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Sign in Connecticut Business Plan Template for Banking

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Add Business Plan Template signatory

hey all my name is Paul Borowski and I am the owner of quality business plan and I have um I'm often get calls from people looking to get some advice and how to complete a business plan template and the best ones that I found our customizable business plan templates some of the benefits that you're going to get from a customizable business plan template is going to be that they're low cost often you can find customizable business plan templates for about a hundred to two hundred dollars you've got some software programs that are out there that range from I'd say $70 all the way up to three to four hundred dollars as well so customizable business plan templates are real cheap easy to use I'm for the most part as long as you get the right one and you can change them around and get some different figures and see how changing information is going to impact your company but it's also going to allow you to use the business plan for investment purposes to try to get investors to fund your business or to get loans from banks and most business startups they're a little bit low on capital that's why these customized business plan temples are so appealing to them so the one I'm going to go over today I'm going to show you how how to use is a business plan template that I've made that's customizable and the one I'm going to show you is geared toward restaurants but you know you can always find a different template out there that's going to be geared towards the industry you're looking for if you like my template fantastic give me a call I can also make up another template you know for a price of course you know that's geared towards your your particularly in this industry so the videos I'm going to do are gonna be in two parts the first one I'm going to go through is the business plan template showing you how to use it and then the second part that I'm going to show y'all is going to be in relations to a financial statement at the pro forma financial statements and how to use a financial model to come up with your um your different financial statements alright so with that said this one right here is one that's on my website quality business plan comm and again this is geared towards restaurants but just give me a call or send me an email and I can easily customize a template for your industry as well and my template starts with just simply you're going to change anywhere you see read with parentheses you're gonna change that information and you're just going to put into information that calls for for example this one right here just says company name so you're gonna put your company name here and then you're gonna insert some kind of a picture um in reference to you know your your business you know for example industry you're gonna put some kind of a picture for restaurants if you're in the restaurant industry and then you're just going to go through it and the template that I provide or that I found you can find online it's going to be should be quite in-depth the one that I have here this is this cover is um significant amount of information and in the end it's going to be approximately about 20 to 25 pages the first section is going to be the executive summary and the way that most business arm templates should be structured is that you're going to have your executive summary it's going to introduce the problem you're trying to solve your company's going to talk about your company and product then it's going to talk about the target market who's gonna buy it anything it's also going to give some financial highlights as to you know how your company is going to perform over a certain time and finally funding most businesses that are going to put together a business plan they're looking for a little bit of money either from a bank or from an investor so make sure you use a business template that talks about the funding needs and the second portion of the template should cover your um company description and for the one that I've got here it starts again with the problem statement and then it talks about the business model and you know how the business is going to perform what they're gonna do number of employees then you've got some general business objectives I think you got your mission statement finally you're also going to have your vision statement again this is geared towards the restaurant industry easily can be transferred over to different kinds of industries the second or the third portion of the business plan template should have your market analysis and the one that I've got right here is updated for the restaurant industry with current information so you don't have to do the research all you do is just just use this information and go and then right here you're gonna customize your target market and another great part about this template right here or at least most templates should have a section that helps you with your competitor analysis and this one right here you just put your competitor right here and then it walks you through and how to do your competitor analysis you put your name here whereas your competitor located what do they do what are their prices how do they look on Facebook how do they look on social media and it just walks you through how to accomplish your competitor analysis the next part right here is going to be your SWOT analysis and this is just examining your overall external environment in internal environment and again your customizable business plan templates should have a section in here with a SWOT and also allow you to customize the SWOT analysis as well and more strengths or change the strengths and more weaknesses and more opportunities and threats and so on the next portion of a customizable business template should have a service or your product line what are you selling and the way this one right here is structured is going to be the product what is your main product and then talk about the main product what is your a complementary product talk about it and then what kind of beverages do you offer from there you should dive right into your marketed analysis and so the marketing right here is how are you going to market your product I like to tell all my customers you've kind of market your product in three ways again depending on your industry but the template that I have right here you're gonna insert your name and then it's going to talk about some traditional marketing that you may do some social media marketing that you may do and also you know your website on the expectations that you're going to have for your website and the following section is going to be your organizational management this template right here this template right here it has your organizational management and use its again it's just plug and play plug and play