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Sign in Mississippi Warranty Deed for Banking

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Brand deed

Hi Lee Phillips here. I want to talk for just a minute about a concept called warranty deeds. Basically you have two types of deeds you have quit claim deeds and you have warranty deeds and we've got another YouTube on quit claim deeds you quit claiming your interest in the property whatever that is you might not even have an interest but you can make out a quit claim deed. On the other hand a warranty deed says that you're gonna make certain promises or the seller is going to make certain promisesto the buyer the seller is what we call the grantor the buyer is what we call the grantee. So you're gonna make--if you're the seller you're gonna make certain promises to the buyer. You're going to promise to the buyer or guarantee or warrant to the buyer that you have the actual title to the property it's seasoned in you you have both a equitable title and the legal title you promise or you warrant that you have the right to transfer that or to convey that to the buyer and then you're also going to make some warranties in the future you're gonna promise the buyer the grantee that he has the right to quietly enjoy the property peacefully enjoy it you're gonna give him an assurance that if there is any claim or anybody files a claim against the title or says that they had a title to it that he's going to defend you the seller will defend the buyer in that case he's going to make further assurances that he's going to take proactive steps in order to protect your right to that quiet title or to the peaceful enjoyment of the property. Big deal, huh? Well it is a big deal, If you're the buyer you would like a warranty deed. We don't really worry as much aboutwarranty deeds now as we used to in the past because the guy's warrant his guarantee, his promise is only as deep as the guy is. If he declares bankruptcy the warranty's gone. If he doesn't have any money he's "judgment proof" well how you gonna go back and get a warrant from him or how you gonna get his guarantee how is he going to defend you in court if somebody else makes the claim to the title? What we do now is we get title insurance or we have title searches and we have professional people, companies that go in and they will search the title and they will tell you if there are any outstanding liens or problems associated with the title and then they will sell you an insurance policy it's a big industry and I think my wife is the only one that's ever actually collected on a title insurance policy kind of complex thing but we bought a condo unit and it had been through--the whole complex had been through bankruptcy and blah blah blah couple...

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