product quality and protect the health and well-being of qualified patients ten points I believe this section is really talking about the testing and the testing that you're gonna have and do and so you're really kind of doing more standard operating procedures because once again in New Jersey you can have vertically you can be vertically integrated and so if you can be vertically integrated you obviously could grow it and then put it directly on a shelf with no quality control and so they want you to explain how you're gonna do that okay we're getting into now part-2 history of compliance with regulations and policies governing government regulated marijuana programs 20 points guys this is the big one that as I said if you read that you just realize wait there's in New Jersey if you lived in New Jersey you've only lived in a state where it's totally illegal people are getting prosecuted and there's only like five or six actual you know alternative treatment centers right now so how are you supposed to have all this history of being able to be compliance so let's just read it it's measure one background of principles board members and owners afternoon shall provide an overview of experience of principals officers and owners in operating a regulated cannabis business or operating a business in another highly regulated industry such as health care insurance financial services pharmaceuticals or energy 20 points so guys I have to admit this is one big leg up for somebody like myself who's been in US interest rate a long time been in states that have seen to sail tracking and all those kind of jumps we've had to jump through the past so if you have nothing about this in your background I want you to be I'm gonna be honest with you think about partnering with somebody contact someone who's either been in those things who's been in the cannabis industry to improve your application you can contact us obviously you can find our content contact information everywhere but this is one that I think a lot of people are gonna miss out on 20 points and 20 points in this application can really hurt you okay getting down to part three ability and experience of applicant in ensuring an adequate supply of marijuana okay guys I talk about this all the time in the medical days if you have never been in medical state we I used to use it as called running out of sugar a baker literally never has to worry about running out of sugar in medical cannabis you're one of your number one things is you just running out you can't produce enough because supply outpaces our supply and demand outpaces supply and so basically here is these like in my opinion this 20 points literally is forcing everybody to apply to be vertically integrated because the only real way to answer that question is well we're gonna have a 30,000 square foot grow to supply our own location and here's my my qualifications of being a grower so if you don't know how to grow have never grown cannabis and you're applying you may want to find someone to partner with who has drawn to please lean on themselves the other part of this is obviously the financial side of it is where is the capital so that you're gonna always be able to buy and keep cannabis on your show so if you're having to buy from a third party which trust me we're all gonna have to do if we get a ATC there the big thing is is they want to know that you're not just trying to start up you got five thousand dollars and that's gonna be all the inventory you're gonna carry so measure one in Section three is financing the plan applicants shall provide a description and evidence of all funds funding sources pledged to the ATC to be evaluated on transparency suitability and overall being adequate of funding it's so that's 20 points so show them your financial plan I would also really recommend in this section also including some reference or discussion on the fact that you're gonna be growing it so that you are always going to be able to make sure it's there now once again for you to be able to say that you have to then have a location to apply for a grow so once again we've now just gone that you need three retail locations man you may also need a fourth which is your grow location okay we're moving on to section 4 which is computing support and participation 20 points so ties to the local community African shall provide a list of all owners officers board members and principles that have resided in New Jersey for at least two years and supply proof of their residency so guys this one is the big hey if you're local and you're in New Jersey you're literally getting twenty points for free so make sure you do that and I would also recommend that a maybe a little core part of your team can can be on there okay moving on I think that one's pretty straightforward so number five ability to provide appropriate research data ten points now I think they lower this one at ten points because it is that kind of out there okay research contributions Africans shall provide evidence of past contributions in the form of cited original and published works two expanding clinical and scientific research relating to medical cannabis or the you know medical conditions that can be treated with medical cannabis so most people I know that are plying are gonna you know try and write some stuff and probably not get any points on this if you haven't done that or don't have somebody on your team in that area there's not a lot of advice that I can give you except you have to find somebody who has done that to include in your company as you can see guys I'm talking about this application is forcing you to realize that you need more people you need a team to be successful and new jersey is definitely putting this into the thing now we're moving on to number six and this section is a hundred points so you guys have heard twenty twenty twenty you know thirty ten it's now section six is a hundred points so listen up experience in cultivation manufacturing or dispensing marijuana in compliance with government regulated marijuana programs guys