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Sign in Kentucky Memorandum Of Understanding for Banking

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Redline memorandum of agreement template

hi and welcome to this month's approachable lawyer newsletter we've got a big newsletter for you this month so let me just crack straight into it have you ever been in one of those situations where you're about to do a business deal and in your heart of hearts you know that you should really get that deal documented in writing to make sure the other person doesn't renege and you don't lose or loads of money on the deal but you're scared of doing that for two reasons one you don't want to put them put on the table a twenty page legal document full of legal jargon what you think is going to frighten the other person off and secondly you probably don't want to go and get a lawyer to draft a 20-page document because you know it's going to cost you a lot of money so what do you do well one answer for you maybe to get a memorandum of understanding let me explain what that is basically a Memorandum of Understanding is like the bare bones of your eventual legal agreements it's going to be a fraction of the size it's going to be in plain English and it's probably not going to frighten the other person off now what I want to emphasize about the Memorandum of Understanding is it is a binding legal document so the other party can't Renee you can still sue on it and all those kind of things but of course it cost less and it's less likely to frighten the other person and it contains a clause which says what or which anticipates that you will both enter into a proper full legal agreement at some later stage now effectively what that does is it buys you some time to see whether that deal or whether that relationship is going to work before you actually invest the time and get a proper or time and money and get a proper legal agreement drawn up so if you think you might need a Memorandum of Understanding I suggest that you have a read of this month's article you'll find a link to it in the newsletter or in the box below and for secret library and hotline members I'll also be putting a template for memorandum of understanding in a secret library over the coming month now the other important piece of news I have for you this month is in relation to the 90-day trial period now just to recap here last year the national government introduced legislation which that the businesses that employ 19 or fewer employees you can have a 90 day trial period clause in your employment agreement which meant that if you got rid of an employee within that 90 days you would not get sued for a personal grievance that meant that you don't have to worry about genuine reason or process you could just go ahead and give them notice and get rid of them now that's absolutely fantastic however a decision of the employment court this month has said that if you want to rely on a 90 day trial period clause not only must you have that clause in your employment agreement but also you must make sure that your employee signs that employment agreements before they start work for you that means even if they've done say a day's work for you and then sign the agreement that trial period Clause will be null and void and you won't be able to rely on it now of course it's always been good practice to make sure that your employees sign their agreements before they start work but if you ever needed a reason to make sure that happens then this is it because if you don't do it and you proceeds to dismiss someone under the trial period only for it to be null and void you could end up getting sued for a personal grievance and we don't want that the next thing I want to recommend to business owners is that you go out and buy and read if you haven't done so already Michael Gerber's Amite now I've read that book and I think it's an absolutely fantastic book and what it teaches is that you must systemize and document your business in order to make it successful it will increase your profits but more than anything else it will allow you to take a step back from your business so you're not running around like a headless chicken and spending all the hours that God sends at the office or in your place of work but the problem for most business owners is how do you actually go about documenting and systemising your business well I may have the answer for you on the 27th of October and I'll be speaking at a seminar called simplify to amplify and that seminar is all about how you go about systemising and commencing your business so it's on the 27th of October it's being held at North Harbor Stadium in Auckland and the investment is just 149 dollars plus GST so if you are one of those business owners who know you know that you need to get around and do this I strongly recommend that you come to this seminar so it's a reserve your place just simply drop me an email Michael at approachable lawyer calm or even if you think you might be interested in coming but haven't quite made up your mind yet then also drop me an email because I can send you a flyer with a little bit more information about the speakers and what the seminar is all about so again just drop me an email and Michael at approachable lucam the seminar only lasts for the duration of the mornings that won't take up much of your time the other thing I was going to mention to you was mastermind groups now if you've read a lot of books by top entrepreneurs such as Bob Procter Jack Canfield etc they will talk about mastermind groups and they attribute a lot of their success to them so what are they basically they're just groups of people who are like-minded individuals like yourself your peers other business owners and you get together on a regular basis you brainstorm ideas about each other's businesses and you help each other make your own businesses a success now one of the problems with mastermind groups is first of all setting them up and also giving them some kind of structure and regularity and to them now what I want to introduce you to is a new concept called the gold medal Academy now the gold medal Academy has been set up by mark Sutherland who's an ex Olympic coach and also a business coach and what he's done he's taken the mastermind group concept but the only difference is is that he will set it up for you and he will actually facilitate that mastermind group and give you business coaching within the group setting in order to ensure that you get great results now he's tried and tested this methodology with existing clients and has got tremendous results so if one-on-one business coaching thing hasn't quite worked for you or if you're looking to accelerate your business growth and get really good results by getting together with like-minded business owners and a business coach then I suggest you have a look at the gold-medal Academy so if you want to join one you can either drop me an email at Michael at approachable or calm or you can check out Marc's websites using the link in the newsletter or in the box below so that's all we've got time for this month I hope you've enjoyed the newsletter and I look forward to speaking to you again next month so until then Michael Smythe thanks a lot

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