Digital VS Electronic Signature

Difference between Digital and Electronic Signature

What is a digital signature? How is it different from an electronic one? In a world where new technological solutions materialize on a daily basis, users often find themselves confused by the number of options at their disposal. In our case, the difference is simple yet important.

An electronic version is comprised of automatically generated symbols that can be attached to a contract, form or any other online paper. Such a signature is meant to be used by a person with the intent to certify a document. On the other hand, digital signature guarantees that a paper filled out and signed online is authentic.In general, the difference between an electronic and digital versions can be described as follows:

  • An e-signature is used for verifying and conveys intent to sign a contract sign a contract
  • The second one is used for security; it is authorized and regulated by certification authorities

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Electronic signatures are valid in most countries and US states. SignNow uses encryption, two factor authentication and deletes documents after they’re filled out and downloaded (shared). It also complies with security certifications provided by digital security services. Try it out and make sure it works for you.

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