how are you if you're applying in your in new jersey and you have never gotten to grow you've never gotten to do it legally do they expect you to apply in this that's what I said I hope I can control my laughter and I hope you can control yours but this is written as a joke it is giving all the advantage to people who've been outside the state who are coming in with their experience so guess what guys I'm just gonna tell you the brass tacks for us guess what we're getting all of our friends that have been in the industry for a long time that have thirty thousand-square-foot grows who are gonna be on our board of directors and are producing literal tons not pounds tons of weed every month in regulated states and they're gonna help us determine exactly how our girl facility is gonna work out and so it is that important cuz guess what this section is worth 100 points so once again there are several measures in this section so I'm gonna go over each one of them but I cannot I think you're hearing me as a broken record I cannot stress enough that you cannot just be like well I'm really good at growing I'm really good at manufacturing I'm really you're going to need people on your team so you can't out their criteria and their experiences so measure one cultivation plan I'm not gonna read this verbatim but this is everything from literally how to start it how to prevent issues how the layouts gonna be all that kind of stuff number two is manufacturing plans this is literally how to bring it all the way to market are you gonna be filling cartridges are you give me making edibles what is your lab gonna look like are you doing concentrates and so they're including a lot of points on that then the dispensary plan what's gonna be your layout how are you what's your standard operating procedures what is your training and hiring process how are you going to you know educate patients and counsel them and do all these kind of things and so we are highly recommending that you start working on this as soon as possible because it literally if you were watching us today you should start working on it tomorrow because it may take you a month to write all these plans out for us we're lucky because we've been in this we have a lot of that documentation now we have to spend a lot of time putting it together but that's one of the things this is one of the reasons why here it Danks weren't important we've talked about helping people be a franchise so that they can just get access to all things that we've been building for the last 10 years and so I'm not trying to toot our own home too much of this but this application is just keeps lining straight up if you need our help you gotta contact us very soon because we're getting contacted by a lot of people and we can't even help everybody who's contacting us just because once again we're happy to do so much work on this ok we're moving on to number seven but I just want to make you realize everything that I talked about before section six literally didn't even add up to the total value of six if it even did and then that that was just 100 points think how having those three section or it's what's your cultivation plan what's your manufacturing plant what's your dispensary plan a hundred point huge it's over 33 points per Section now is area 7 which is another hundred points okay guys so we're basically two sections six and seven are now a total of 200 points and let's jump into this workforce and job creation plan okay and it's number one labor peace agreement if you have one labor compliance plan minority-owned women-owned or veteran owned business certification and workforce job creation plan so those four sections are all broken out and I am gonna go over each point so the labor peace agreement is 30 points that's a huge amount of points guys so you got to take some time look that up we're working on that right now because what we're trying to determine is I'll just jump to Section three like we have minority business partners and we have a ton of veterans who work for us and our business partners but you don't just need to have a veteran you need to have it a certification for that and so that takes effort to be done so once again guys lots of work to go into this and we're literally looking at we're sitting out right around 30 45 days as of the recording of this video you don't we just want to skip past this section and lose out on a hundred points because your your application is going to drop way way down and so guys with that this section finishes out with the fees once again they definitely don't want anyone missing that how it needs to be in two checks and those kind of things so guys this is a long video I hope you got something from it we are actively working on this thing and obviously taking each section very very seriously I'm gonna let you guys know that our application is definitely going to come in somewhere around that ninety eight ninety nine page criteria because of all these sections and I just think that you need to take that into consideration too if you have questions or you want to contact us and see how we can work together please message us through our website or call us directly obviously you can call any of our stores to get over to the right person but guys I want to wish you all the we're putting this information out completely for free to try and help you guys because guess what New Jersey needs a strong medical cannabis community we need people like you who are willing to put in the time to watch this video to come help people I say we're in the changing life business people need local access to medical marijuana and if this is something you're passionate about and want to make your life mission I really really hope that you choose to take the time energy and effort to apply for one of these lottery slots of one of the hundred and eight hundred and twelve new available ATC locations so that we can all build a stronger community and help a lot of people along the way okay guys see you soon

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