you put your information right here and then it's got all the job responsibilities and you can add subtract and modify however you like but it's got a real good structure um for you to customize to suit your company and another strategy right here is could be your is going to be your strategies and most companies what they like to do is they have they're going to have a networking strategy a competitive strategy and then a marketing strategy and also a synergy strategy most business plan templates don't put in there a synergy strategy and which synergy is is taking all your strategies and focusing them on your vision statement you know where you want to go and but you want to make sure all the actions you're taking are going to get you to your end objectives in the synergy strategy so it's just that it make sure all your strategies are aligned in the same direction which creates synergy or just you know your different strategies feeding off herself because they're going in the same direction and then another business plan template should have financial projections so right here is gonna be the highlights of what your financial projections are going to look like and then so these are gonna be highlights you know where you spending your money and then how are your return it's going to look should go right here and then for the cash budget income statement all these right here these should have you should have some kind of component that's going to allow you to put information it's your business plan from a some kind of a financial spreadsheet and for the one that I offer and I'll have another video going into this a little bit more in detail but once you enter the information into the blue what's going to happen is you're going to put the number of sales of a product the price and the cost and then you're going to do that for your your food your drinks and your sides and then this this is going to produce your weekly your monthly and annual sales then what you'll do is you come in here to the financial Tom template and you're going to change the rate of pay and the hourly pay and then that's going to give you your the the pay for your employees then you'll fill in the salary next section right here is you're going to put all the information that relates to the equipment you're going to need or money you're going to need for operations and it's going to go in this section right here and working capital is just how much money are you going to need cash in order to sustain operations until business picks up the final section right here is going to be your monthly fixed cost what are you going to spend monthly you know for this example right here is going to be two thousand a month for rent and all this right here is going to add up to the bottom of four thousand eight hundred fifty dollars and this is just miscellaneous so for the financial template that I offer anything in blue you're going to put information in or could put information in and any other color you're going to kind of leave it alone but once you fill in all this information here you go over to your financials and here's all your information it's all calculated and one nice knows succinct area this is going to come produce your cash budget then you're going to have your pro forma income statement then you're gonna have your balance sheet for five years and then below that is going to calculate your payback period and other financial ratios so this right here is the financial template that I use that I offer for my finances my business plan and so let's slide back to so one and then once you make up all your financial plans all this as simple as you cut and paste into each one of these sections right here and that'll be complete the final section I believe it's gonna be a fight up one more so the I'm second to last section is going to be your funding request and this template you just put your name the dollar amount and then right here is gonna be the items that you need money for so you list item if you need a cooker for let's say you're doing hot dog can you cooker put hot dog I'm cooker and then a dollar amount you just list the items in the dollar amount and right here that'll wrap up your funding request and finally it's an exit strategy if everything doesn't go well what are you gonna do or how how are you going to um you know pay back your your creditors and that just gives you a nice summation right here is again it's nice in general and the final part is going to be all good customized business plan templates are going to have some kind of a non-disclosure if you're looking for an investor to fund your operations you don't want them taking your information going to somewhere else and you'll putting your idea to work so you have them put that you have them put a signature right here and this is a real good template to use so hopefully this gave you all I'm just a little bit of information related to you know how to use a customized business template and if you like the one I just went through and you also like the financial model that I presented I love for you get y'all to go ahead is--it my website at quality business plan comm and you can purchase both the business plan template and the financial statement right here and in the price that I'm offering that right now is $99 that could change I may go a little bit up may go down or you can get just on business plan of financial template and offered for $50 now an additional service that I do offer real quick is that if you like the template but you don't feel like filling it out or you need some help filling it out I do charge an hourly rate to help people fill it out usually takes about one to two hours to fill out the template and also the business plan template and also the financial template and I the final product that I offer real quick to just a plug my company is just customized straight-up customized um business plans so if you got a business running and it's not going to fit into a nice simple template like this you need customization for the business plan and the financial let me know I'd love to help and if your industry is not the restaurant industry because this is kind of I'm just an explanation of how to use a business plan for the restaurant industry I do offer other templates available that are not geared towards the restaurant industry all you have to do is give me a call send me an email just ask me hey Paul do you have information on a I don't pest control company that'll fit into that kind of a template and if I don't it wouldn't take me long to write one up and it'd still be the same price of whatever the I'm going charges so hopefully this kind of helped everybody understand what a business plan temple it is how it looks like and you know what are the components of a good business plan template so if you liked the video please give me a like and um everyone have a fantastic day

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