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everybody this is Steve and Brian the Dean of guff sales University one of the most I guess frequently asked questions that I get is how do I find out about the bid opportunities now a lot of companies out there are bootstrapping you know I'm not able to buy a bid an RFP website so just walking through one of our students how to do that on our own I figure it's worth sharing with everybody else so you have to go on a website to go google right here he is based in Georgia so I was looking in Georgia area around them to find the agency's website so i typed in City at East Point Georgia and then you can see here it's dot org you want to find the official government website so gov dot edu of its schools so what I did there was clicked on the city of East Point Georgia and brought up their website now I've never been here before and every website is going to be different so what you will do is go through the navigation and look for something that says securement like bids are your opportunities there's going to be something along there so I got to this section says businesses and said bid opportunities over here on the right so once I click that it took me to another page so this one right here looks like they host it through a portal so if you don't have a login looks like it's pretty easy to click supplier registration but for the time being I'm just trying to figure out what kind of opportunities are out there so it says current bids and I clicked on it and we're doing some searching and they provide unarmed an armed security guard services so it was a home run now you could do this for any local agencies I just draw a little circle on a map I find on local cities counties around you driving on the road you should know it cities you pass through all right here it showed certified armed security guard so we clicked on there and then there was great information it's coming off in a day but the contact information of the person it looks like a lot of other vendors we're asking questions which they post live on this website and every agency's going to be different that's just an example not really what you want to do is download all the documents here you can see there's a bunch of them that you'll have to fill out and it's so important that you complete each form if you're missing one of the papers they'll throw out your bid submission there's nothing worse than you know spending all your time filling out the paperwork forgetting one thing and then being dismissed so here's a bid invitation click the download it it can bring it off just by clicking the attachment so there's a guy that's in charge of buying it for City of East Point and then you go down here and it looks like they have these links to go to the other PDFs that you'll have to complete so there's a quick video on how if you don't have money to afford a bid an RFP service they can just go out there and find it on your own thanks so much for watching and stay tuned for next time you need any help just give me a holler here

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